Pricing For Your Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing Clients!

What’s up everybody Cereal Entrepreneur
here and in today’s up so we’re going to talk about pricing structure for your
social media or digital marketing agency alright guys so it’s pretty simple we’re
going to talk about pricing structures today I get a lot of questions about
pricing and what services to be offering how I should price my services or how
you guys should be pricing your services um and so that’s what we’re going to go
into and it’s pretty pretty basic not basic but very simple to understand um
and what you really want to focus on is three things what is your service
offering so what are the services you offer your customers what is the value
of the services you’re offering and then how much time is it going to take you to
complete the services that you’re offering your clients so if you have a
thousand dollar customer a month you don’t want to be spending 40 hours a
week on their social media why that’s a full week’s worth of work you know at
least that’s what the minimum for full-time is considered to be and so if
you’re spending 40 hours to make a thousand dollars in revenue you’re not
going to be making a ton profit there and the reason why is you’re actually
going to be working for like seven eight dollars an hour in the goal in this
industry and then this business is to get to where you’re making at least
twenty to thirty an hour at least okay so what you want to do is like I said
focus on those three areas and make sure that when you when you get these
customers that your your allotting the proper amount of time to the revenue
that you earned off of them because another thing to keep in mind is when
you have a thousand dollars in revenue you have to take off about thirty to
forty percent of that off the top of that thousand dollars to cover expenses
and taxes those are the two big things that you’re going to be paying for and
so you know keeping that in mind if you make a thousand dollars off of a
customer in a month you’re really only pulling in for yourself about six
hundred dollars and that’s not even considering you putting money back into
the company for reinvestment to grow which you do have to do in the beginning
so in all reality you’re probably only pulling off about four hundred fifty
five hundred dollars if you’re putting any money
back into your business so those are things to keep in mind but other than
that you just need to set up a basic structure now one thing that also keep
in mind is the fact that Google um is a great tool for helping you with your
your business in the beginning because it’s free and structuring things so you
need to set up a plan um at least you know you can do it in Microsoft Word or
you can do it on Google well I prefer Google because you can store everything
in the cloud and it doesn’t take up a ton space and they have all the you know
proper software that you need to actually you know get the basics going
so they have PowerPoint presentations they have Word documents Excel so get on
Google Drive if you’re not getting that but get organized with your company and
set up everything where you can actually read through it and see now the next
important thing to keep in mind is that marketing and especially digital
marketing is it’s different for every single business no one business is the
same so even if it’s two restaurants and maybe they’re two pizza restaurants that
doesn’t matter as far as their marketing campaign is concerned now the general
you know idea is the same but each individual strategy is going to be
different so for example if a pizza restaurant serves better to a specific
community here say an older community here but a different pizza restaurant in
this area serves better to a younger audience then you have to keep that in
mind because snapchat might be great for the younger audience pizza restaurant
but it’s probably not going to be the best for the older audience restaurant
so you have to keep those things in mind so you set up a basic structure and then
you customize it for each business so we’re going to go through that now so as
you can see start off with the 997 a month here this is my basic tier you
don’t want to take in cut too many customers below this amount and it’s
like I said before you know if you get if you’re doing five hundred dollar
clients you have to get seven to eight five hundred dollar clients for you to
even be making a decent amount and you’re probably only making about two
hundred or two thousand dollars at that point because you have to consider all
the taxes and all the expenses that go into each one of those unless you don’t
have the overhead which I don’t imagine
happening so that’s the thing you want to keep them on the reason why you you
are selective on your clients is because it helps you generate revenue at a rate
where you can grow your company as well so 997 a months here it’s pretty pretty
easy I mean social media and these are the features of the packaged social
media management website consulting and revision email consulting super simple
and this is all I handle in this three-tier package now the cool thing is
if I needed to I could substitute one of the items in there so say I wanted to do
SEO our customer needed to focus on SEO but they also wanted to keep the social
media I could easily take out website consulting an email consulting and add
in SEO and it would still probably be worth my time to do it at 997 a month I
might charge an extra hundred or two hundred dollars because I have some
software that I pay for for SEO and also I hire people to do on-site and off-site
SEO building for me um so those are expenses that I incur but you know I can
generally keep it around 997 for something like that or maybe I just do
less on the social media and focus a lot more on SEO if that’s what the business
wants and if that’s what I think is going to be best for them as well so you
have to just set up basic structure so people can see what you offer and so
that way you have something to kind of refer back to but in this one you can
see social media management website consulting and revision email consulting
so social media management I do up to three platforms and it depends on what
the business needs like I said so say they don’t really need any website
consulting and revision at all I’ll completely forget about that let them
handle that and I’ll do email consulting and I’ll do social media management so
maybe I do three platforms there instead of two you know alright so going down
all the platforms that I offer you can see all these listed here it’s pretty
basic all of the major platforms that anybody would use then you have service
feature so Facebook what I do strategy creation strategy and the in creation
marketing approach collaboration of our goals
all of that then we do content development and management for them
where you can see I do the layout cover photo business info page button all of
the basic info of the page how many posts I do a month 15 to 20 now this
doesn’t include any ad budget so I’m not actually spending any money on
advertising in this package this is just posting and they need to be aware of
that because advertising is really where like if you if you actually take you
know three even just three to four dollars a day and put it behind the post
that you’re posting you’re going to do a lot more than if you just posted 15 to
20 times per month and didn’t put any ad dollars behind it that’s the whole point
a quick little tip for you guys and not many people know this but um when I
worked at the company in Jacksonville the big corporation one of the big
things that they were taught by Facebook because they were a huge partner with
Facebook um and one of the things that were taught was the algorithm for
Facebook so when you post a post um through a Facebook page or through a
business page the amount of people that are going to see that post is 6% of the
total audience that likes your page excuse me there’s pollen pollen season
in Georgia probably yellow snow here because it literally covers everything
so might be clear my throat a little but um what you want to focus on is that six
percent you know that is not a lot of people so say a business page only has
500 likes that’s not even I mean ten percent is 50
likes so have barely half of that there about 30 percent by are 30 likes so 30
of those people basically will see that post originally and it’s probably going
to be the 30 people who are most involved with your page already why
because they’re constantly already checking the page for updates so you’re
not really hitting any new audiences there and you’re not even hitting the
people that like your page that aren’t engaged with your page that you could be
selling to that I’ve already expressed an interest in your product so it’s a
really big thing to keep in mind 6 percent and that’s what how many likes
shares all of that obviously that attracts more engagement that’s called
organic engagement but paid engagement gets it off like that okay so it doesn’t
have to be the most outstanding content ever
but if you put some dollars behind it it’ll hit the people that still matters
too so that’s the difference but in the post a few images written content and
design pretty simple video with their short videos and then once a month I’ll
do a contest or once every two months depending on the company and what
they’re you know financial needs are and as far as you know whether it’s going to
be effective or not you develop the campaign manage the Facebook ad spend
you need to do at least $100 and then create email capture point so that’s all
pretty much it from there also one thing to keep in mind is I don’t do the ad
spin for them there is no ad spend in this if they want to do the contest with
an ad spend they have to pay the extra hundred dollars on top of the 997 so I
would in the customer packet this is my internal document so in the customer
packet I would make sure to include the fact that if they wanted to do the
contest they have two versions they can do the free version or they can pay a
hundred bucks and get you know 20 times more traction and you need to sell that
to them because and remind them like even off that hundred dollars say look
I’m not making anything off this hundred dollars I’m putting all 100 dollars into
a Facebook ad and it’s going to blow this campaign up let them know that it’s
important next is Instagram move this down a little bit so brand management
which is all page info images video creation creation you can see I do 15 to
20 images a month I’m not doing one every day and then community engagement
so I get involved with their accounts and people who are commenting reviewing
doing that kind of stuff next is Twitter same kind of stuff I mean you set up the
page 15 to 20 posts a month community engagement get involved with likes
shares hashtags all of that and then the last thing that’s a little different
building lists and if you’re not familiar with building lists that really
look into building lists on Twitter there’s tons of good information out
there Google+ you can see right here same thing and actually I include
Google+ for every package that I do so I don’t even include it as one of the up
to three I don’t I don’t include it as I automatically put it in there
why Google is one of the best things you can do for your business if you don’t
have it set up on Google+ um you definitely need to as far as SEO goes I
mean it’s a Google product you need to be on Google products so that’s number
one number two is you can actually just syndicate your Facebook content people
don’t check Google that much they don’t get on their Google Plus for social
search and social interaction they just don’t there’s a little bit of a young
audience that does but not too many do um so you can easily just repost the
same content from your Facebook page to your Google page super easy it doesn’t
really take any time or thought and it’s great for your SEO it’s great for
building your lists as well and managing your maps and stuff like that YouTube um
if this is one of the package or products I put in that I do one of three
videos a month I set up the channel you can see how simple this is community
management you need to figure out what services you know each product is going
to require basically to fulfill so that’s I mean that just think through
all these things it’s really not difficult you have to think what you’re
going to be doing for each product so make a list of each individual products
of Facebook Instagram Twitter and then say okay what can I do go to the site
look at say what can I do to improve a business and then look at what other
people are doing really simple LinkedIn snapchat and Pinterest super easy
because not too many businesses are going to use these and if they are
they’re usually very niche focused um and by that I mean by their demographic
or their customer profile whatever they’re trying to hit so snapchat is
obviously mostly going to be a younger audience even though the older audience
is finally starting to get into snapchat more and more but for right now it’s
heavily focused in the under audience so all of this is super simple um I mean
you really can’t see how it could be complicated on page analysis and sorry
this is for website consulting and revisions home page analysis sales
funnel analysis contact form analysis social analysis or whether they’re
social icons are at the top of the page or even visible to begin with a site
audit which just goes into everything about their site their call to actions
their sales funnels every like that and then communication with my
webmaster for changes so as you can see I don’t actually do anything on their
website I am giving them basically consultation or advice on what they
should be doing from a marketing perspective on their website that will
help out a lot so I basically go to their web master the person who handles
their webpage and say look I’ve made a list of all these things you change all
these things your website’s going to be good and that’s it it’s super easy and
then on a monthly basis you just do that and you say look I see
you posted these pictures maybe you should try some content like this I have
a new idea for your website why don’t you try this you keep constantly giving
so after the first month they’ll just give up on it definitely keep trying to
look for new trends new ways to help their website improve and then email
consulting I’ll set up their MailChimp or their active campaign whatever I
think is going to be better for them and then I give them a basic walkthrough of
how to use the product so that way they can do it themselves
I give them guidance on building newsletters and then guidance on
building vlogs and blogs or dispersing blogs and blogs through their email
consulting or email marketing platform I’ll also help them out with if they
need help with automation just giving them advice on what to do
drip campaigns you know advice anything that’s advice base that’s what I’ll do
for the email consulting package and that’s it for 997 super-easy shouldn’t
take you no it should take maybe you know in the first month it’ll take a
little longer because you’re doing account setup that’s fine but in you
know on an average month it should take anywhere from 10 to 15 hours to do all
the work for that and that’s if you’re doing it yourself once you get to the
point where you’re growing enough and you’re making enough revenue to pay for
people to do this stuff it shouldn’t take you but an hour or two for each
business because you’re managing your you’re divvying out the tasks that have
to be done instead of trying to take it all on yourself which takes obviously
more time so the next package 2497 I don’t do a $2,000 package I try to
include more value and by that I think that people will want to you know even
if they’re a little tight and only wanted to spend 20 to 20
they’ll reconsider because they see the value that it’s going to bring if they
just put that extra few honor dollars in a month so features our social media ad
spend I’m and management website consulting and revision SEO and email
management’s so you can see the only difference really is email management at
my email manager but the ad spend and SEO actually saw our email management is
different we’re not just doing consulting at this package so we’ll
break it down social media management platforms up to three manage platforms
manage that this tier nothing really changing to big service features our
Facebook we’re actually going to up the posts to twenty to twenty five contests
we’re still going to be doing fanpage development and then Facebook ads Ben
are the two big ones so fanpage development this is where say it’s like
a dick sporting goods or you know an athletic store what we’re going to do is
we’re going to create a fanpage about around different knit niche markets that
they they service so say one market would be rock climbers we would create a
fanpage about rock climbing and then promote content about rock climbing and
then we’re going to put that out there try and get people to engage with this
page and then through that page once we build a following will actually promote
more ads to targeted groups of followers from that business so if it’s a Dick’s
Sporting Goods and they sell rock climbing equipment that fanpage will be
focused on rock climbers and rock climbing fanatics and then we’ll target
rock climbing equipment ads to those fans it’s a really great way to get
targeted ads and a lot of people aren’t doing this but it’s a really really
intuitive way to reach out to niche markets and to get real success um so
you can see profile cover photo about info and then we’ll post twice a week
and start building up the page and getting involved and engaged with people
who are interested in that kind of stuff um Facebook Ads Ben this is the
difficult bit difference going to be doing about a total of four hundred
dollars so that’s anywhere from ten to twenty
dollars a day depending upon the post and what type of content we’re trying to
push out now this is it’s kind of like I said going to be the biggest
of it because you’re actually pushing it out and paying for Facebook to put it in
front of people so built the right way manage the right way you can actually
make a ton of money do it the wrong way though you’re actually going to be
wasting a lot of money so next is Instagram we change the post amount 20
to 25 um community involvement that’s still the same and then Instagram ad
spend is another little bit of a difference here I mean that’s only if it
pertains to the customer because not everybody can really benefit from
Instagram ad spend yet but it is good for certain businesses so if you don’t
end up doing an Instagram add spin you take that budget or I take that budget
and I put it back into Facebook so they would get five hundred as opposed to
four hundred and then we just wouldn’t do any Instagram ads but I like to
include Instagram ads if it works and just not a ton remember that Facebook is
going to be way better for conversion as far as ad spending um Twitter 20 to 25
posts community engagement list building you know all of the good stuff oh and
one thing that I don’t have included on this site I guess I probably should for
my own but I include it on the customer package but one big part is going to be
analytics and reporting you need to be doing you know
monthly analytics for if they want now not everybody’s going to look at so can
have that conversation with them you want me to send you monthly updates or
monthly Facebook analytics or are you even going to be able to understand it
should I just call you and we’ll have a conversation about your analytics but
you need to set that you need to set that up with your clients for sure it’s
a big conversation to have and it’s important for restructuring and
continuing to grow the way your ads work with your customers
so next Google+ like I said it’s included YouTube we’re doing one to
three videos a month so we’ve upped it by one more it just depends on the
business um but if not I’ll usually start including it anyways because we
set up to three services so it just depends on the business and then same
thing for LinkedIn snapchat and Pinterest website consulting and
management oh I guess we so we are doing management at this level sorry um blog
we’re going to do one to two blogs a month and that’s pretty much the
only thing you’re changing so as far as that you don’t really have to do too
much so I guess by management I don’t even know why I have management that’s
what I thought I’m not doing management at this level blog content basically
cool and that’s going to be the big difference here so it’s still consulting
in revisions but I am going to start writing a blog article once a month for
them sorry about the confusion guys all right email management this is the last
one and this is where we’re going to be doing a big difference for them too so
we’re not only doing all of the setup for them but we’re going to start
integrating it with their website and their social media pages we’re going to
start creating lists and templates for them for their newsletter we’re going to
start dispersing the newsletter in the blogs and we integrate it with contests
all kinds of stuff building out automation drip campaigns you know that
is the big stuff that works here so that’s what we’re actually going to be
doing and then SEO now SEO is it’s really easy people think it’s so
difficult but it really is easy once you do the research about how it works so do
the research about how SEO works you don’t have to become a professional I
know how to do some of this stuff because I used to do it for my own sites
but you know it really isn’t that complicated and you don’t have to really
know too much code have to know how to do this so claim listing and review
sites um I recommend yext or then Vesta these are two basically they do it
automatically for you you give them the information they automatically submit it
to all of these different review or listing sites um and it includes
listening with the software which is another really important thing so when
people are leaving comments or reviews about your business on other web sites
that you’re not checking in on daily you can actually go in and respond if you
get a negative or a positive review what you want to be doing so it’s a really
cool tool I recommend then Vesta you have a limited budget just because they
allow you I think it’s like 2500 accounts and it’s 250 a month when you
join their partner program next I think is 300 a month and they only give you
access to 8 so 2508 you can see why it’s a little bit better growth and a stat
first next I think is the stronger company in
this business they have been around longer and they’ve been they do a really
great job at it but I think Bend asta is going to be a strong competitor for them
all site SEO and on-site SEO are the two big things so off site is simply
building links social bookmarking artal article directories getting websites to
link back to your content and then on-site SEO is meta tags titles
descriptions navigation site content you know what is your business or what is
your website actually saying to the to the interwebs about what your product or
service provides so it’s basically it for SEO I mean that you don’t stress so
much about SEO it really is not as difficult as you think through the time
and the research to understand it don’t listen to someone super techy because
they’re not going to be able to explain listen to someone who has a business
mentality and is simply just trying to give basically consultation on SEO and
last in final package is the forty nine ninety seven a month tier it’s not
really the last package which I have an enterprise package that’s where if they
want to spend over five grand a month it usually gets to about the ten thousand
dollar mark a month once they get that big but forty nine ninety seven is my
last actual tiered package so you can see here includes policies I told you
guys um features are basically everything is the same you’re going to
do website management at this level and there’s TPC so those are the two big
differences right there from a what features are offered social media
management we’re going to go up to five platforms at this tier so they get to
pick five and that’s Ritz that’s why you have to be at this point you have to be
able to delegate things a lot better you have to be able to you know work with
other people in your organization so services and features Facebook basically
we change the amount of posts that you thought that was coming um the add spin
stays the same and you’ll see why in a minute because some of the budget
has to go to PPC um and then basically you’re posting one the fanpage and
you’re trying to do retargeting campaigns based off the page that you
built so retargeting is just taking the emails or the people that you get
involved with this page and then sending them other advertisements based on the
company you know based on the fan page and what product they’re promoting
Instagram same thing keep the ad spend at 100 I would recommend keeping it at
this level if you’re obviously going to be managing the page for them and it’s
going to be one of the prominent pages 25 to 30 posts here
everything else is the same Google is basically still doing the same thing you
don’t want to spend too much time on Google+ just make sure it’s running
properly YouTube you’re doing 2 to 4 videos at least 2 videos a month now so
YouTube has to be a very important thing for them because that’s going to take a
lot of time and money if you’re outsourcing it because you’re doing
revision and stuff like that video editing if you have to pay for
someone to shoot it for you even that kind of stuff website consulting
revisions and management all of the other things stay the same most people
will still have a webmaster I mean so you don’t necessarily have to do the
management you just say it’s included if they need you to but you don’t have to
you can still just be consulting at this level but you do want to be creating 2
to 3 articles a month for their blog um email management you’re basically
running everything from here you’re doing all of their automation all of
their drip campaigns and dispersal of email content you would I would say at
least set up some sort of strategy for response so if they’re if you’re
receiving emails back for them how are you responding to those emails what
rules do you have set up for your basically what you’re allowed to respond
back to that’s pretty much it for email PPC you’re going to be spending at least
and I wouldn’t recommend going any lower I wouldn’t even recommend starting off
with someone that has a 500 dollar budget unless you’re like in the suburbs
in a bigger inner-city area PPC budgets need to be at least a grand a month for
them to be effective and the reason why is because
saying you are just running a PPC campaign for somebody and it’s not
included in a bigger broad package okay the thousand dollars that you make or
that you charge them you’re going to pull off 25 to 30% of that as a
management fee that’s included in my $5,000 package I already consider a
management beat so if you do that you have to think okay well I’m taking off
25 to 30% so I’m only going to make 250 to 300 bucks off of this so that’s the
first thing but then on the other side of it the flip side is the customer is
only spending $700 at that point on ads which in a bigger city ads run you know
you’re going to cost per click is going to be in anywhere from the 20 to $30
range for some industries it can be cheaper than that but a lot of them once
they get competitive are super high dollars so you have to keep that in mind
because that could be only one or two clicks if you can see right here daily
ad spend of 20 to 30 dollars you know that’s not too many clicks a
day it’s maybe one or two clicks a day and that’s why you can it’s very
expensive so um PPC you can see it’s why I don’t include it basically until the
last package because you have to have the budget for it to even be affected I
might even do more out of the 700 and maybe take some off of Facebook if
because usually if a company’s focused on PPC they might not be as focused on
their Facebook ad budget maybe they’re more direct so doctors or really great
lawyers are really great car dealerships do really great with PPC and then SEO
we’re doing everything to your link structures backlinks article directories
social bookmarking getting involved with local PR trying to get them to maybe
publish articles for you on and then listing a review sites so you have to
have relationships with public or public relations businesses or news media
outlets stuff like that that really comes in handy that’s pretty much it I
do all the cart type things so if they wanted like a basic 4 page 6 page
website or e-commerce site stuff like that but I try not to focus on the only
reason I would even do a website is because they’re you know I can make 2
grand off of a website and really not have to put in too much work because all
I do is take and all the information put together the content in a document
images in a document and then ship it out to the web developer and let them
manage it and I pay them in the end so it doesn’t take a lot of time
that’s why I’ll do them but it it does is its it can be worth it but it’s not
something you want to focus on all right so that’s pretty much it um for website
consulting for website pricing can’t get this right that’s it for pricing
structures for your business or for your digital marketing agency the ten
thousand dollar budget if you do or if you land and account that big you’re
going to be spending a lot more money in PPC and Facebook and I’m talking a lot
more monkey that’s that’s when you’re doing basically everything that you can
think of you can even do banner ads and placement ads on websites if that’s
something that they think is going to be beneficial for them but the more you
know overall reach that you can get the better it’s going to be for the business
so keep those things in mind and if you guys have any questions about this
please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll respond to them
as best as I can but try to keep it basic don’t go too heavy into it don’t
get too involved it really is as easy as it looks right here okay and feel free
to look through this video several times I’m not going to be able to send out my
template stuff like that I don’t send out internal documents but you can see
everything that I’ve done here and rewatch the video that’s why I do these
videos so watch the videos many times as you need to to set up your business
leave comments if you have comments if you haven’t subscribed to my channel
make sure you’re subscribing below follow me on snapchat too I really like
getting messages from you guys there it’s a lot easier to do a quick quick
response on snapchat if I need to so if you haven’t followed me there follow me
at cereal ent and I hope to hear from you guys soon and I hope this video
helps but for now I’m gonna get going get some more work done Cereal Entrepreneur out

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