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good morning internet fans Ryan Perry
here with Simple Biz Support today is Thursday July 9th therefore it is internet
marketing Thursday I have Virginie Dorn with Business Website
Center on the other side the morning Virginie morning how are you I’m doing fabulous
thank you I yours do an even better because you’re
leaving on a vacation congratulations won’t thank you there
are moments in my life and I’m going to enjoy it yes I should
be a lot of fun I’m looking forward to hearing I’ll all
the good news when you get back um we’re going to talk about before you
go on vacation is how to incorporate not necessarily
the mechanics of how to incorporate promo codes into an e-commerce website but more
behind the Y Mar 18 I in San different ways that you
can incorporate promo codes because as you were saying before we actually
started this live episode was that a lot of people think that a promo code
is all you got a promo code and in maybe you get 10 percent off for twenty
percent of and that’s not really what everybody necessarily what’s even though
that’s what we think about so you know how old how can you use a promo
code decide just a 10 percent off and what are the advantages a using it different way X more yes well up rebel promo code for permission watch all cuts also known as on board at this
conference but return ok what is on us in the most
ok maready so if you’re going to use the
Website agencies from local it is the most commonly used
term what it is and then it’s a great marketing tool I’m
and some I’m just as you venture enough hot you go in one and sometimes
it will be and giving items way so perhaps so just to get it
started and more for today Youkilis the type of phone calls and you could of her
on your website I’m you could do ok with that offers
free shipping all she suspects were you pick up the
suspects people you know shipping within your own state
and that one could be a percentage of specific product all the entire hollow inside the shopping cart when
you’re client is on the website that one could be a dollar amount all
and by is even if you told her all on is your
shoes and again Sep think it would be for
specific product we could be talking hold on inside the shopping cart no on is a Google well who is now almost buy
one get one free all sometimes nuts its you he was always
buy one get one free he said you know its Buy one Get on all
its others exciting is used to be consumers but what ok we’ll be all G 00 and they’re quite popular among people
who buy online and I always she is probably going to
school for he items eager if you buy this week you
free t-shirt alright you buy donors on our website
will give you it’s free bad was are also not which is from X I mean some a.m. I got some but all the types organizacion use it depends upon you is
next church sure and marketing budget you again you don’t
have to give money away sometimes you teach you Lucas item to you to consumers it’s all
about value perception I’m what’s your face right let let’s
talk about the value perception there for a minute because I home there’s plenty of jokes going
around you know a guy will spend two dollars on a one dollar product when he needs it where a lawmen will spend a dollar on a two
dollar product just because it’s on sale and I think
the the best national big brand example that is JCPenney’s
where a couple years ago they said you know what re and get away with sales prices were
gonna get away with all the gimmicks and we’re just gonna give you up bear
rate out the gate know at all you don’t have to worry about looking at clearance
racks all that type of stuff and their business tanks I mean it tank really bad well yes it’s all about
perception ever and specially your target audience
is women disposable and got maybe beat/nu already
in forty-eight icons your target audience it lost something for free to look to get
specialty or even the deal sounds ridiculous in her her like a dollar all it just that
feeling look consumers get about why I got a
great deal just because I use promo code n been bit by more from you because of
it don’t think it’s something special each and every time few is lost goes
back to talking against which we’ve talked so many times but you have to
define will you this client is it’s the buttons
measure and most when is your at the most profit exact
same time budget arguments with the people you want to go after with certain people you want develops
the promo codes for know if you guys like running and warm maybe represent it so it’s not that
exciting maybe 30 something to add to cart might be better the apt a call right and while you’re thinking about that I
forget who I was talking to but also if you understand your sales
metrics very very clearly if you want those people that keeps track of the
numbers like you should be is also evaluating okay what is our average sale consistently we sell forty
five dollars of product on our website you know what
would your profit margins be if you could get people to get you the
fifty dollar mark so if you understand that on average are
selling forty-five that’s how you’re sweet spot but I’d really love to get
the 50 is then go okay well thats gonna be your
promo code is going to be relevant to I wanna take a metrics from here T here and I’m getting entice
people to do something yet another great thing is iron even
Taco Bell now has happy hour out where they have dollar drinks I
think it’s between like two and three year to end excuse me too and by about %ah nope it’s weekdays or what not are but obviously what what Taco Bell’s
marketing is telling you is that hey between two
and five o’clock those are slow times we want to entice
more people come through because you know every every hour that goes by that they’re not making a sale that’s
lost profit they can never make that money back so even if they have to discount at the
bring more people and that’s better than losing that money altogether so um you know you talked about a before we
started the conversation or peace are before we started this episode was that
you could also put time metrics and place that the promo code
expires at a certain time I’ll but I think as a business owner
don’t think a promo code is all I just have to you know get 10 percent off right gotta
do this because women wanted the deal which is totally true but look at your business and okay how
can I use this as a marketing tool to drive my profits North yeah your wanting to make more money got to lose
money are needs and if you think Obama is
going to make you lose money by giving something re you the wrong mentality maybe you’re
thinking too much is a very small business or you have to think outside the box and
use a marketing tool to generate more revenue some you decide re away from 38 been in exchange you going to make more money
it’s all about them the other hand tracking you mention
tracking all Supreme Court agreed we need to figure out which marketing
campaign 04 and is working best for you or get
online miss you do it yet but I sing you might want to use a special ok I’ll
just achieve your advertising and then the I cannot be content
management system you should be able to tell ok only people that use the TV promo code
hope many people have used made you from condense or but we can see
well it seems like everybody has been using
I’m TV work maybe we should continue advertising on television right now you
know the key thing for that for the business owners owners out there
that are watching that haven’t thought about this before is that you really want to make sure that that
promo cocaine all be found in one location at the
start using a multiple locations there and you really are not sure where that
business comes from and the other thing I like I like these
at Virginia’s by splitting those promo codes up it’s a great way the track exactly where people come from you know
as a as a marketing consultant for clients you
know one other thing always tell them is look whenever you get a new customer a need
to ask ’em you know how did you find us I found you on the Internet okay that’s
a very broad statement these days did you find the screws social media that there was a shared
laying did they do a Google search today find you through yeltsin sometimes you
gotta dig a little bit deeper and by having a promo code that all when
shows up in one place if they’re using that promo codes you
know where the Orijen you know maybe a notary for all
your friend may have email this information to them but it was initially pan out here I love you like he said either TV or
radio at Sals promo codes need to be uniquely different and I’ll however you
wanna said Mayor audience different product code: different brocco
different broke out Yahoo you catch up on social media and some or
nine companies are using is promo code as a reward for filing them
on is you reward leading a review the exact 02 this and will be in your prime account
for 80 percent remix purchase it’s almost like you have to work a
little bit to get the product but in the end because you guys even happy here beacons who I didn’t work
about to get 30 percent ok to use and go back to the
website and buy some more on Sep use on social media platforms as
well yeah and I you touch on another thing
there the fact that you know maybe you get thirty percent
which pretty much wipes out your margin but what you’ve got on the back and is
gonna last you a lifetime it’s get a review if you can get a share
although we have to be careful because the SEC I just came down what a month ago maybe
three weeks ago and said hey if you do in any promotions like that
where people are sharing your our content as a business through a cop
throw contest it has to be clearly defines that this
is a contest this is why people are sharing it because they have a an opportunity to
win something RC do you want to be careful about that
make sure you have your attorneys look at the SEC guidelines if you gonna do
you some sort of online campaign who has the
most guidelines I was very gray scale to me I bad exactly what your attorney wants to
hear that’s more guideline that a lot come on what’s not
your you’re reading you know the internet law
on YouTube it regulates the internet nowadays it’s still great britain
skillet so people look at it and interpret it
differently because it’s not clear yet still new technology and years ago we bout on the Internet all
I’m now they their body is my pride in every
room house smartphones over his crazy you we’ve got a long way and the law and
regulations I’m it to cut but I’m there alright I’ll tell you what I’ll let’s go ahead
and review watch Kanna reviews on the a top talking points if you will as far
as how you who stood me how you can use a promo
code b-sides just the generic 10 percent of its all extended against based on what
you define didn’t know people who got that works
exactly oh man so I could be precise jobs or mono and buy one get one free inches bongo
could be a free item added to the shopping cart the purchase a specific
product all the purchase certain amount donors
and it could be you shipping in different ways to use the form I got
big and remembers not pick up on a good you are as my business owner of your website is what your talkin a response
to see also you can create a time I’m just as you mentioned her or you can simply look at is good on
August 1st August ft that on August too but men 92 content
management system shoot deactivate from corn annisten be use it wants also okay to give an incentive to clients to
buy quickly Andrew and and and and you to track you try to
use different what was the trip and marketing
campaigns that you have a better understanding which one is more efficient for you
specific business alright perfect so that’s all the
information we can pack in in 15 minutes on promo codes burgeoning I hope you
have a great up vacation the we’re gonna have a
substitute percent as going to be any net with I inspired by and that’s she set
for your last time so looking for the talking to her in really excited to hear about your
vacation when you come back online in two weeks I kitty here I alright sounds good okay everybody
that’s the end of this episode I hope you found some great information if you’d know somebody who’s looking to
build an e-commerce website or is just kinda generically using promo
code feel free to share this episode with them cuz I think there’s a lot that valuable information that we share hurts
me as always I appreciate your time and I hope you have a great rest the day

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