Praktijkleren: Assistent verkoop/retail

sales and retail assistant student workplace trainer Works in a store, assists with the processing
of products and helps customers. I follow the course sales and retail assistant. I’m an intern at HEMA in Dordrecht. My duties include replenishing and
helping customers if they have questions. I make prices for the shelf labels. And I receive the goods. HEMA is a big retailer. We work according to a schedule. And Ozan is on the schedule too. And he just works with us. And his work is supervised. Ozan, you saw on the schedule that
you’re on flagging duty… of the items that remained after
the replenishment last night. Our day starts with a schedule. So I can see that between 9
and 11, I’ll be replenishing… after that I work behind the counter for
two hours and then I’m on a break. We also have breaks. Sometimes I work in the stockroom. Then I’m flagging, for example. What Ozan can learn during his internship… is the replenishment process… and putting the customer first. And not just cash register duties… but putting the customer first from the
arrival of the stock until checkout. There, another shelf replenished. I hope that when Ozan finishes his course… he can start as a branch manager
in a small HEMA branch. He has the potential. It’s going to take time… but it’s going to work out fine. I’m glad they think about me in this way.

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