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lighting is really emotional and if you’ve walked into a space and you noticing the lighting right away we we haven’t done our job well our job is to help people feel amazing no matter what kind of space that is our company’s name is Richard Peck lighting we’re architectural lighting designers in San Francisco the biggest thing that makes our company a little bit different is the two of us and our partnership because there’s this constant collaboration it’s a lot like marriage yeah we call it our second why do we do it’s great I mean when I was having my second child I decided that I really wanted to do my own business there weren’t any other firms that we’re doing the caliber of work that I wanted to do that could provide the flexibility that I needed to start it was it’s two of us we did not have a lot of money and we didn’t have any office space and so having a server and a VPN was not even possible we were looking for something that was new or faster or better Dropbox was one of the very first apps that we ever started using with our company and it is one that has stayed constant for the course of six years Dropbox is great for mobility we can be in a job site and pull up details and reference them right on the fly when we’re trying to solve problems we work with really big file sizes we use images we have PDFs we have CAD drawing and we just send out a single link and then that link is accessible by your architects and landscape architect and interior designer Dropbox is very simple to understand it integrates with lots of different platforms and lots of different applications so it doesn’t matter what our partners are using it’s been really easy for us to incrementally grow each time we hire somebody it’s a 10-minute process max for us to get their Dropbox set up and it keeps our overhead low because we don’t have to have an IT person a server or space to put it this idea of us being small but mighty even though we’re a super small team we like to think because of the tool that we use that we compete with big dogs some of the best products and designs just work when they were so well thought through that you don’t even know that they’re there in your just ago of course it’s that way that’s the way it’s supposed to be [Music]

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