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100 thoughts on “Police officer pranks phone scammer

  1. I just received the same call this morning we are November 15th and the officer's name is I'm not going to say it I'm just going to the Social Security office right now to solve it

  2. Cunning hindoos from india are trying to scam an innocent American, at least he thinks he is. Many people in the US are scammed by these bastards. Respects to the NC Police Department for releasing this valuable information to the public.

  3. patiently waits for one of them to call me so I can say my name is Joe Mama and say I have 666 bank accounts and my adress is caulk boulevard with extra dressing 4201

  4. These scammers actually knew that most of the folks they're dealing with knew that they're a scumbag. But hey, they keep pushing it as if they're on a fishing expedition. Somehow someway, they going to catch some dumb fish if they get lucky.

  5. I have fun with them. I go along with it for awhile then I change the subject to explicit sex. They will often respond with something equally sexually derogatory.

  6. I have a policy that when anyone calls me who has an accent (like these guys did), I ask immediately to talk to someone I can understand. I don't care if it is a legitimate call, or not, if you can't speak proper English so that I can understand you, I don't want to talk with you.

  7. hahahahahahahahahahaha !!!! whenever I hear a middle eastern accent, I KNOW it's a scammer !!! I let them know they're on their way to hell for scamming the American people !!!

  8. one week last summer I must have received 5 or 6 calls from the middle easterners who tell you they're going to send five million dollars by UPS that you just won in PCH contest…..I enjoy playing with their heads for a little while till they hang up, but the last person I spoke to that week, I said that "my heavens, if I believed all you people that've called me this week ALONE, I'd be 30 MILLION DOLLARS richer" !!!! lololololol………they still call, and I still play with their heads till they hang up in frustration…….I'll probably be in Purgatory for eons doing that to them……

  9. This happened to my hubby at work!!! He too had a little fun. When hubby was told he was on a recorded line he responded "funny you should say that because you are also on a recorded line and this is Sgt Petrie of the Denver Sheriff Dept. Well this guy couldn't hang up fast enough!!!!! And well, hubby and the other guys in his office got a really good chuckle out of it!!!!!

  10. Indian really don't have life dud…n they're too dumb to think someone would believe them…i bet the moment someone heard the indian voice they would counter scam instantly

  11. Tell him your SSN is 462267911 (imacop911 – I'm a cop 911). :p

    Edit: I'm joking clearly, that might actually be someones SSN, so I'm sure you wouldn't do that. Just struck me funny. 🙂

  12. If you want to have some fun with the scammer. Have them talk to you they usually talk to you for about 2 or 3 minutes then you respond hello hello I'm sorry can you say that again trust me they will hang up on you just keep on doing that it's a lot of fun tell me how it works out give me a hoot y'all have a great day

  13. I've been calling one all morning lol, my name as princess glitterazz, 012-34-5678. Lol I'm going to pass this scam number to my friends and family. And I found my kids fart gun lmas! Mahahaha.

  14. 2:38 her face🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. I've had these morons call me approximately 15x over the last 2 months (Different numbers but always the same people). I would love to have a way to trace them, and give them a suitable scare: tell them that I had traced the call and if I had 1 more call from them I would send a missile to their address and list the traced address.

  16. I worked for state govmt for 25 years. I used to get these calls on my state work phone. I'd lead them on then advise them it was a state govmt phone & their call had been tracked! Immediate hang up! 😂

  17. "Police officer pranks…." Oh come on that's not cool, aren't Police Officers supposed to… "Phone Scammer" Oh wait a minute.. I GOT TO WATCH THIS!

  18. psssss! don't tell anyone! Especially not the cops, but one of my VERY distant cousins has agreed to transfer 8.5 MILLION bucks into my bank account. I've no reason not to believe him because he even told me he's a very honest person.

  19. These guys need a course in scamming. It's so funny. The officer is really enjoying the entertainment this dimwit is providing.

  20. Indian people are so fucking retarded do they not realize police don't fucking call you and say there going to arrest you ?! There just mad she's not buying into your bullshit….. Lmaooooooo you people are fucking weird


  22. My weapon of choice… old brass hunting horn I picked up at a local second hand shop. Step 1: I ask the caller how their hearing is. Step 2: I give them a rousing rendition of the William Tell Overture Step 3: I ask the caller "how is your hearing now?".

  23. That's good to keep them on the phone as long as possible because you know that they are scammers but someone else may not know. That way, overall, they have less time trying to scam people who don't know all of this information. I spoke with a young woman the last time and I told her that she was a better person than the real scammers that she works with and for.

  24. Trust me, I realize that this scammer is doing something criminal. What we forget is that there are very few jobs available in the countries where these scammers live.

  25. Well she says that at the end.. But i had a weird phone call at like 7-8am a year or 2 years ago Asking me did i make a 10k transaction, 5k transaction, $10.00 transaction.. & a few others from card# xxxx debit card from my bank he had the right info & he had to verify it was me, I called the bank & everything they had no idea about this & It ended up it Wasn't a scam ppl charge my card with this money But i had the card in my wallet.. So its hard to tell some times.. But i did get the alla bee bee calls before i could tell them where fake for sure

  26. She did all the same things i did. I told them I had 1000 bank accounts. I told them my address was 1600 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003, and to have fun storming the castle.

  27. The kingpins – Jasjot Singh and Sarabjot Singh – have been arrested in Moti Bagh ( see cbc news19 novemberabout fake call centre bust)
    They also caused a huge loss to the Government of India telephone services, since they made these calls not via cheap VOIP, but by tapping directly into regular phone line servers.
    The word on the street is…. both Jasjot Singh and Sarabjot Singh must have links in Canada, to have been able to call and speak to people by name.

  28. So this is what they're doing instead of protecting and serving…? Getting paid with our tax dollars instead of taking care of our communities… Fucking pigs burn in hell please.

  29. One time this guy colonial me.I got angry and told him if I see or identity him with this INDIAN accent I put my boots on his skinny northindian face.

  30. wow, exactly the same calls and fact i got few times. word by word and the used names all are same. i don't have any allegiance. so im also refused and got angry. they cut the calls. so finally you all hard working and find out this scam. thank god, because many people lost them money and details too. thanks again for your all hard working. its great.

  31. Thank you thank you wow I almost confirmed my ID a few months a go to these scammers like an idiot I was pressing the numbers on my phone but decided to actually stop and think about it wow what an idiot I was

  32. I had a scammer contact me tonight using my OWN phone number !!!….on my caller ID, there it was… own name and phone # !!! no foolin' !!!!! still wondering how they did It……
    ……anyone !!

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