Pricing Digital Marketing Services for Your Agency in 2019 [COMPLETE GUIDE]

One of the questions that I get from you
guys all the time is “Jordan how do i price my services for my marketing
agency?” Well in today’s video we’re gonna go through a bunch of the pricing
strategies and tips that you’re going to want to be aware of for each different
service for your marketing agency so if you’re interested in that stay tuned
here we go. All right welcome back everybody my name is Jordan Steen also
known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this channel we talk all about starting a
marketing agency building a personal brand or really just building any kind
of online business so if you’re interested in any of those topics make
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giveaways that we do here at my channel every single week now pricing your
services can be super challenging and this is something that is very important
to do because it tells whether or not your business is actually gonna make it
or not and especially if you don’t have any experience this can become even more
challenging so that’s why in today’s video I wanted to go through the
guidelines for social media marketing email marketing website design and
development pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization and we’ll
even talk about creating content for your clients or any potential business
that you might be working with and how you’re gonna want to go about pricing
those services oh and make sure to stay tuned to the end of this video where I’m
gonna give you one thing that you’re going to want to know about pricing your
services that I swear by that a lot of people try to avoid but I promise you
it’s the best way to build campaigns and pricing packages for your clients and
it’s something that you’re going to want to know now it’s important when putting
together your pricing strategy to understand a couple of things the amount
of time it’s gonna take you to complete a job also your value right and who
you’re going to be hiring or outsourcing work to what their value is right
because those two things really determine what you need to charge so
that way you make a profit right you need to make more than you’re spending
on the completion of the service then you are actually bringing in from your
client right you need they need to be paying you more than what you’re
spending on that service to complete it and so that’s something you guys
need to start looking into really you need to look at things on an hourly
basis how much does the service cost per hour and what
will it take for us to get it completed and a lot of the times what happens is
most businesses go in and they undersell themselves and then they start doing a
lot of extra work that they didn’t agree to and what ends up happening is you’re
spending way more time working on one little project than you should be right
and so that’s what you guys need to start to understand is instead of
looking at it as we’re gonna do this many post look at how much time it’s
gonna take you to complete all of those jobs and then what you’re going to have
to pay someone or what your time is worth to be able to get those jobs done
so what I would recommend for someone newer or even someone not newer is to
put together some base price tiers or packages that basically say at this
range we’re going to do this much work or at this next range we’ll do this much
work right and what I always recommend is starting off with a minimum of about
a thousand to $1500 going up to about $10,000 to start right because most of
you aren’t gonna take on the $50,000 a month clients just yet and I wouldn’t
recommend doing it yet if you’re brand new either so put together your base
packages from about 1,500 to about $10,000 and what those would look like
now the cool thing is if you’re working in a specific niche or two or three
niches then the the cool thing is most of the time you’re gonna be performing
the same services for the same style of business and the reason being is because
once you figure out a method it’s going to work again and again and again for
different for different businesses in that same niche so quick question do you
guys offer pricing tiers or do you actually offer packages to your clients
I’d like to see what you guys are offering so just leave that in a comment
below now personally I recommend doing at least a little bit of social media
management in every package or you know campaign that you put together for a
client a lot of the time especially with local businesses it’s going to be for
remarketing purposes right running remarketing style ads to people who have
visited the website because cold traffic is a lot harder to generate for small
businesses with limited budgets and limited ad budgets so I recommend
looking at doing at least a little bit of remarketing for businesses on social
media and if at the very if they can afford to do more than do some of their
management and posting and community engagement as well so really you’re just
going to look at spending up you’re having them spend at the very
five hundred dollars for you to manage one to two accounts one big account like
Facebook or Instagram or YouTube something like that and then the other
account would be you know Twitter or something smaller LinkedIn something
that they aren’t doing as much focus on but they’re still wanting a presence to
build there in the future and then as they up their budget you can start to
add in more services for each of their primary platforms but ideally to manage
two or three platforms let’s say it’s Facebook Instagram and maybe you know
LinkedIn you’re wanting to get about a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars at
the minimum to do the wide range of services where you’re posting on each
platform maybe once you know not even necessarily once per day but at least
four to five times per week and you’re doing some remarketing on their ad spend
platforms and in case you didn’t know building the proposal is part of putting
together the pricing strategy because that’s where you start to put together
the price to go in and pitch that business owner so if you aren’t familiar
with the proposal side of things and how you should actually go about building
those then check out this video on the top right hand corner now the next thing
we want to talk about is with ad spend an ad spend is something that you’re
actually going to add on top of your management fee for social right so if
you’re managing their social campaigns that’s fine if you’re spending on ads
you need to charge them a separate fee and this is essentially how I work it
out if they’re spending less than $3,000 then I will give them a five hundred to
seven hundred and fifty dollar management fee that’s it flat rate
management fee above three thousand dollars I will charge them anywhere from
20 to 30 percent of their ad spend it that way it makes it a little bit more
affordable for clients who are on the lower end but also you have to make
money right and if a client wants to spend five hundred dollars on ads and
that’s all they have that’s fine but to do twenty to thirty percent of a five
hundred dollar spend is only a hundred dollars and that’s still a lot of time
that you’re putting into creating the campaign so not worth it right that’s
why we recommend a flat rate for the first three thousand dollars and then
after that you can switch to that twenty to thirty percent model the third thing
we’re going to talk about is email marketing and automation and this is
also a really lucrative service if you do it the right way and if you run email
marketing campaigns effectively a lot of people think this is a
irrelevant form of marketing but if you do it the right way it really is a super
lucrative style of business and really a super lucrative style of marketing so
what I recommend here is if you’re going to do email marketing for most of you
with local small business clients you don’t really need to worry about this
too much newsletters all of that isn’t super effective but if you do have
medium-sized businesses or online businesses that you’re working with that
could definitely use an email marketing campaign then you’re gonna want to start
by building automations and I recommend starting with at least a $500 charge per
month to manage and keep up with that automation updated make sure that you’re
you know making sure that people who unsubscribe get removed and that you’re
updating tags and links inside the automations to make sure that it
improves also because you’re going to be managing the lists and segmenting
contacts inside of those lists so you’re gonna want to make sure you charge at
least $500 for the basic automation now when you get into super complex
automations for email and you’re driving several thousands of subscribers per
month or essentially leads per month then you need to be charging what it’s
worth and so for something where you’re generating I would say look at it at a
cost per lead basis right what does the average lead generate them in sales how
much does that average lead typically cost online via email marketing and then
what you can do is you can kind of set your pricing based off of that or you
can do a flat rate we build an email automation funnel that manage it that we
do this much management this much segmentation we do this many lists that
we build new each month and we’ll update this we’ll manage this many contacts for
a minimum of $5,000 per month right so it’s kind of up to you you need to look
at each service and say okay how much is it how much time is it going to take us
to manage that automation to segments to do tagging link building and
optimization for that email campaign each month and at the very minimum you
should charge you know whatever your hourly rate is times the amount of
maintenance but also take into consideration if this is an evergreen
automation it’s going to continually generate leads right so you want to make
sure that it’s set up in a way where you’re continually being paid your value
from the amount of leads that you’re generating for them the fourth thing we
want to talk about is basic SEO services because we’re
looking at minimums for this video right and so what I recommend is at least a
minimum of $500 per month and this could be to optimize their site blog content
do keyword research and the very minimum of what’s required now the more content
you add into the creation process each month the more pages that you’re
optimizing each month shouldn’t be incorporated into the cost factor the
minimum though should be about $500 per month to manage several pages each month
also there’s other services out there that really work well for local
businesses like for example we recommend in my course van desta and then that’s
it as a service that costs $249 and you can easily turn around and charge
clients around 250 to 300 dollars per month for that same service and what the
cool thing is is with the nastas platform you can put up to 1,000 I
believe new customers on to that one license right so you can have a thousand
people paying $250 for a product that you’re only paying $250 for do you see
where the money comes in and so that’s the thing you have to look at what
software services you’re going to use if you’re going to use any how you’re going
to resell those and if you’re not going to use those software services what
specific on-site or off-site SEO marketing services are you performing
that you’re going to be charging for the next service we’re going to talk about
is pay-per-click and that’s with Google Adwords and this one is super simple
like Facebook ads and social marketing I recommend doing a minimum of a $500
management fee and I also recommend if you’re going to work with businesses
that they spend no less than $1,000 on a pay-per-click campaign on Google it is a
very competitive market and it is more expensive than Facebook so you’re gonna
want to keep that in mind a minimum of $1,000 and again the same rules that we
use on social ad spins apply to pay-per-click we’re gonna do 500 dollars
up to $3,000 in ad spend and then from there we’re going to charge a 20 to 30%
management fee on the total ad spend finally is web development and this is
one of the hardest services to price for because you could have a four page basic
site to an eight page basic site or you could have a site like mine Cereal
Entrepreneur where we have over I think over 300 pages because we have a ton of
blog content and other pages that kind of relate back to our site so to say
that it would just be anywhere from a thousand to five thousand dollars we
would be a little ignorant what I going to tell you is this one of the
best ways to get a good price for a new person in web development because now I
can look at a project and kind of gauge about how much we should charge just by
knowing the industry and how websites work for someone new what I recommend
doing is going on to something like lucidchart and building a workflow or
really a skeleton of your website basically just draw out what your
website is going to look like all of the pages all of the navigation how many
tabs you want in each right and then you what you can do is you can take that to
a developer and give them your budget and say look I’m not trying to spend any
more than this on this website do you think this is a project that you can
manage then they will give you a yes or no and why or why not and then you can
really start to figure out well why wouldn’t they give you that rate why
would they give you that rate should you have done you know ask for a cheaper
rate and then what you can do is you shop around that’s what you know new
people that you just have to learn to shop around really and to figure out
what people are charging for specific services also to be able to look at
portfolios for those web developers and say yes that’s a good site versus
obviously no that’s not a good site I would never pay you $5,000 for that now
personally I don’t manage web development like I’m not a web developer
so if you want an idea of a site project and what we did and how much our site
costs now again we already have a lot of this pre developed all they have to do
is migrate a lot of it but we migrated our site and did a complete redesign of
our site and added a few extra pages but if you want look at the Cereal
Entrepreneur web site we spent about two thousand dollars developing that site
which is a site that you could easily take and turn around to another customer
of yours and if you include the kajabi back-end that would be a fifteen
thousand dollar site but if you just look at the front-end WordPress site
that you guys see a that site alone we would have
charged about five to eight thousand dollars for due to the fact that we have
all kinds of different content tons of blog articles different pages that
interlink together it has a fresh design tons of video incorporated that we you
know used to build the the authority of the website and really it’s just a great
looking site very high-performing site and so we would charge anywhere from
five to eight thousand dollars for something like that and we only spent
two thousand so you guys see we actually charged about 1.5 times as much to two
times as much as what we spent on that project and
another note is we developed it through developers in India so we got it at
about eight to ten dollars per hour on development and that’s a very
competitive price range eight to ten dollars per hour from someone in India
is somewhat you can expect from a decent you know experienced developer in India
the last few things we’re gonna talk about our landing pages and lead magnets
which if you guys have heard of clickfunnels you’ve definitely heard of
landing pages and what I recommend guys is charging at least 500 upwards of
fifty thousand dollars on these lead magnets and again it takes an
understanding of what kind of lead magnet are we creating is this a
one-page simple one image call-to-action go to the next page thank you type of
landing page if so that one’s probably around 500 to maybe $1,500 at the very
most depending on the industry you’re working in but if you do a full lawn
webinar with four different processes in it does tracking and it does all kinds
of integrations with email remarketing and stuff like that that’s a different
kind of landing page with a whole different type of objective and feel and
you’ll want to make sure you’re getting your values worth that’s why people who
actually come out of clickfunnels little training academy they’re charging ten
thousand to fifty thousand dollars per month just for one funnel for some
clients so if it is effective if it is something that looks good and it takes a
while to develop and you’re doing custom design versus just templated block
builders then you’ll want to charge more so that’s again where you want you’re
gonna want to look into the development side of things paying a developer to
develop that landing page for you but also taking into consideration how much
value you’re able to generate for that business how many new leads are sales
did you bring in or can you potentially bring in for that client and then
translate that into value on your end what about content creation right
because we all are looking at blogs and videos and stuff like that what content
creation is also very different what I recommend here is looking at
prices on competitive blog writers and designers graphic designers because you
have a blog writer who writes the blog but then you also have graphic designers
who create the the creative elements that go inside of a blog right outside
of that what do you have video well what you want to look at here is your
videographer how much does a videographer cost which is anywhere from
$30 to hundred and fifty dollars depending on
where you live the experience level of that videographer but also you have to
look at the video editing which you can easily hire someone for around ten to
fifteen dollars overseas on a platform like Upwork and so it makes it super
affordable for you to be able to get these jobs done why because you know
exactly where these people are at you know how much they’re gonna charge and
it makes it easy for you to price your services because you know what you’re
spending on each job but that’s it for today’s video guys if you want to see
more on pricing marketing services all you have to do is go right below this
video in the description we’ve left a link to our blog where everything we
covered in today’s video will be there plus tons more information because we
don’t want to make this a 45 minute video but if you want more information
about pricing and all of that make sure you check out the blog over at Cereal
Entrepreneur Academy but since you guys stayed till the end I’m gonna give you
my super secret tip and it’s not really secret if you’re in one of my courses
but because we talked about it in there but my strategy to pricing is and the
secret really is the fact that it’s different for every customer we don’t
look at a customer we don’t go into a customer and say this customer is gonna
be the fifteen hundred dollar package we go in and we say “Mr. Customer what are
your goals for your business? What are you trying to do? Do you want one more
customers three new customers twenty new customers what is it that you want to do
do you want to just drive more traffic build awareness about your business in
the area because nobody knows you’re there yet right what is your goal for
your campaign?” And then once we understand that we take a look at the
business the competitors and what they’re doing what’s currently working
we take into consideration what type of business so they are are they local
are they regional national right and then once we understand all of that then
we go back and we look at the services that we have in our you know in our
armory basically and we say what can we take from those services to provide a
campaign that’s going to benefit them but also that is something that’s within
the price range that we kind of came up with in the first initial meeting we had
with them right because in that first meeting you’re asking questions like
well what’s your marketing budget been like in the past what have you done in
the past did it work right and that’s going to tell you about how much they’re
spending then you take that and you start to use it to gauge basically what
type of campaign you’re going to start them off with and then you put together
three different pricing packages basically for them with a middle tier
a higher tier and a lower tier so that way it’s hard for them to say no to a
package because it can’t be too expensive it can’t be too cheap right
you you have one that’s either right there in the middle or it’s just
affordable enough or it’s perfect and that’s what they were wanting to see and
that’s why I always start with a higher-end package first to see if
that’s going to be the one that they’re looking for now guys we’ve done tons of
other videos on pricing services and there’s tons of other information that
you might want to know so if you want to check out those videos all you have to
do is like I’m showing you right here in this video just go over to my youtube
channel click on that little search icon and then type in pricing and it will
show you all of the pricing videos that we’ve put together on my channel but
that’s it for me guys thank you so much for watching if you have any questions
about pricing or if any of this doesn’t make sense make sure to leave them in
the comments below this video but I’m gonna get out of here make sure you
subscribe until next time Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start
living the six-figure work wherever be your own boss lifestyle well at Cereal
Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start
your own social media and digital marketing agency get started with our
free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see you in the
course, Cereal Entrepreneur out!

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