Shut up! that cat can’t reach that ledge Hey, Anthony you’re getting a call from a white, red – Oh Yeah, his name’s Brad, but I know like 23 brad’s so it’s the only way i can remember his name. -Oh, cuz brad sounds like bread -No -He just, he really likes bread? -No, He has a gluten allergy -Oh He’s really really white like white bread -No That’s White Brad, of course not to be confused with Brad White who’s actually a Porto Rican and I know two white Brad’s, so it gets kind of crazy. -What do you call the other white Brad? black Brad. He and I met on a black mirror fansite well
Why don’t you just call him by his last name? -Well his last name is actually white so that would make no sense at all Why would I ever do that? Look, I know this whole thing’s kind of confusing for you but this whole system down that works perfectly for me, okay? so What’s, what’smy name in your system? -It’s just you. Ian that’s it? yup stop Small dick Ian? -No, it’s not what you think okay? It’s just that all the other ian’s I know are taller than you That’s not true in any capacity. -Yes I am at least six inches taller than Ian Cohen. -Okay, but he’s a little bit more plump So technically you’re still smaller so. -So, what do you call him? Fat Ian? No, I would never Categorize someone by their physical attributes. I call him by his middle name Greg. -then what do you call your friend Greg? -Henry G. Okay, and how about Henry? -Triple H He’s just a big fan of early 2000s wrestling? -He has three H’s in his name: Henry Hawthorne Heights. Wrestling Dave is the one that actually loves wrestling, but you know now that I think of it I don’t think he actually likes wrestling that much I just thought he did when I first met him and put his name on my phone. -Fine Can you just change my name then? Does that work for your little system? get kind of confusing for me, but I’m open to suggestions. What do you have in mind? -Okay? What about Jeff D? You already taking my adrian the second half of his name is… -Ian H -Irene Alexis Norman Henderson It’s a memorable acronym ian Hecox who I’ve known since the sixth grade -Too similar your dad I have him under ian’s dad father of my best friend ian, Hecox whom I’ve known since the sixth grade How often you talk to my dad? -Never really, but if he does call, I want to be ready for it You know I don’t wanna be confused as exactly who’s calling. -Fine. Just do Ian Ian There’s already a big Ian so i have to make another big Ian by naming them twice. -Okay Just call Big Ian Big Ian and call second big Ian B and then call me Ian Ian I don’t know can we just slow down for a second please? Hey, if I start changing all the ian’s around this whole system that I’ve developed It’s just gonna collapse like a house of cards. I don’t want to start changing everything now. It’s really delicate Fine, whatever. I mean. I just don’t Understand why you’re calling me small dick ian. You’ve never even seen my dick No dick is short for dickens the first time i met you, you were reading Charles Dickens in class. I was? yeah, I’ve always just kind of known you as dickens Ian And in overtime it got shorter dick ian and then when I met the taller fatter ian, small dick Ian you see Wow Can’t believe you remember what I was reading when first met. -Of course man. You’re my best friend. How could I ever forget? That’s, that’s really thoughtful man. I’m sorry, i thought your little naming system was offensive i had no idea no problem man happens to the best of us we’re cool? Cool Ian’s Mom mother of my best friend Ian Hecox who has a small dick?! I saw it one time when you were standing next to me at a urinal, it was really small so best friends hey Hey guys, thanks so much for subscribing click the video on the left watch bloopers and deleted scenes from this video I was having a bad day. -Your dick gets smaller when you have a bad day? -Yes, dicki mood swings ever heard of it? and click the video on the right to watch the time autocorrects ruined our lives. -Let’s meet at 6. My phone’s auto correcting. I am alone auto asphyxiating, and you could click these boxes on your phone now To! Yay

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86 thoughts on “PHONE NICKNAMES HURT

  1. Pause the video at 1:20 to get Ian’s phone number (Edited) I did not check the comments when I posted but after I posted I scrolled down and I saw a comments made by Andres Cholagh so credit to him 🙂

  2. I miss this so much, I love all of the new Smosh cast too but I really think we lost something once Anthony split even watching his channel is hard because I can just feel whats missing they had something really special when they made smosh I wish they would have just sorted out what ever issues they had going on at the time. I really REALLY MISS THIS!

  3. (*says he will never categorizes someone by their physical attributes*)

    Has a friend he calls "white Brad" because he's really white

  4. I named my parents/siblings/Friends these
    Tamara Ridgewell-My Mom
    Edd Gould-My dad
    Tom Ridgewell-Oldest Brother
    Ell Gould-My Friend
    And that isn’t their real names wow XD
    I love eddsworld too much..

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