Today I’m going to take you through my
quarterly business planning process however even if you’re not someone who’s
interested in business content I still think this video will be worth it for
you to watch because I use my brainstorm spread from inside my master planner to
do this and I know that many of you have been interested in seeing some examples
of how I use those sheets and this is a great example of one of those ways so if
my business planning process interests you and or you want to see an example of
how I use my brainstorm sheets stay tuned hello my Charmed Ones and
welcome back to my channel for another video and if this is your first time
with me I would like to say welcome my name is Alexis but I’m also known as
miss trenchcoat all across the internet I’m an online entrepreneur who designs
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try to get better about just scheduling them maybe the day of or like an hour
before who knows but onto the topic of today’s video which is my business
planning process this topic was highly requested in my last live event which
was my mid-year review planned with me so if you didn’t see that event
definitely check that out at some point it’s a long one for sure but I think if
you it’s I think it’s worth at what taking a look at and if you watch things
like me on double-time it really isn’t that
bad and then you know when you get to like interesting parts you can slow
things down so you can follow along so today is obviously another live event
using my awesome new streaming setup if I could ever get it to work flawlessly
for me and if you haven’t seen that last video you’re in for a treat because I am
loving the way this new setup is allowing me to easily walk you through
my process and my different planning processes without me having to film like
different clips and then edit them all together like I mentioned in the intro I
will be using the brainstorm sheets in my planner to do this process and the
business planning portion of the video but I’ve also created and let me see if
I’ll get this stuff swapped up here well let’s put you to the overhead view there
we go so I will be using the brainstorm sheets like I said in my planner for my
business planning portion of the video but I’ve also created a guide for this
process on one of the sample master planner planning pages so if you don’t
have a master planner no problem you can sign up for the productivity tool box
and you will get a sample of the master planner and you can get this spread
inside of it and you can use that if you want to test the process out and follow
along so I’ll leave a link below in the description box for you to get that and
then if you try it and like it then you can you know go to a bound master
planner or a bundle pack something that I call my brilliant ideas bundle the
inserts everything like that is linked down below in the description box if you
try this stuff out and you like it definitely go ahead and purchase a more
permanent you know bound or print-on-demand
solution for you so that you can do this over and over in your own life and I
just want to say if you are new to the streams as well obviously I am using
this kind of like control system on my computer so if you see me looking at my
computer and not at my main camera that is why okay so let’s go ahead and jump
into the process and then what we’ll do is I’ll take some questions as I’m
planning so feel free to leave me a comment in the live chat or if you’re
watching the video on the replay drop a crashed
in the comments and I will get back to you and I hope you guys all have your
drinks and I hope you don’t mind the sound of little little dogs barking at
me because my my newest one is now demanding some attention for me and then
of course the older ones gonna want attention for me and there’s no way to
keep them quiet okay so let me go ahead and walk you through this template and I
don’t know I think I put together like a quick three set step process for doing
this whole planning ma jig okay so let me just get my information here laid out okay so step one of this process that
we’re gonna walk through today is a brain dump okay so I think I’ve
mentioned this before that a brain dump is the first step that I take whenever
I’m doing any sort of planning on one hand what it does is it helps you to
clear your head so that your brain is free to process information instead of
storing information because when I use this I use this analogy a lot and I’m
never going to stop using it just in case someone hasn’t heard it yet but
your brain is not meant to be a hard drive for storage it’s meant to be more
like RAM for processing so by doing a brain dump which is when you sit down
and list out everything that you’re storing in terms of thoughts ideas plans
just anything that’s clogging your brain that’s gonna go a long way to helping
you make better plans even if the plans don’t pertain to anything you wrote down
at least your bank brain is gonna be processing things better I know for me
it definitely helps do that now if you saw last Sunday’s video then you know
that I already did my brain dump for the month I tend to do them on a monthly
basis because I’m really you know pretty well-trained at writing things down at
this point but if you have not seen again if you haven’t seen the video from
Sunday definitely check it out we talked about brain dumping I do my brain dump
of course inside of my brain dump sheets in my
now something I did want to show you that can be helpful that you guys
something I have that’s a little tool freebie sort of thing for any of you
guys who are interested is I do have an online business brain dump incompletions
triggers list if you guys have never seen this before it is linked down in
the description so you can get this if you are interested in it but essentially
this is a what’s called an incompletions trigger list if you’re someone who sits
down to do their brain dump and they’re not always you know the information is
not always easily flowing out of your head this is something that will help
you to at least unpack business-related things so I have different categories
different things for you to think about and the idea is that as you read through
the categories and the information on this brain dump list you know it’s gonna
trigger information that you remember that you had been thinking about and
then forgot about so that you write it down so that it becomes hopefully
something that’s gonna help you plan better as well because another great
thing about doing a brain dump specifically a business brain dump
before you start any sort of business planning process is that you know you’ll
be able to get those ideas out of your head and written down so you have it for
a reference as you’re making plans because let me tell you there’s nothing
worse than having these great ideas that you know you want to implement but then
not remembering them at the time that you build your plans and then kind of
like forgetting about them until it’s almost too late you know what I mean
like I don’t know if anyone else is like that where they kind of like forget
about awesome things that they wanted to insert into plans or whatnot
but that is another reason why I think doing a brain dump is so important and
why it is step one for this process now because this takes a long time word and
like I said I already did mine I’m not going to be doing that in today’s video
but feel free to download the incompletion triggers list for your
online business brain dump and that should help you get started on this
process so now step number two of my quarterly business planning process is
to set up the template for your here and that’s where that template I
put together comes in I’m just getting myself situated here guys
make sure you take a drink of something mmm
keep yourself hydrated okay and let me give you an overview of this shall I
okay okay so you guys are here looking at the template that I’ve put together
now this obviously is not my actual plans for the month this is alko or the
quarter this is actually like a template that I will follow using my brain storm
sheets so as I map out my plans I’m sorry so sorry about that
just like I’ve got like an outline here and I’m like jumping to like too far
down okay so this is the template that I use that works for my business and me
personally so I want to show you this as an example and if it works for you great
feel free to borrow it no big deal but if it’s not working for you definitely
feel free to tweak what I’m going to walk you through on this um so that you
get something that actually works for you and for your life and hold on one
second my dog has something you shouldn’t have okay the little one like
he’s technically he’s I guess he’s an adult dog but he still has some bad
manners with with chewing so we’re working on those but he’s good now okay
so let me walk you through this template so that you guys can understand what
you’ve got going on here now I understand that I actually kind of do
this a little bit backwards I don’t do this left to right I actually start with
the right hand side of the sheet and then I move left so the main part of
this really this is the template is the area where you can you know brainstorm
and put out ideas okay so this is up here I will put oh okay sorry he stole
something else I swear you guys he has not been a problem at all like he’s kind
of just found a way to get into something at the one time he can’t get
into something okay okay so let me I’m so sorry about that
let me go head and walk you through this template
again so obviously this is for my business planning process and as you can
see I’ve got these boxes here that I kind of just have like a rough template
outline that I use when I’m doing my business planning so essentially what I
do on this template is on top of the columns I will write in each month of
the quarter so when we get to this it will end up being July August and
September and then what I do is I divide this these boxes on the top row in half
and these this row is for products so I’ll have that written down here so it
said it’s months up here and then products down on this row content down
on this row and then marketing on this row so you see that it’s like July
projects content marketing July August September I guess this will be products
content and marketing so the first column I have cut in half and the last
one so first row is kind of just divided in half just how I just like to do it
that way because it looks better I think and then the marketing karo is also cut
in half so what I will do here in the products boxes is I will write down
anything product related that’s due on 1/2 so due during the period of that
month like I need to get this done this month and then I will write down
something that’s in progress so something I’m working on right now but
it’s not yet due so it’s in progress so that is what I will put for each of
these boxes so essentially I’m creating like a rough plan of like these are
things I’m working on this is something that needs to be done in this upcoming
month and this is something that I’m just scheduling time to work on now when
I say products this doesn’t always mean like for me like actual like final
products like new things to sell it could be product updates it could be
like just changes or updates to things like refresh is anything anything
product related for me will further you know the work for products will be in
this first column then in the second I’m sorry
row in that first row then in the second row we’ve got content right so here we
see like let’s just imagine this is July here I will write down in
these Center row specific content that needs to go out during this month in
order to sort of prep my audience for whatever promotions or whatever products
I’m planning on releasing either in that month or in the next month so I put out
a lot of content as you guys know across a lot of different platforms and I don’t
necessarily plan out although I do know like what I’m going to be doing for
every like for many posts I will say at a time
I don’t always have them coordinated like not every single one of my videos
for instance is part of some like plan right in order to like market my
business there are you know there is like a balance of some of them will be
for marketing my business and then some of them will just be content that I’m
just interested in sharing or questions that I have received that people want
answers to and things like that so but I always have specific content during the
period of a month where oh I really need to make a video about X because this is
a product that’s coming out or it’s a product that has come out and I haven’t
introduced my audience to it so essentially that’s like a prioritized
list of content on that row and then the final row is for my marketing efforts
and again I have it split in half because on the top I put something that
is often related so if there’s an opt-in that I am focused on like pushing that
month right then I want to know what is you know the focus for me like what
opt-in I need to be like you know creating content around or make sure I’m
mentioning or especially for something like Instagram where I don’t always have
like as concrete of plans for Instagram as I do for YouTube it’s good to know ah
you know what Alexis you know when I wake up one day and it’s like okay you
need to put some content on Instagram today I look at this and I go oh you
know what I should talk about something related to this opt-in so that I’m
directing people to this opt-in I hope that makes sense and then the other half
of this square for marketing is for any offers that I’ve got going on so if
there’s a sale or a promo or something like that that’s going on that goes on
that half okay so this is like the template that I use feel
free if you guys are interested in this download that and the free productivity
tool box that’s linked in the in the description print out this page and you
can kind of fill this out for yourself if you’re interested now what I do on
the other side of this spread you can see here I have a section for tasks it’s
like a checklist of tasks and then I have a section for notes so essentially
this side of the page is where I will look at things pertaining to these plans
and identify important tasks or important information that I want to
remember that I will then need to transfer to a project plan if there is
not an existing project plan already created so here I just wrote out just a
few examples like it says things you need to do for these plans these tasks
these tasks are the basis for project plans the products content opt-ins
offers should each have a project plan associated them so anything that I’m
writing down over here is something that should be coming from a project plan
anyway so for me like this month I’m not gonna have to create anything for
project plans I already have all my project plans created and I’m just
executing on that work so for me there’s not gonna be like a lot of information
on this side when I write it down but if you’re someone who’s maybe got more
flexible scheduling or has things changing right if there were things
changing that I needed to do like I was adding something completely new in then
I would start listing some information there for tasks that will basically be
like a rough draft for a project plan I need to make and then down in the notes
section I wrote idea brain dump that reversed
that refers to business plan ideas so essentially just brain dumping things
that I’m thinking about on these ideas things to remember people to contact
resources needed envision the flow of how these plans will unfold for both
yourself and your audience so this is very important actually I think because
when I’m doing my project planning and when I’m doing my business planning I
think one of the things that is an amazing aspect of why we project plan
then this is going into sort of like the metaphysical things that I you guys know
I love I think that taking time to actually do a project plan gives you a
chance to envision the flow of how things are
unfold right so as you were putting this plan together right envision what would
make sense for you and what it would look like as someone in your audience
because I think a lot of times when you are running a business creating content
being an influencer or whatever you’re doing that’s like brought you here today
to see this I think it’s very easy for us to think like for us to be hyper
aware of everything that we’re doing in everything we have going on but we don’t
always think of how what we’re doing looks to our audience and I don’t mean
that to make you self-conscious or self-aware I actually mean that in a way
that a lot of times our audience has no clue what we’re doing like just because
we’re working on it unless we’re conveying it to our audience they
usually don’t have a clue and I’ll be completely honest with you guys and well
it gets like raw I mean I’m always honest with you guys right when I say
honest I mean I guess deep here right I am NOT the best at always thinking about
how things look on your end I’m more focused against like Oh Alexis you have
this to do that to do this do that to do and I always kind of I always I have a
problem right and so this is a reminder for me I often have a problem of
creating something and not doing the best job of telling you guys about a
really great example would be like my meal planner and the project planner
that I put out I know last month yeah last month I did two videos on two new
products to new bound products that were available off of Amazon for me those had
been created months ago they were like available months ago and I just
neglected to talk about them because other things happened and I think we all
know like common sense if I don’t talk about something that I’m creating that
I’ve created then no one’s gonna know I’ve done it right so a lot of times I
think that when we put these plans together it’s a really good step to take
to envision the flow of not only how you’re going to execute plans but how
you’re also going to be laying it out to your customers and how they or your
followers fans whatever and how they’re going to see it like what they’re gonna
see on their end so I hope that makes sense and if you doesn’t make sense
please feel free to hit me up in the comments so that is the that is the template okay so now step
number three okay is to actually map out our plans so as I map out my plans I
make sure you know to fill out this template and then I add any tasks like I
said to the task list any additional notes will go in this notes section if
they aren’t already part of the existing project plans and then I will make sure
that like after I’m done this I will do project planning for them the tasks that
you write out here should really be you know it shouldn’t be that you have
things here that aren’t broken down into legitimate plans because business
planning project planning it’s the same thing the business plan aspect of this
that template that I’m showing you is simply here to give you kind of like a
visual overview of the flow of your work and the flow of like what you’re
releasing or promoting for many aspects of your business so that is my the
process right so step one was brain dumping step two was filling out the
template and then step three is actually mapping everything out so now what I’m
gonna go ahead and do is take my planner and I will start doing this right like I
said I’ve already done the brain dumping part of this so I won’t have to do that
but we’ll just jump in with creating the template and I’ll fill that in so I’ll
also go ahead and take a look at your comments and such as we’re doing this okay so let me actually do this first
it’s easy I adjust an equal this like this I’m gonna go ahead and put those
lines in and I just do them like half and half like this because I think that
looks cuter and again like I said this is just an example for you guys to
follow to get started if this does not work for you or you feel like oh you
know Alexis I don’t need like part of this right or maybe you don’t do as many
projects as I do and then you don’t need like a do and then in progress then feel
free to change it and add things if you feel like there’s something important
you need to add again remember this is just to be like a kind of like a quick
visual aid sort of so that you understand what you’re focused on and
really all always I think our real planning gets done in our monthly
weeklies and of course in our project plans as well that’s where like the real
projects are like the exact tasks that you need to execute on I don’t normally use the Sharpie pen
actually I was just doing it so you guys could see it’s gonna back down hard to
use I show you what I’ll do with headers with it and just so you guys can see – so like I said the months go across the
column so I’m gonna put here I’m gonna put July August September and then
across the rows products content and marketing no singing about as I was prepping for
today that I’m like does this seem overly simple right like this may seem
like an overly simple thing I think when people think about business planning
they think that there has to be some a really big really intense process
because it’s business-related but I like to keep all of my planning as simple as
proper as possible and really the point of planning is just to know what is
going on right and especially as someone who’s running their own business like
you’re the CEO of your business you’re running your business the CEO of your
life and things like that like I think that the simpler we have the ability to
see what we’re supposed to be working on the easier so I if this doesn’t seem
like complicated enough I’m sorry like it works for me and like I said this is
not the full extent of how I do my business planning I also have a project
plans right so everything that’s written down here has a project plan as well so
it kind of all just goes hands in hand and then again I just follow that
monthly planning process that we showed you on on Sunday right to get everything
else done someone asked what the thing was that I was tracing the lines with
this is um what are these called a stencil that looks like an iPhone I have
a whole set of it is um I’ll try to remember to put it link it in the
description it’s just like the only straight small straight edge I have
right now I like giant like rulers that won’t
really work with this so I’m gonna go ahead and go back to the beginning and
see if there’s any questions in there before I go ahead and start filling this
in but yeah feel free to leave me questions please make sure to give this
video a thumbs up if you guys like it and like I said um in last and the last
live I am really I really feel like I want to be doing like more live events
for you guys especially that I have this set up so definitely let me know if you
like this stuff and let me know like what times or maybe best for you guys
because I just kind of picked this thinking that people would be home
after work on a Wednesday I would love it though if I could do these like
during the day I was like during the day yeah I would love to be able to come and
come on live like a weekday um so okay okay so we’ve got someone in here that
says that there are nurse practitioner and they also on a t-shirt business for
gold getters that’s awesome I love me some like what is it called screen
printed t-shirts let’s see someone asked me they’re interested in
seeing how I reverse engineer goals is that just once a year or quarterly so I inlet the last video I talked about one
of my goals was like a monthly income goal right and so for that um when I
sort of like reverse engineer something like that it comes in the form of like
that’s when I kind of created all of these business like all of these project
plans for things that I’m like laying out to do right now
so like that’s that’s when I would do it either in my yearly or in my mid-year
review or you know quarterly if something changed the issue for me right
now and that issue there’s no issue I just don’t have anything changing right
now like there’s nothing being added in that I could show you guys like in real
life but if something had changed in my mid-year review that’s where I would
have inserted it in to my goals and the new project plans and again this was a
little bit disjunct from my mid-year review process because I figured that
the mid-year review would be more interesting to a wide variety of people
and then this one could just be business related but all of those things would
have been done at the same time so that’s why I wanted to get this in
rather quickly so that I’d have it like for my own self like ready to go so I
hope that makes sense someone said that they’ve done their
very first brain dump I guess since Sunday and she got a great feeling after
that excellent Nancy because that’s I’m telling you it feels great to get it all
out of your head Oh someone here Melinda has a business
stamping with heart awesome I’m sure there’s some stampers in the chat okay okay I’m Veronica said what
categories did you write on the side and I’ll go again and explain those and then
I’ll go ahead and actually fill in my information that is for me this month but let me see if I can actually bring
this close for you guys so you can see but on top of the columns I write a
month so it says month 1 2 & 3 at the top of the columns and then down the
rows down our products content and marketing again this is just the way
that I think of my business in terms of like what are the products I’m working
on new products existing products things that might be getting an upgrade things
that maybe need to go in and they add more information or change does I do
that all the time just because I don’t launch anything new doesn’t mean that
I’m not going in and like tweaking something for an existing product as
well that happens all the time for me so products then content now it’s not all
of my content it’s just the content that is important that I need to put out
because it’s marketing related essentially and then the last one is
marketing itself so I’ve got that broken down into my opt-ins any opt-in that I’m
trying to promote and then any offers which would be like sales like any
specific things that are that are on sale as opposed to like things in my
shop which are always being sold but maybe not always have a promotion around
them so I hope that makes sense ok so let’s walk through what Alexis is doing
for this quarter and I think you guys probably got a good idea of the section
on Sunday as well but it’s always good to have it laid out so in July what is
do for me um that instant income thing I’m working on you guys hear about that
soon hopefully it’s supposed to be done last
month than it was and but that was my own fault then I think we decided on
Sunday as well that I’m going to try to get my book written so that’s not in
progress like that’s the in progress for me so
I’m focusing on this instant income product and then the book is something
else that I’m working on if you want to know more about that watch Sunday’s
video then mmm for August oh I actually changed a few things in my head as I was
prepping for this as well I think I’m gonna do all of my planners and inserts
in August even even though I had written down from Sunday if you guys are
catching up with me I’m just gonna I’m just would talk to you guys assuming
like you’ve seen Sunday’s video even though I said I wanted to do my 2020
printable inserts in like November I think it’s probably better for me to
just get them you get everything done at once and launch it all at once because
like I said earlier sometimes I like neglect to talk about things so I want
to just make sure I get it all done and then I can always do like a special sale
thing for the holidays as well right maybe like bundles and things like that
but at least let me get everything updated and out there and you know do
like maybe like a special like introductory promotion and then I can go
smooth sailing for there all of my inserts are done for the rest of the
year okay so August that’s the and then when
I think I’m also I’m good I feel like I’m still gonna have to impress the book
like I am NOT trying to overwhelm myself with this I feel like I should work on
the book okay now September I’m wondering if I actually successfully
work on the book for two months straight by September it should be getting ready
to be ready right I think so so I’m gonna actually put it as something
that’s due oh my goodness so I’m actually gonna say like hopefully
it’ll be done in September now that doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be fully
launched in September but it’s like my the bulk of my work it’s like it needs
to be ended by September hopefully if not it just keeps going on and that’s
that and right now because I’m so far out I don’t know
what’s gonna end up being in progress now or September because like I’m moving
the inserts up so I’m just gonna leave the in progress for September blank I
can always add something later who knows things change so quickly like with my
business it’s like I have a lot of ideas and sometimes I just kind of switched
things around but kind of the cue for like moving into hue for I’m sure I’ll
have like a whole new thing with to do this oh hello so okay
now content for July so like I told you guys I feel like I want to do a lot more
lives so I’m actually I’m actually putting
down here that like for content I want to do more lives with a business focus
that’s just my little man whining okay and then I also have a behind-the-scenes
vlog I need to post and I also think there was a video that didn’t get out
last month that I think is gonna have to get up this month for theming my work
days and that’s like kind of like another business related topic hmm okay okay so that’s the content I
know I want to focus on for this month that has like a purpose right business
chats behind the same business vlog theming my workday is me talking more
about business stuff for you goes hand in hand with my new product that I’ll be
talking about so kind of is getting you guys like primed right for like a new
direction that I’m going in or like a new product that I’m doing so I think
that makes sense um now let’s see the opt-in I need to oh
I really should focus on that passive income opt-in I didn’t you guys may
remember I did that passive income strategies like bulk like guidebook and
again didn’t do the best job of talking about it after that and thank you notes
no effect eyes oh I know it oh yeah yeah okay we’ll talk about this
on sale now for August if I’m gonna be doing my planners and inserts the
content that I’m gonna do you guys will remember the planner piece master class
upgrade or update that’s like a free master class it’ll be like another live
Annette so that’s something I definitely want to do in August you know I’m just
trying to like read my own notes I made for myself oh yeah I know that is better okay so obviously because I’m working on
plant planning things that a month content-wise
gonna be talking about planner stuff now hopefully this instant income thing will
be done and I’m sure that would be an opt-in for that and there will most
likely be some sort of planner insert sale or some sort of promotion probably
like bundles and things or maybe a coupon code haven’t worked on it yet so
but not fully sure what it’s like but that’s most likely what’s gonna happen
at August then and I guess music don’t have the book I don’t know if the book
will really be done in September I might just leave this open for now I would say
that definitely I’ll be focused on planners though as like opt-ins so planners and productivity opt-ins
yeah and I don’t know if there’s gonna be a specific sale or what specific sale
or offer will be popping up them okay so that is my outline for q3 for now I will
fill things in as we get closer to September because again although this is
like for the quarter things could change they very well things might actually
change it’s like not set in stone so don’t sweat it if things change
it speaks to you just go in edit your thing oh another thing I want to show
you guys is what I love about these little squares is they actually sit in
like Erin Condren vertical square stickers and they also fit these little
sticky notes go right in here so if you needed to make changes you can just put
a sticky note over top of it or a sticker and you’re good to go so I’m
gonna put a few tasks over here that I think need to be added to project plans
so I don’t forget about it so things like defining that planner
sale for qual guest like whatever that promotion might be I’m gonna need to
work on that and then let’s just let’s just see what happens in September okay
so that’s it for me like I said I don’t have it because most of these things are
already put on project plans I don’t really have a lot to write here but this
would be the place where I would write in like extra things that I don’t want
to forget about that have to be put on project lands so that is the end of our
planning portion so let’s go back to my face here hello
so I guess now before we sign off I’ll take a few minutes to answer any of your
questions that come up in the chat so if you’re on live leave me a comment in
chat and if you’re watching the replay and make sure to leave your questions in
the comments and I will be sure to get back to you but there is one last thing
that I want to let you know about before I answer your questions I actually have
a question for you so my question for you is well why is that not the right
time that’s okay is is an online business on your to do list do you dream
of running your own online business but keep waiting for the perfect time to get
started do you have a great idea that you want to turn into a business but
aren’t sure where to begin and perhaps you already have a business that you are
feeling overwhelmed trying to do everything you think you need to do or
you’re frustrated by a lack of results if any of those situations I feel like
they apply to you I totally understand the feeling and I would love to help you
finally check this off your to-do list so I invite you to work with me in
empire building so am building if you’re not familiar is an
on-demand business and marketing program led by me where you will follow guided
information and activities to create your online business step-by-step it
consists of six video modules and workbooks plus loads of extra resources
master classes and tools that you can use to quickly set up plan out and
implement your brand and business online so you work at your own pace you can
access the course from any device 24/7 connect with other Empire builders
within the class and get direct access to me for issues and advice so join
empire building today I do have a link with more information down in the
description box for you if you’re interested it is on sale I’ve actually
put it on sale this is my promotion for this month my offer for this month is I
have a special sale on empire building going on through the end of this weekend
for July 4th because I really believe that you know this q3 I think is a great
time to sit down and actually like work on a business if that is something that
is your goal because work that you can get done now like I know over the next
90 days with the help of empire building you could absolutely knock out a good
chunk of work related to starting an online business or creating you know
more income for your business if that’s something that you’re struggling with
there is not you know there’s not any limit on this like you will be
absolutely have enough time to get this done so don’t let like mental
limitations get you down because there is enough time you can do this I have a
whole program that is literally dedicated to helping you walk through
this process and of course I’m there as well to help you answer questions give
you advice and guidance and give you any feedback on things that you’ve got
questions about so if you are interested definitely take advantage of this offer
a hwhile empire building is on sale at over 50% off through the end of the
weekend because I would love to work with you on creating your own business
in that is one of your goals if that’s one of
the things on your to-do list so everyone okay now let me go ahead and
answer some questions over here that’s where they ended up before okay someone
said can you explain what opt-in means um if do you run a business Nancy
because if you don’t it doesn’t probably doesn’t pertain to you but an
opportunity is essentially something that I might give a free for my audience
some piece of content some sort of extra thing that they can download or you know
basically opt into so that then they are on my email list my email marketing list
and then they get emails from me that give them additional help with whatever
that topic is does that make sense nikki has a great question is as I work
so much better with paper planning but my work requires shared digital
calendars tips to effectively keep up with both so if your work requires you
to keep things on digital then I think that obviously you want to prioritize
making sure things are on digital but then if you have things that are
important for you in your planner I know it’s a little silly to like duplicate
information but I’m sure there’s gonna be things on those digital calendars
that are shared that you don’t actually need to act on so just keep your own
actions in your planner so you always have like a running list of what you
need to do and like where you need to be and like what your specific priorities
are because I could imagine like in a group setting you know if people are
working on a like a group project or like a presentation everyone has their
pieces but you don’t have to be responsible for everyone’s pieces which
is why they’re on the digital calendar so transfer whatever information just
applies to you in terms of like schedules like meetings places you need
to be you know times tables and things like that and specific tasks or project
plans keep just your info or information that’s relevant to what
you are working on in your planner and then also of course I mean I use digital
as well to some extent to do reminders and to just make sure I’m constantly
like on time with things like my planner is great and it is where I will list out
all of my doctor’s appointments and all different appointments meetings and
things like that but ultimately I always put things in my
digital calendar as well so that like it pops up on my phone and I get like alert
right because my thought my computer doesn’t do that for me okay so I hope
that helps Nicky and if anyone has anything else any other questions feel
free to go ahead and drop those in and if not I will go ahead and end the
stream because we’re going a little bit over what I was hoping to do but that
was my own fault with the technical difficulties hopefully next time I’ll
just have this way better worked out but I hope you guys are liking this I’m
really enjoying going live with you guys I’m hoping to be able to do this like I
said a little bit more often and you know what well before I actually
completely sign off if you guys saw Sunday’s video and you guys plan with me
you guys may remember that this week one of the things that I put on my to-do
list this is just gonna be an example of something where even I change things a
day or do after I make the plans I had put on my to-do list for this week to do
my bulk filming for videos and to like bulk record audio for the tube casts and
on Monday I went ahead and do Drive supposed to do like doing my outlines
for the videos and then on Tuesday when it came to like start filming I had this
like epiphany that I think because I have this dreaming setup and it’s so
although obviously it’s not without its faults I think that the quality looks so
good and I think it’s so much more interactive that I was thinking you know
instead of filming some of those videos like as pre filmed videos I might just
make them live streams so I didn’t end up recording my videos
because I figured I would do them as a live stream so for example I will
probably do the theming of the workdays as a as a video like a live alive
because I think that would be something like a process that I could easily walk
you through like sitting here on this setup so I do have a video on how to
brain dump just go to my like either go to my channel and search for it or like
in the youtube bar you could put like ms trenchcoat brain dump and there is an
entire video dedicated to brain dumping so so yeah okay so it looks like that
might be it for questions thank you to everyone who came live I’m so glad that
I got to spend this time with you don’t forget if you are someone who is
interested in starting an online business or already has one and you are
facing fears and issues not sure what you’re supposed to be doing next not
sure how to get started absolutely obviously you came here today
to do some business planning with me I would assume I’d like to believe
because you think I’m doing some things right with my business and so who better
to guide you through creating your own business or getting your business
reinvigorated with some new income streams and a fresh perspective on your
business then someone that you already you already know you already trust so
that is what empire building is all about and I really would encourage any
of you who are interested who are on the fence right you’re interested in doing
this but you’re just feeling a little bit of fear or maybe a little bit of
trepidation you’re not sure very much fear of the unknown definitely think
about this as a sign from the universe that maybe this might be the time to get
started here in q-3 because a hundred percent I know that with empire building
with some guidance for me that you can go through that program and you could
have a business put together in the next 90 days no problem now obviously if you
buy empire building and just like leave it there and don’t ever look at it you
know there’s only so much I can do but if you
put in a little bit of time and effort and schedule that into your into your
weeks you absolutely have the time to get something really started and off the
ground especially in time for q4 which is
always a really great time for sales in fact I’ve had I mean in the past like
I’ve worked with Empire builders who have like in a month had a business up
and running and then that person ended up like in after a few months like they
had like a hundred sales I think in their first month and then after a few
months actually ended up leaving their job um because things were just going so
well for them so you know if you are someone who’s interested in this if this
is something that’s that’s calling to you definitely take advantage of that
sale because it’s a great sale and it is a public sale so you’ll be able to see
it on the site and if you follow that link down below you’ll get more
information on the details of empire building if you want to see a little bit
more into like what I talked about what we teach what’s outlined the active sort
of activities you’ll do that’s all in that and that link down below and
there’s a link in there for you to go purchase if you are interested in taking
advantage of the sale so again if you are here with me please feel free to
give this video a thumbs up right I see there’s more people in in watching us
then thumbs up so make sure to give this video a thumbs up and feel free to share
it with anyone you think will find it interesting if you have any like
planning groups that you’re allowed to drop videos and they let you do that
absolutely feel free to share this you have my full permission to put this
anywhere that you think it’s relevant and oh make sure if you’re not yet
subscribed to subscribe to my channel and yeah what else oh if you are
interested in the behind the scenes of my productivity life in business make
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subscribe to my channel subscribe and I will see you in the next video have a
great day you guys bhai

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