Question 10 – Tamati Coffey to the Minister for Small Business

of taxpayer money that hasn’t delivered any results question number 10 cavity coffee Thank You mr. speaker my question is to the Minister of small business and asks what recent announcements has he made in relation to e-invoicing the honourable name thank you it’s part of budget 2018 I now its new operating funding of five point eight million dollars over two years to support the in the e’en voicing project Ian’s voicing is the ability to directly exchange an invoice document between the suppliers and a buyers online accounting software invoicing is a significant modernisation of the way we do business which is a priority for this government supplementary what how does a invoicing advance the trans-tasman single economic market agenda good question mr. speaker in March of this year our prime minister and the Prime Minister of Australia committed to advancing work on a common approaches to e-invoicing as part of the trans-tasman single economic market agenda I’ve been working with Australian ministers the Honourable Kelly O’Dwyer for revenue and financial services minister for small business and family business the workplace into regulation the Honourable Craig Lundy and the New South Wales Minister of Finance honourable but delay to progress this work the commitment by the Australian government and our government confirms that we are on track to fundamentally change the way government to business and business the business connections are made thank you so what advice has the minister seen on the benefits of e-invoicing another good question mr. speaker a Ian’s voice and creates economic benefits through faster payments and reduced transactions costs my officials advise me based on comparable Australian research they used to mate that a 15 percent uptake of e-invoicing by New Zealand businesses and government agencies could save up to 500 million dollars a year only 500 million mr. Brent it’s a lot of money Ian’s voicing can deliver significant productivity improvements and savings from fewer invoice errors and less time spent resolving errors question number 11 oh sorry the Honourable Shane Jones now can the minister explain how long has this been in gestation and why does he think it never happened prior to his arrival the the first part of the question could be answered well mr. speaker what I can say is this is the first government to fund this and I should have been the reason we have funders because it’s vitally important that we drive business productivity right across the sector question number 11 the Honorable David Bennett Thank You mr. speaker my question

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