Product promotion and merchandising

Hi there. As you build out your online shop promoting your full inventory
of products can be challenging. Here, we’ll examine the best ways
to promote products and special offers. We’ll show you how to predict
which products your customers might like, and help you showcase products
your visitors might not normally see. The first step
is to set up your online shop. That way it’s easy for your visitors
to browse all of your products. You’ll want to create the right hierarchy
of categories and subcategories, which will help a customer navigate
your site and the products for sale. Promoting products in an online shop isn’t too different
from a High Street shop. Think about the last time
you visited a furniture shop. You probably didn’t just walk in and see a map of the shop’s aisles pointing to where
the products could be found. More likely, you walked in
and saw a really comfy sofa near the door, that you could sink right into. Think about a bricks and mortar shop. Online shops also display
very specific featured products. If it’s the end of summer
and students are going off to university, the furniture shop
might have desks or bookcases on display and on sale. This is an example
of product merchandising. You can do the same thing online starting by promoting certain products right on your homepage. Your promotion might be
to help shift old inventory or feature a best-selling item
you want more customers to see. Using part of your home page
to showcase products, or even running online
advertising campaigns with dedicated landing pages, can be a great way to merchandise online. And that’s just the beginning. Imagine if you walked
into an offline furniture store, and the front door display
magically transformed, based on your interests. And as you browsed, all of the promotions
you encountered were customized to what you had previously looked at. That’s exactly what online shops can do. As visitors browse the pages of your site, you’re collecting data
about what interests them. Now you can use this data to predict what they’re likely
to be interested in next. Think of the last time
you were shopping online. You might have been shown
recommended products after viewing certain items,
or putting them in your cart. For example, if you were
on a custom furniture website, and you were looking at kitchen tables, you might have seen a promotion
for chairs or window shutters, to match the room. Many shopping cart providers such as
Magento, Volusion, Pretoshop and Shopify offer these product
recommendation engines. Next up, in product promotion
and merchandising, is finding ways to showcase products that your visitors may not
have otherwise been looking for. This can be a really
effective way to cross-sell. So, how does this work? Well, let’s imagine an office manager is looking for a new
executive desk for the big boss. Something grand and ornate. But he might not have been thinking
about matching book cases or custom doors. Now is the perfect time to remind him. Promoting related products
can lead to increased sales. The world of e-commerce
offers you plenty of great ways to make sure customers see and interact with
relevant products on your site. You can create a virtual display
as they enter your site, or use data to suggest
what they might buy next. So, get out there and start selling!

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