Questions to Ask Your CPA | When Are My Business Trips Deductible?

– Hey folks, Brandon here
from the Real Estate CPA. I’m on my way to meet
with one of my employees. So I flew him down to Raleigh and we’re meeting at a coffee shop, and this brought up a good question. When are my business miles deductible? It’s a good question that you
need to be asking your CPA. So a couple things to note here, you have to be going
to a business location. Like you can’t just deduct
the trip to Home Depot for personal stuff. You have to actually be doing
something business related. But two, the big kicker is
that you need a home office. If you don’t have a home office the IRS views your trip
as personal to business, so personal location to business location. If you add a home office to your home now you’re going business
location to business location. If you were meeting somebody
from your place of work or from your office location then it’s business to
business automatically. But the key is, if you want to
deduct your miles from home, then you need a home office in place to make that a business-to-business trip. Hit us up at if you need any help
with this type of stuff, but definitely make sure you ask your CPA when your miles are deductible.

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