People Skills: The Key to the Success of Your Hairdressing Business

I’d like to take a few minutes now to talk
to you about one of the essential ingredients to being successful as a salon owner and that
is the whole business of people skills. When we talk about people, you’ll often
hear the expression What kind of character judge are you? or How good a judge of character
are you? And what I would say is hold that thought,
rather than judging people’s character, I strongly believe that it’s worth taking
time to try and understand how different characters and personalities work. That way you can learn
a lot about you and the people around you. I’m going to share with you now an exercise
that I did and learnt many years ago, but I still use as a valuable exercise with People
Skills. When we do that, this is for you and you alone to start with. When we’ve finished
please feel free to use this and use it constructively with the people you work with. I’m going to give you three seconds to look
at four shapes. After those 3 seconds, once you’ve chosen your shape don’t tell anybody
else, and we’ll go through the exercise. So here we go. 1, 2, 3, That’s it. You’ve
made your choice. Now I’m going to explain what the experts
say about your choice. If, for instance, you were drawn towards this square shape, the
experts suggest that you are the organized, punctual, reliable people, described as you’ve
really got it together. If you were drawn towards this triangular
shape you are the people that are described as very intelligent, very knowledgeable and
described as really know your stuff. Whereas if you were drawn towards this circular
shape, the experts suggest that you are the sensitive, kind, caring, warm personalities. And lastly, if you were drawn towards this
lightning bolt shape the experts suggest that you are the creative people. You’re the
ones with the vision, the imagination, able to see the potential in any situation. Now, before we go any further, what I did
is I described each of the four main personality types which are in everybody. I also described
them on a good day. Now we all have bad days. I’m going to go around each of those four
shapes now and describe those too on a bad day. Here it goes. Remember reliable, organized, punctual on
a good day? On a bad day these people do not like change. These are routine people. They
don’t appreciate you coming in with new ideas. Remember intellectual, knowledgeable person
on a good day? On a bad day these people can be quite arrogant and will perhaps use their
superior knowledge against other people. Remember sensitive, kind, caring? On a bad
day this person could be an emotional wreck, laughing one minute and angry the next. Grandma
would often say Oh, they wear their heart on their sleeve. Oh they’re very highly
strung. And lastly, remember creative, visionary person?
On a bad day these people are late, disorganized, they lose stuff. They’re basically here
in body, but in mind, who knows? So bearing that in mind you can see that each
of these have their own strengths and weaknesses and you can also see that you can score yourself,
as your own personality. How organized are you in your business? How
knowledgeable are you about that business? How sensitive are you about your own feelings
and the people around you? And how creative are you? You can add up your four scores; they must
add up to 100% and that makes 100% of you, today. Yes, your score can change, it can
change from day to day and for some people almost hour by hour, but at least you can
get a measure of how your personality type is made up. Did you also know the experts say that if
you draw a line down the middle you can see whether you fall on this side, or this side
of the shapes, this being the left and this being the right side of the brain? These people that fall mostly here on the
left were really good at school, because organization and memory tests work for these people. Whereas these right hand people they work
from the senses. Grandmother would say They think with their heart and they think with
their head. These people did really well after school and tend to be great in people and
team situations. It’s a great exercise to learn. It will
help you learn about yourself and the people that you work with. But it’s exactly that,
an exercise for dealing with people and using that knowledge to help you to speak their
kind of language. A quick for instance: The left hand people
are interested in facts, figures and exact benefit of the product or service that you
are going to offer them. Whereas these people are interested in the feeling they’re going
to get, how fashionable that looks and using their imagination for feelings and facts. That’s just a start and you going to see
lots more in the book of how we refer to these different types of people to help you understand
the importance of People Skills in your business.

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One thought on “People Skills: The Key to the Success of Your Hairdressing Business

  1. Fascinating! Who would've thought that I could learn About people with such depth at a hairdressing site! Goes to show that "never judge a book by its cover" — are truly words to live by.

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