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My channel is MyFroggyStuff and we cover all things toys from dolls, arts and crafts I do a lot of unboxings
and we even do a little doll show. And I really want kids to feel included and feel inspired to be creative and that’s what we really try to focus on. We started the channel
as a means to communicate with our family. My wife wanted to
make videos for our parents of her playing with our daughter. But my wife accidentally
uploaded them publicly instead of privately. So when the comments started coming in and people were
asking us how we made things that’s when I was like,
“Oh, people are watching this” and I would make a craft
based on what people wanted. And then more people
were requesting things. It just started growing from the fact that I was listening to our audience
and doing the things that they wanted. It was really raw. We didn’t understand lighting,
we didn’t really understand the audio. But we had the creativity and she had the drive
and she knew what she wanted to do. I literally play for a living with toys, all day
and I make stuff, and it’s just fun. We have a core set of values
that we followed from the very beginning and that is 100% family friendly. And we’re not acting,
this is just who we are. So that way, when people come
to the channel they see happiness,
they see the face of the channel right there. And it’s just been amazing. People connect with you. They realise we’re real people and understanding us
and getting to know us is part of our brand. MyFroggyStuff is more than just a brand. It’s our third child. She’s not going to let anything happen to the brand she’s built
and the image that she’s made. Navigating PR and media
is something we’ve learned as we go. And if we don’t know what to do
or how to approach a company or a business we go to YouTube. Everything I didn’t know about marketing I had to learn through just watching
other people that were bigger than us seeing how they operated. We Google everything,
we YouTube everything. Press and media is very important and we’ve been in magazines,
we’ve been in some really big magazines. Whoever asks for interviews,
we usually give them. But we just want to
make sure that we’re on the same page. We just say,
can you just email us over the questions. You have to be so guarded with your brand you have to protect it
because nobody else is going to protect it. So, make sure that
when you’re talking with the press that you don’t say anything
that could come back and be negative. And if you don’t want to answer that question don’t answer that question. You don’t have to. When presenting ourselves to the press we always try to make sure that
we’re a good representation of our channel. We start the conversation
family friendly, 100% brandable. We keep our content safe for everyone. Because we do a lot of
talking to brands in person when we go to Toy Fair every year. And that’s where
a lot of the major companies are. We’re actually talking to
the people who run the companies and some of their PR people. So we go there so we can talk to them we can see the products,
they get to know us, we get to know them and it builds a relationship. We’ve done over 100 brand deals already. We have a relationship
with every major toy company. You have to actively pursue things sometimes not everything is just going to come to you. So we make sure we position ourselves
in a way so as to meet these people. So when we come across an opportunity and they want to check you out
and make sure, “OK, let’s just make sure “before we attach our name
to these guys, they’re good to go.” Well, guess what, we’ve been
following our core values for years. And that consistency,
that lets advertisers know these guys are in this
for the long haul, not just the short game. So what with the good relationships we’ve had over the years
with these manufacturers doing brand deals we sat down and said “You know what, we need a doll. “We need you to be in stores.” So we partnered with
this doll company who is making us a doll. The idea for the doll is me. It’s pretty much me – nerdy, braids, glasses. And the amount of advertising and marketing just from children walking by in the store and then they see you. That says a lot. It is very important
to constantly put yourself out there to constantly be seen,
to constantly be relevant if you want your channel to grow
and reach audiences you didn’t have before. Every opportunity that we can take,
if it’s a good opportunity that fits us we take it. And if you put the work in
and you’re consistent most likely, it will give you some results. May not be the ones you were expecting but it’ll be the ones that are
right for you and your audience.

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100 thoughts on “Promoting Your YouTube Business ft. MyFroggyStuff | Business Skills for Creators

  1. LOVE that Creator Academy interviewed My Froggy Stuff! My daughter, Nadia, is obsessed with the channel and has become a serious crafter because of it. My Froggy Stuff is crazy talented. Nice seeing hubby behind the scenes working. I didn't know it was a full-on family business. Great tips and keep up the good work! (-Mommy Seed)

  2. Being "family Friendly" and "consistent" is the key to the world! Literally, Youtube will start promoting your brand more!

  3. Привет!!!!! Мы к Вам с дружеским визитом! Мы подписались, надеемся на взаимную дружбу

  4. Great vid – thx for the advice. I've had a few brand deals come to me but never been pro-active in pursuing them. Would love to hear you comment on how you approach brands… 😊

  5. Great video, this was awesome to see! I had the pleasure of meeting Chris and the family at Toy Fair a couple years back, and what an incredibly kind family! Chris gave me all kinds of tips on editing software and Youtubing in general. Definitely an inspiration, thank you.

  6. I haven't really taken my Youtube channel serious since i opened it in 2006, but I've recently started getting motivated. Just finding out what my niche may be with the kind of content i'd love to begin creating. The key i see now with Youtube is "family friendly"

  7. Fantastic I love to a channel/business like theirs grow and be so successful. Continue to strive for greatness MyFroggyStuff and I'll do my best to do the same.

  8. Hi! I too use Barbie and Ken,…..and dolls to illustrate relationship patterns that adults have who are in romantic relationships! Good to know I'm not the only one! twinflamesmerge

  9. that was amazing! this really can help my channel grow. i really enjoy this video so much. great content.

  10. Love, love, love this video. There were so many times I wanted to give up in frustration. I am so tired of seeing other channels surpass me and they have no content. Every time I am close to reaching 2K subscribers. I get pushed back. I just want to advance to the next level. I want a plaque, I want to go to YouTube events, I want to host a YouTube event and use their studios to create. When is it my time to shine?!!

  11. Thank you for all the tips and for your Positive attitude and outlook. I am managed by my Grandmother through ShecklesDiva Produces (YouTube). My Channel is called Salara's Life and We are always improving. You have really made me feel great about being on YouTube. Keep up the great work.

  12. Hey there! I have tried and tried for about a year now, to get monetized on my channel. I have tweeted, sent in screenshots, watched hundreds of videos, and still don't know what to do. I have 7000+ subscribers, and 152,000 watch hours. It says "channel in review" for the last year. Can someone please help and look at my channel? I shoot wedding videos, and want to create more educational content. I actually have it created, but am waiting to upload it until I get approved. I will pay DOZENS of dollars to get help! Thanks in advance.

  13. MyFroggyStuff is one of the best channels on YouTube and one of my favorites. I love that it is for all ages and kept family friendly. They've worked hard for their success and done so with style! Thanks for this video and insight.

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