PR19 business plan: Not Just Water

Our Not Just Water plan has been
created with the help of 30,000 customers. It’s a plan that has customers and stakeholders
at its heart, built with our customers, for our customers.
We’re making sure that no one needs to worry about paying their
bills; we’re making sure that we contribute positively to Yorkshire; and we’re
making sure that we deliver an essential public service our
customers expect. These conversations have helped us better
than ever before understand the diverse communities that we serve and how we impact
upon their lives We understand and appreciate that not all of our customers
are the same, they all have different wants and needs and our plan reflects that. From 24/7 support on social media to translating
our bills to serve the 25% of non-English speaking communities living in our region.
We’re looking at the best and most efficient ways
to speak to our customers. We’re thinking differently about how we
deliver our services more innovatively and efficiently to keep our customers’ bills
as low as possible and we’re making sure that everyone can access a personalised service
in a way that meets their needs. We’re using data to identify customers who
might need extra support paying their bills
And playing a wider role in caring for customers in our
communities by having the industry’s first safeguarding officer, as well as a new approach
to empowering our colleagues to make a difference in our customers
lives. We have a growing population in Yorkshire,
so we’re committed to looking after water resources
and delivering the best service for our customers as our
communities grow. We’re tackling leakage with ambitious plans
to reduce any water lost through ours and our customers’
pipes by 40% by 2025. Yorkshire’s customers already have some
of the lowest water usage in the country and our customer segmentation
work is enabling us to work with them at a hyper-local,
community level to reduce this further At the same time, we’re working hard to
minimise sewer flooding to our customers’ homes and the environment. From working with schools and communities
in the creation of rain gardens and planting 1 million trees across Yorkshire; we’re innovating and collaborating on a
local level and across the region to make a real difference
to our environment. Most of our customers can’t choose their
water company. They need to trust us to do a good job and to be open
and honest about our business. There are many steps we’re taking to achieve
this. And 86% of our customers support our plan,
which they have created with us. Not Just Water, Yorkshire Water.

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