Planet Nine wants to replace ads with micro transactions

– Planet Nine is building
a new digital economy for the future of ads and
micro transactions in games. – So does it mean that
you’re trying to replace ads and in app purchases with tokens, how does it work? – Yeah, so what we’ve done
is we’ve built two resources. The first is a fungible
resource called Power, which could be earned and spent. The second is a non-fungible
resource called Nineum, which can be collected and used in games. What we wanna have happen is game developers implement
Nineum in their games, and then we leverage that demand to give value to the Power transactions. Because that’s how you get Nineum. And then we use those transactions
to start supplementing and eventually replacing
ads and micro transactions. – And does it mean that in the future you could have multiple games using the same cryptocurrencies across multiple games so if
you become good at one game you could use this
currency for another game? – Yep, that’s exactly
what we wanna have happen. So, Nineum is a digital asset, and we’ve constructed it in such a way that it can be used as
different sorta items in different kinds of games. So, you can imagine it
as a weapon in an RPG or a card in a collectible card game or a monster in a monster-collecting game. Anywhere where you have
collection going on in a game, Nineum can replace that. – And are you focused on mobile games, desktop games, console games? – Yeah, we’re really platform agnostic. We’ve built out tools for all gaming platforms, or we’re in the process of building them. But mobile gaming seems to
be sort of the main niche where you have ad-supported revenue, so we’re focusing on that
market to begin with. – And do you have issues
with app store rules or stuff like that or can you like try to ship games with cryptocurrency? – We haven’t run into that yet. But that’s also probably
because we’re pretty small. So, you know, we’ll cross
that bridge as we come to. But we are very familiar
with the crypto rules. And we’re not quite a cryptocurrency, so I think that we’re gonna do all right when it comes to the app store rules. – And when it comes to storing cryptos, does it mean that you run wallets as well? – So, we aren’t using wallets– Well, we have our own
sort of account system that’s similar to a wallet
but it’s not quite a wallet. – What do you mean by that? – Well, we’re not using blockchains, so the usual blockchain
constructs like mining and wallets don’t quite apply to us. We’re more like a traditional
account-based system. – All right, thank you very much. That was Zach from Planet Nine. (upbeat music) (cymbals crashing)

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13 thoughts on “Planet Nine wants to replace ads with micro transactions

  1. Planet Nine: “We want to destroy one of the biggest customer acquisition channels for mobile games.”

    Tech Crunch: “OMG we’ll feature you on our YT channel.”

  2. This is just not going to work… That name… No big company is going to want to have "Nineum" in their game. They have their own system, which works just as well, and they themselves have control over it.

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