Providing AMP service to tens of thousands of ecommerce sites (AMP Conf ’19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] JINHYOUNG KIL: Hello, everyone. I’m so excited to be
here today and have been able to meet all of you. My name is Jinhyoung
Kil, and I’m working as a project manager in cafe24. My job is to work
closely with our partner to build user-friendly
marketing platform integration for helping our
customer growth in business. Firstly, I’d like to start
by telling you of who we are and what we do. Does anyone know of cafe24 here? No? Good. Now I have more
to tell you then. How about BTS, Exo, Blackpink,
and maybe Psy “Gangnam Style”? K-wave may have started
from K-pop and K-drama, but it definitely affected
and opened up a new market for K-fashion and beauty. And it has been booming
all around the world. Many of our Korean
fashion beauty sellers chose cafe24 as of
our business partner. And to tell you why, let me show
you some statistics of cafe24. With 1.6 million online shopping
stores and more than 5 million registered users are
using cafe24 service. We support through our
modern eight global offices to connect Korean sellers
with global markets. And now, more than 76,000
shopping more stores have expanded globally through
cafe24’s e-commerce platform. We strive to offer an
exceptional global services through our technology
to provide merchant with easy and convenient
selling methods, while offering global customers
a fast and simple purchasing experience. Moving on, let’s talk about
AMP from an e-commerce platform perspective. This is a process of
how e-commerce works. E-commerce platform provider
have a two-user side, with merchant who
interact mostly with our back-office admin and
customer who interact mostly with our front-side store. From one end to another, service
shall be running smoothly without any interference to meet
satisfaction for both sides. And this requires a consistent
investment and development for both backend
and front service. And I said 1.6 million online
merchant shopping stores using it. So we need to satisfy
them, including their hundreds and thousands
of customers at the same time. Merchant side is more towards
in commerce-driven area, with most of
interactions are still done via PC-based by
operators, meaning that from small to medium
business to large entity, operators can be anyone and
have all different level of proficiency on
using our service. So to fulfill
merchant-side nets, platform should provide
back-office admin with simple and
flexible function to support their various
selling activities. Whereas customer side is more
towards marketing-driven area, with most of interactions
are depending on customers and constantly
changing, meaning that with market trends shifting and
technology continues to evolve, new services and channels
are coming in every day. And it costs fortune to keep
up with this if doing manually. So to fulfill
customer-side nets, it is important that
front-side store to provide
user-friendly functions to support their various
shopping behaviors and engagement throughout
different channels. It is important that shopping
content shall maintain merchant or brand image but
simultaneously deliver it in optimized format
for each channel to bring positive
shopping experience. Who doesn’t know that? But unfortunately, most
of the marketing channels to reach new customers
are paid media. And it isn’t the idea
for every business owners to have to such of things due
to their different business volume, and daily task priority,
and maybe limited marketing budgets and et ceteras. And this is where AMP comes in. In recent shopping trend,
shows that mobile traffic is growing faster than ever,
with search engine optimization plays a huge role in driving
organic traffic growth. And our internal
research also shows that most of our 49% of
mobile shopping users are using search engine
to find something new. And our merchants are
spending up to 10% to 15% of their total revenue to
reach new customers to maintain their business volume. AMP enable merchants to
start receiving search engine benefits given to AMPed
pages in mobile search result to reach more potential
customers at lower cost. In our case, it’s
free of charge. Finally here, let’s
talk about how we could bring positive
business change for cafe24. We are happy to announce
that cafe24 launched the AMP service last week
and already have more than 20 merchants
using AMP service for their mobile shopping sites. We focus on our
platform integration with AMP in relation to
our customer growth point to ensure that merchants
have the ability to provide the best user
experience in simple steps, but to bring out the
higher performance and convergence at
lower cost in a highly competitive e-commerce market. AMP service will
work as an enabler for our merchants’
global business in following three steps. Firstly, not only keeping
the global standard of your contents but also
customizing your AMP pages to match your brand for
your global targets. Secondly, delivering
same AMP experiences, regardless of your customers’
given network infrastructures or various device specification. And lastly, providing
an opportunity to acquire new users and
improve mobile convergence with AMP pages. It can help you
grow your business, whether you’re a smaller
store or larger marketplace. To continue a more interesting
story of cafe24’s practical AMP implementation, let me introduce
our next presenter, Tommy Kang, who is the head of
development of cafe24. TOMMY KANG: Oh, thanks, Jin. [APPLAUSE] Hi, my name is Tommy Kang. I’m the head of cafe24
e-commerce development team. I’m so glad to be here to
share how we Amplified over 1.6 million online stores. Before we dive into
Amplify on cafe24, let’s take a closer
look at how easy to customize the
giant of online store on cafe24 e-commerce platform. Our merchant want to
reflect their personality to their online stores. And we also believe that it’s
one of the most important thing the customers to be able to
feel the color of online store. So we offer high flexibility
to design and customize your online store using
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with no restrictions. And we also believe it’s one
of the most important thing customer to be able to feel
the color of the online store. So we offer high flexibility
to design and customize your online store using
HTML, CSS, JavaScript with no restrictions. Just design and publish your
online store as you want. And then put some code
for cafe24 modules, such as Product List
and Shopping Cart to give functions. Then you can have your
own online stores. Based on this
design flexibility, a huge number of very
unique design themes are produced by design agencies
on cafe24 Design Center. When building an online store,
a merchant can pick one of them or create their own by
contacting a Design Agencies through the Design Center. Highly flexible to
customize the design means that you can Amplify
your online store effectively when you know AMP well. But if you don’t, it’ll
be very hard to do so. When general merchants
are not familiar with AMP, how to make it easy for
merchant to apply AMP to their own online stores? You may have noticed
already we provide both non-AMP and AMP pages. It automatically generates AMP
pages based on non-AMP paging. Therefore, a merchant
can have AMP pictures without any extra effort. It was not an easy task to
implement for AMP features when it has practically
no design limitation. Every single online
store on cafe24 has a different design
because of design flexibility at the HTML level. If we just provided AMP
pages with the same design for all online
stores, the customers would have very different
user experiences between non-AMP and AMP pages. So we had to find a way of
providing AMP pages that which it just look
like non-AMP pages. The solution is that we acquire
the list of cafe24 models, and sequence of those, and
the settings of each pages, and then generate AMP
pages based on the data. So customers can get the almost
the same user experiences on AMP pages. In addition, we provide various
options to optimize AMP pages for better user experiences. Implementing itself
is important, but it is also crucial to
provide the optimal environment to use AMP. There are many AMP features
that requires HTTPS, like video, iframe, and more. To ensure your AMP pages take
full advantage of AMP features, you should use HTTPS protocol. We provide the HTTPS
service using Let’s Encrypt so that an online store can
learn over HTTPS easily. Here is the demonstration of
comparison between non-AMP and AMP on cafe24
e-commerce platform. On the left, you
see non-AMP page. Then now on the right,
you see AMP page. Well, it’s not perfect yet. For better user
experiences, we are working on additional
AMP-related product. First, a new design
mode, we call it as DnD, will be provided for AMP. We provide both
non-AMP and AMP pages. But it is not the
best user experiences in terms of AMP
page is not exactly the same with non-AMP page. And new design mode provide
AMP-certified content for modules, which is including
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that AMP requires. It allows you to build an
online store with AMP features while keeping
design flexibility. Second, as mentioned before, you
can make high-quality AMP pages on cafe24 by editing HTML,
CSS, and JavaScript directly when you decide to apply it. To support the efficient
implementation of AMP, we plan to add AMP Validator
on cafe24 e-commerce platform. Third, design agencies will
soon realize the value of AMP and start to produce AMP themes. At that time, we
will support them to [INAUDIBLE] more easily. For example, we can
provide AMP team list on cafe24 Design Center. cafe24 e-commerce platform is
expanding its business area globally. We already do our
business here in Japan, and have been expanding
to Southeast Asia. Some countries have a
well-established internet infrastructure. But many countries, including
Southeast Asia, do not have it. In these countries,
AMP and PWA will be the solution that can improve
user experiences dramatically. cafe24 e-commerce
platform will continue to strengthen AMP and PWA
to provide the best services to merchant and customers. These guys are key members
for our cafe24 AMP project. Thank you again for their
effort, and thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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