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57 thoughts on “Paypal Business Account VS Personal – Which One To Pick?

  1. Hey stranger I hope this is your full time job now YOURE SO AWESOME. doing a great job, keep it up.

  2. Hey just a quick question. What do I do if the "Upgrade to a Business account" button doesn't exist for me? :p

  3. I was wondering about charge backs? like if someone donates and charge back 10$ wouldn't i have to pay a fee depending on how much that person donated? and practically losing money (Im just trying to get on the same page and reassurance)

  4. Thanks for the video, I have a PayPal personal account and I have a merchandise store on streamlabs . When I become affiliated with Twitch, I am thinking of switching to business account.

  5. Hey Wild thanks for the Vid! But you look kind of pale. Maybe you should take two day off. Oh and also thanks to you I got my affiliate status a week ago. TY!

  6. Hmm.. Interesting. I always thought Business account has a yearly fee to pay and this is why I stick with Personal account for years.
    Can I use Business account for buying steam games and shopping online or I should have a separate Personal account for that?
    And are you having sore throat? Drink more water, Wild.

  7. I honestly feel like if you slowly brought the music into your intro it would be better instead of brick wall music start. You know?

  8. Wild you should review the royal kludge rk61 its a budget 60% rgb $30-$35 keyboard. I definitely say its a keyboard worth buying.

  9. I've seen so many streamers have issues with PayPal. I personally stopped using PayPal when they froze streamers acct with out reason and gave no response for months. Pretty poor service

  10. Just my tuppence worth as a former business owner with a turnover of several thousand a month. Using your personal account for business transactions is a very bad idea. Mainly because if your business runs into problems such as tax issues the IRS/Inland Revenue (US/UK) can freeze the account until matters are resolved which can takes months and months. This means that if you are using a personal account for things like bills, mortgage/rent, food etc but also using it to receive business payments and the account gets frozen you are pretty much screwed.

    if the accounts are separate and the business one gets frozen you still have access to your personal one for the essentials. What you should do is pay all business related financials into the business account then basically pay yourself from that account to your personal one.

  11. Hey wild I was wondering why my video will skip half way through and I was wondering how to fix it

  12. You are brilliant, thank you for these videos Wild! ❤ could you do a video about tips and tricks for best Mod practices?

  13. Can you do a video on best headsets for console streamers (budget ones and headsets for people you can spend more money)

  14. I’m a few followers away from affiliate and I have a personal acct. but I’d like to make a business acct and link it to my twitch acct. I’d appreciate a vid on this. Pretty sure I could figure it out- but I defer to the pros most of the time. Thanks, Wild!

  15. Hi Wild, i streamed daily for a month and grew from 0-500+ followers, got affiliated and had an amazing family that would turn up every day, i hit “rock bottom” in my personal life and took a month of and the last couple of days i’ve been streaming again but literally get between 1 and 3 viewers, it’s demotivating and i have no idea what to do, what would you do?

  16. Wow! such perfect timing for this video! I am hesitating between personal and business mainly because I am SCARED of all the information I need to provide about my company! somehow the idea of the picture of my id, business documents etc. sitting somewhere in the internet seem very uncomfortable for me…is it not dangerous? PLEASE PLEASE make a video about that! I would be more than grateful!! Thank you for you time:)

  17. I prefer to avoid using PayPal accounts since my old one which I had for 2 1/2 years got suspended for unknown reasons and it was in a negative balance too 😅😅😓

  18. Holy cow, thanks man! NO ONE made this video before and I remember wanting this vid when I first started!

  19. Is it possible that we could get a walkthrough on how to properly set up the business account? There are many confusing questions that I would want some more experienced input on. I don't know how much will be displayed during donations, so what would I put up for my "business phone number," "business address," etc. Thanks for the tutorials, they're the most helpful when it comes to streaming help!

  20. For blogging, affiliate marketing business and adsense.. For this, what type of account should i choose personal or business account?

  21. Hello, I was just wondering, when creating a paypal business account, what do you select for business type? If you could answer this you would be doing me a HUGE! favor. Thank you.

  22. I should have used personal instead of business…Heyy due Wild, can I change the business to personal? Also, I heard that transaction fee for personal is cheaper.

  23. May I ask? Which one has a feature where you can add a money from your bank account? Been watching a lot of videos for HOW TOs but I don't see those tabs/buttons in my acct.. 😢

  24. Hi thanks for the informative video. I already have a paypal account. One question. How do i know if my paypal account is Personal or business.? Coz i dont remember if I upgrade it or not. thanks.

  25. I tried to turn my paypal into a business so it didn't show my real name, but it keeps freezing or something and it wont upgrade 😥

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