Prayer For Success In Business | Business Abundance Success Prayer

the prayer for success in business this
is simply a video I put together I like to play for anyone within the sound of
my voice all they ask you to do is to agree with me about prayer for my business as we seek our Heavenly
Father together please continue to meditate on the spur for yourself
speaker daily or listen to this video over and over again about prayer for your business and allow the Word of
God concerning success in business to reach deep into your spirit let us pray
heavenly father we gather together he where two or more gathered there you
shall surely be and anything we agree upon is touching you will surely do the
Bible says that if there’s any unforgiveness that it should be dealt
before praying therefore we releasing anger bad feelings resentment or any
other wrong attitude before you now we laid at your feet and we released
forgive those who have wronged us look at those watching this video we come
into agreement and lift up success in their business father your words says that the
listeners been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly
places in Christ Jesus that the listener is a partaker of the inheritance and
treasures in heaven itself thank you Father for making all grace every favor
and earthly blessing come to the listener in abundance that day having
all sufficiency may have been to every good work morning prayer for business the devil has no authority to hold back
success from the listener of this prayer you have delivered the listener out of
the power of darkness and translated them into the Kingdom of your dear son
we bind any of his plans and strategies along with any other hindrance to
success and render those blockages useless in Jesus name your word lights
up the path of the listener so that they can see where to walk in order to
achieve success in their business you watch over your work performance and
your word does not returned you avoid but always accomplishes what it sent to
do prayer for abundance of business praise the Lord the listener is a joint
air with Jesus together before you we commit the plans and cares of their
business at your feet and entrust them to you in Jesus name help bring your desires in your thoughts
to the surface within the heart and mind of the listener may your will be done
for their business in Jesus name father we confirm again that those
listening desire to walk in your word and live it out daily even in their
business in your strength and according to your grace they provide for
themselves and their family praise your name for the Angels you’ve
selected to go forth to bring in consumers for the listeners business in
Jesus name go forth ministering spirits and bring
in new consumers and even stir up old consumers to return again and again in
Jesus Name thank you for the greatest remain diligent in seeking knowledge and
skill in areas where the listener endured their team may be inexperienced
grant the listener and their team wisdom and the ability to understand right
justice justice and fair dealing in every area and relationship we declare
witty and clever ideas to rise up within the business so that is runs more
efficiently and more profitably in Jesus name from the north south east and west
we call in people and resources to help the business succeed in Jesus name prayer for success in business open the eyes of the listener to see
areas where expenses are being lost unnecessarily help the listener to get
to know you more because as they do you will give them through your great power
everything they need for living a truly good life and running a successful
business we declare the listeners faithful and committed to your word
their life in business are founded upon its principles father thank you for the success of the
listeners business in Jesus name we pray amen

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