Ranking a Local Service Business Website to Position #1 (In-depth guide) – Introduction to SEO ep. 1

this video acts as an introduction to a
series we’re going to run here that runs you through running a website from start
to finish getting from completely nothing to a first position ranking
through your target keyword in the service based industry whether you’re a
plumber an electrician pest control anything that the client is on site
whether you be a painter or builder or what not so this is a service-based
industry so series my name is Brodey I run sitecentre an online marketing
company based here in Australia we have an office in Melbourne and the Sunshine
Coast I want to run through exactly what we do for each and every quiet then we
do SEO for and that’s the whole point of this whole series is to run through what
we do and how you could do it yourself and we’re hiding absolutely nothing if
you have the time and what put in the effort by all means go wild it’s
something that everyone is able to do themselves and we are just acting as a
partner in which to do the work on your behalf
whilst you’re doing other things so if you aren’t quiet and you’re brand new
business you don’t have jobs booked out each and every day it’s something that
you can definitely try and do just one two hours a week and try to push
yourself and you’ll get great results so to start out this is our website this is
what we’ve built we don’t use templates we never go ahead
and download a template if you’re after websites that’s run off a template or
right off WordPress please reach out to us we don’t charge for them we will
quite literally install WordPress and include a theme free of charge we don’t
believe you will get results from it and for that reason we’re not going to
charge you for unless we feel you’re going to get results so we custom-built
every site we’ve ever put out and this inclusive so it’s by no means a standard
website or run through why so we’ve got the heading it includes our
primary keywords or search encodes pest controllers what we’re trying to achieve
this is our what we’ve diagnosed as the most potential and has the most keyword
volume we have got our phone number we’ve got some call to action throughout
the website some wobble some tone theses to eat your attention to the call to
action we’ve also included data that Google will use in order to help rank
and understand into your business and that’s take time there’s a couple things
down the bottom that will help that out as well we’ve got some actions up here
that will help people trust your business a little bit more star ratings
are great for that things like icons that point out the
fact that youth what your differences are they also help medals certificates
awards things like that if I click refresh on this we also have a pop-up
that comes up down the bottom corner this is a feed of our testimonials so
that’ll pop up every now and then so they’ll pop up after five seconds don’t
show for ten seconds hide for ten seconds show for ten
seconds and continue to go on like that so we’ve got a few sort of heading
sections if you will so this is what I’d call a section and a lot of what
developers will charge based on a section that’s pretty common as long as
you call to actions are displayed throughout the site that they link to
the relevant pages everything sort of linked up works it’s responsive that’s
all that matters your homepage isn’t typically something
you want to stuff with keywords or really focus too heavily on keywords it
is business dynodes made to identify your business and what it does and how
it can improve the experience the user has so simply that it’s nothing too
specific linking to the different pages imagery is always important and to get
auto actions and some fa Q’s the areas we serve the business data before are
pretty standard stuff from there we go into pages and what
pages have call-to-action spread throughout the pages and content rich so
content is very important the content on this website has been written very cheap
we’re not going for quality content we’re going for and tests just to show
you that we can do it this company does not exist it is just something that
we’re going to write up the first position and hand off to one of the pest
control companies here so we’re not trying to create high quality content or
anything we want to show that you can do it by yourself you can write it by
yourself with no content experience we paid very little for this for
non-english speaking person to write and there’s a lot of content in here so no
matter how good you are at writing you can go in you can write your own content
and it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect perfect content has its place
perfect content and well-written content will help conversions and help with the
lead generation if someone lands on this page they’re
unlikely to convert if they go ahead and read the page it’s not well written it’s
not well structured however that’s not the point to this we are trying to
generate leads we’ll hand those leads off as well we’re not going to put too
much emphasis on that we’re at trial so throughout our website we’ve got our
services what we come on what we do we have our suburbs and these are our core
suburbs there are a lot more suburbs that we don’t display here it’s
important to make sure that you’ve got just the core ones and there’s linking
throughout we’ve got the pre categorized through different commercial residential
we’ve got the pests and the pests that we we control affect you use about us
and contact us page sorry we’ve also gotten by reforms this will send
straight to email there is protection on these require reforms to prevent spam
everyone’s secret for receiving email spam so with what
tension on those so the website itself is completely unique it adds what a
value the website is fast as you can see pages lo pretty much without any sort of
bleak everything is pretty instant so is it’s quick that is very helpful when it
comes to user experience and that’s something that we focus heavily on is
the user experience and we know that Google is now ranking based on a user
experience type model where the faster the website the better than you will
have the more likely you will be to rank so using Google’s audit test typically
you can right click and click on search console for this website with disabled
right click with the same highlighting with disable all the Kin keyboard
commands for trying to get to those things we do make an effort to protect
our data it is what well encrypted throughout the backend as well so
there’s a lot of security protocols on this website that is something that we
provide to our customers as well to make sure your data isn’t getting stolen as
well as your website or anything else so the performance a hundred was scored 93
on accessibility best practices a hundred sel 100 it’s very difficult to
school these the reason that we are accessibility is we have some colors in
the menu here that it doesn’t quite agree with so it wants complete opposite
colors if you’ve got a great or a white background
it’s not a complete opposite in what’s black if I was to change those to black
it would cut out and as a permanent store I love a window wanting to go
black it didn’t look as nice to us we did feel like we had though you by
having a gray I should aggressive black that there is a link attribute to does
that have a title that’s something that we can easily fix up but that’s still
what it’s for is a perfect score but the perfect scores for a menu item that
isn’t black opposed to the grey is not something we’re too fussed about the
performance is something that we’re definitely fussed about and something
that we definitely look hard into the best practices is making sure that your
encryption models are good you’re using HTTP push those pushes for assets that
are images CSS files and JavaScript that helps out the performance and then
obviously your SEO you want to make sure that you’re getting the perfect SEO
score so you’ve got the best chance to rank well throughout that we don’t have
any errors errors will appear in the console here if there are any errors on
your website which is very common you want to get rid of those they don’t help
they’re slow things down try not to have those to verify our speed we’re also
using GT metrics that vary been towards free definitely recommend trying trying
it out enter your URL on the home page and it will do a test for you with the
website speed you want this to not be the number that you run off create an
account and the cab is free of charge that don’t charge you they do have a
paid model but it’s things that you’re not going to use if you’re a one-time
user don’t focus on this feed here focus on
this timing speed so your content full height this is when the website becomes
usable to the user and it comes even telling you this is
the number to worry about don’t worry about this number if you’ve got it I
think like Facebook scripts enable you’ve got all these different types of
plugins and analytical scripts that speed could be seven seconds it doesn’t
matter as long as this contempt and pay is under three seconds point a obviously
is very good but three seconds is your target anyone up anything after three
you will start to see anything increase in your bounce rate on your
website to make sure that you focus on that the size make sure you keep that
under 1.2 1.4 Meg this is obviously much smaller to the condensed everything is
is much approximately possible unfortunately we’re not able to get a
hundred 100 cities if you do use Google Analytics which most people do
unfortunately that’s gotten thing was holding you back which is fine they’re
not something that holds feedback all that much but it will stop you from
getting perfect scores on tools like this so don’t expect perfect scores at
all we make a promise to our customers when we do build their website that your
website will be faster than every single one of your competition guarantee or we
will do the website for free that’s a promise we make it’s something that we
are very confident in and we work really hard to do so unfortunately we do
exclude Google Analytics because once again it throws off a little imperfect
school so that’s fine there are some other tools there if you
want to trial those out using Google’s both official scoring tool is PageSpeed
insights so if you use Google PageSpeed insights you’ll come across this tool
run your website it turns it into different versions the robot and desktop
different from GT metrics GT metrics we’ll only the desktop version so 97 on
mobile and a hundred on desktop so perfect score for desktop 97 on mobile
this is according to Google’s tool and where they reckoned if the changes could
be is on a minimized bait thread work this is basically the style of the
website and how it looks and how in-depth the code needs to decrypt what
the code says it should be so in other words the only way to get this perfect
is to remove styles on the website to remove assets to remove images or
content or icons things like that things that make the website what it is that’s
something that we thought adds value to the user so we’d rather have it in
perfect score and have as 97 opposed to the hundred to have
those elements in there so you can see our call to action is still if we go to
a mobile and every like one of my mom would look like you can see our call
button appears and then you appears all our items appear it is mobile friendly
responsive and works really well and as you scroll out you can see things load
differently as you scroll out so that mobile number there is click element if
you click it you can make the phone call straight away so making sure that your
website works on mobile is very very important Google now index based on the
mobile version the last bits feet tall and quite a few speed tools speed is
very important so make sure that you’re testing across multiple platforms and
not just the one because each different platform hasn’t certain little
suggestions webpagetest is very good GT metrics paid insights all very good
tools all offer different valuable suggestions to how you could approve the
page speed the next thing you want to do is make sure that Google understands
what your content is what’s on your website who you are what you do why you
website exists so forth so we do that using schema markup now this is a
structured data tool tester by Google so it sort of Google official tool and
Google officially supports each one of these different markups so depending on
the industry that you are in will depend on which different business type you
will have so this is in other words an organization a business whether you a in
a county whether you’re in plumbing electrical for this pest control this
was the best suited category for us so we chose the whole construction business
that’s what that the pest control business best electric eels have
electricians plumbers hammer and plumber depending on your industry will depend
on what that is best but you want to include the business name description
the area you serve your you googled that ID which we don’t have
yet we’ll show you that emitter the price range this is a price range from
one double side to $3.00 sides depending on whether your affordable mid-range or
high you want to include your email address with the mail to inclusive in
schema a phone number in international for that with those spaces / – is the
currency accepted and the types of currency payments you accept your
opening hours which is we have two formats here we have the opening hours a
lot opening our specifications which goes into depth which reflects the data
on a page a long going at a high resolution for that not just a standard
resolution the address in which we use it for the business the country code the
logo again with specifications of what dimensions it is at the height width the
location tag of where we’re trying to focus on where our business is and the
physical location we want to target so our target location which is a geo
circle or a radius around this corner of 60 kilometers so all this information is
very important to identify to Google who you are and what it is this does you’ve
also got other scalar we offer a service of pest control and we have the types of
pest control the brand which is obviously asked hell out audiences which
is homeowners and I’m description today we also have website which is a standard structure this is just very basic
information web page which tells what page you’re on and what the information
on that page is these are on every single page the Hopa construction
business was under the home page these services are the other home page at the
FAQ we only display on the home page so this data here is just a few frequently
asked questions in Google’s preferred format so this is very important to have
your website doesn’t have this you can create a test run your website through
this if he comes out with nothing approach
your website developer ask them if they can add it for you it is an easy thing
to do it’s not something that they have to stress about as you can see we’re
very compressed in our code so it’s hard to read in terms of this but this is it
here get your developer to put it in if it’s
already there make sure that it’s accurate information it is very
important to have that accurate just to identify the we are a new website this
is a 30 day old website now it was created on the 11th of July so right
here it was created back here and now it’s starting to create clicks and
create impressions so when doing Google search console you have to sign up to
Google search box so this is how you tell Google hey my website exists we do
have a website this is the pages to the website and it identifies to them
everything that they did to it if you are a local business make sure you click
on this country click Australia before going to up the search queries and
looking at this graph due to the fact that there are a lot of SEO is overseas
especially India Pakistan there’s a lot of different ones that will appear in
this list that bloke those numbers so you can see only 629 of our impressions
have been from Australia the large majority is from other countries so you
just want to make sure that you’re clicking on the right theme so that way
you leave the accurate done in terms of what else you should do in here you want
to make sure that you were submitting a site that to them so site that is
information about pages so that all the pages on your website is linked to that
you know XML format each website needs to have one of these just two
identifiers hey I’ve got these pages these are what’s on my website go ahead
and crawl these pages we have quite a few just make sure that you’ve got one
is valid as well as a robots.txt file so robot.txt file helps identify that
sitemap and also genuine box the cruel your website will
read this file and it tells them don’t look at this folder don’t look at this
folder look at the sitemap and it’s brief information in the text before
that so once it’s submitted we’ve got a hundred sixty six pages the coverage is
some pages are excluded that’s fine so whether it’s a an error or a problem
they’ll identify that for you and if it’s an error or you’ve got a lot of
errors in here make sure you go in if you tell your developer hey I’ve got an
error can you please go in and fix it I’m sure they’ll be happy to fix it for
you making sure you mobile usability is perfect you’ve got no errors everything
is valid and if you have schemer like we just spoke about make sure that it
appears in here so FAQ use we’ve got a valid a scalar nothing warning here
we’ve got a logo no warnings here we did have a warning at an error they’ll
appear in here and when you remove those errors they will be fixed so you can see
we removed it it was there for about a week we removed and now it’s fixed this
error on the Left where it disappeared until it reaches over here and
disappears off the off the graph that’s fine that happens errors you know in
schema is very easy just a single at least bracket threw everything off we
did go ahead and get some links we’ll show you how to do this soon we’ve got
something from some citations that we’ve done we’ll run through that in future
lessons but this is a new site we’ve purchased a brand new domain we didn’t
buy an old today that had authority already we’ll go over that when we go
through the next lesson what authority is how you can sort of skip this early
stage we thought it was important to not coaches or have any sort of shortcuts
when doing this lesson just to show that any one can really do this by themselves
once that’s done you want to sign up to Google Analytics make sure that you’re
signed up and configured it correctly so in the admin section I’ll bring this
that’s fine so in the admin section you want to make sure that you’re set up
with hate yes so you’ve got a certificate a
security certificate installed your time zone is correct you’re excluding those
spiders and box your currency is correct you’ve set some goals
so when actions happen we don’t have goal set because we’re not tracking
analytics either the gold format because we don’t have Google Ads or anything
like that installed and we don’t tend to for this site so we will go ahead and
create those a lot of time you’ve set the property name to what the website is
or the business name and the default URL you want to enable this UTM value this
allows you to use advanced things your developer to use events the easier SEO
company to use and Ed’s different scripting and using these reporting
tools as well when you’re looking at your traffic Terry the tracking code
will be pretty standard it is your main UI code here and here and the rest is
standard across the board unless you’re doing user data retention which we’re
not and I highly doubt any service business will need it it’s more for an
e-commerce business you want to make sure that your data collection is
enabled so you’re able to do remarketing in the future if you plan to your data
retention you can set to do not expire in the US you saw UK you will not be
able to set this setting they have different privacy laws here in
Australia we don’t no reason to have it expire by default is 26 months once
that’s done you can set some custom audience definitions the custom audience
definitions is something that you can use a Google Analytics as a how these
people have to convert it you can match them to goals and you can use these as
remarketing campaigns in Google Ads if you plan to do that in the future
thank you sure that’s all set up you want to set up events so event actions
that happen on the website so on our site we’ve set an action up for a click
on the phone number if anyone clicks on this stub with this number if anyone
clicks booked online if they meet our if submitted an enquiry it’ll be an event
everything’s tracked as a new site there isn’t many if they click the email
address it’s an event but these events can they be booked to conversion or they
can be pushed to goals and we push back into Google Ads if need be so we’ll run
over that further in-depth write-up and data starts to come in obviously that
your new site we don’t have too much right now it’s very important to have
that installed we use a tool called a hey dress it’s a fantastic tool it is
very expensive in a highly don’t recommend it to anyone that’s not an
agency or has multiple businesses trying to break up it’s something that it’s
great inside it’s useful for competitor analysis and sort of how your business
is performing but it’s not so much a tool you need to run standard just
showing that we are having purchased an old domain that is written because we
purchased it all today it is a brand new domain we have gotten some legs due to
the fact that we have thousand citations we’ve got separate videos for those and
how we did them and what we’re doing to get them is very important to have
referring domains and the fact link to your website so we’ve got a whole course
on that and as we go through and progress you’ll see this continue to
progress having a graph like this looks horrible it is a very bad thing to have
however because it’s a brand new domain it looks awful did a 30 day graph it
doesn’t look so bad you want it to look more so like this than this if it looks
like this and you’re well established you’re gonna have red flags going
everywhere and this strategy possibly won’t work so we’re right over that lady
alone the second tool SEO brush search engine marketing rough just another
verification this is not a pre-purchased website
we are tracking positions as well it is a brand new site it has some rankings
down because we’ve started to really push it it is one month old so you can
see how growth is sort of continually going it’ll
it’ll do this from time to time that will give you some really good results
that pull you back a little bit that’s very normal and what we’re starting to
rank for so on a new site you’ll start to see some weird ones that are related
to your business here we are this hotel’s five-star obviously nothing
to do with us be like fools these will come through but they’ll always
disappear as the science starts to establish more of a name for itself and
what he destroyed sin Google don’t know we’re gonna show you this would be three
or four months before those who need one start to disappear we are tracking some
keywords you can see it goes up it goes down completely normal
you’ll see this go up and down from time to time you can track each keyword to a
keyword level and see it go up and then see it for very common as long as over
and clearly named period or even a 60 or 90 day period just traveling and
trending in the correct direction your SEO will web developer may have a tool
that tracks keywords already if you don’t it’s not the end of the world
I do recommend getting a tool to track your rankings this way you can track
your progression it is always there are a lot cheaper tools of this isn’t very
expensive it has a lot of tools available more so than just the tools
for keyword tracking so get it all track keywords that you really want to rank
for and track the progression through a graph the pages that we have indexed on
Google will use this little metal icon it helps with the CTR otherwise donors
click-through rate it is a useful metric used by Google to help whether a title
or description is relevant to a user if it’s not relevant it’s unlikely that
someone’s going to click it and if double clicks your listing and people
clicking on other listings throughout the webpage you’re all more likely to be
pushed down the rankings anyway so you want to make your listing appealing so
complete titles complete description we’ve also included this little phone it
won’t there these pages were not to fast about these are just general information
about the the keywords we’re just trying to get
keywords in at the bottom so we haven’t gone ahead and fulfilled these or
filtered out you can see throughout the further pages we’ve got things like the
suburbs more affluent pest control for $49 using brackets help to CTR using the
middle helps with the CTR the FOA Dunbar the trophy and of course a dollar figure
these will all help with CTR we’re also using breadcrumbs very important to make
sure that you’re trying to use up as much space as humanly possible when
creating these titles and descriptions because you don’t search for so djoko’s
pest control and see incompleted fields you don’t see short one day business
things that in this long don’t see that on the first page may be on later pages
you will see smaller and smaller sort of business tapes this could potentially
rank very high if it just didn’t have such a short title
this will never rain so we’re currently there you are a page paint but will
start to move up you’ll see things like this will just never move up you will
never see something like this on the first page of Google so make sure that
you using completed titles and descriptions in your content notation
data this is something that we keep for creating business directory citations so
business directories are great way of telling Google hey we’re business we
exist give us a backlink here’s some links put
in to our website and we create a folder for that Google Drive with the logo some
of the images that we use a good variety of the images that we use and the
citation data within that citation data we keep a list of the commonly asked
questions that those citation or business directories ask so we can just
highlight copy the folder bar copy the slogan of the business day the
address the description the URL the email address the Facebook page or
social medias the air record a note on opening hours starting date of
the business we just put it 2014 and we keep it consistent pencil keywords make
sure you’ve got a completed profile if you’re doing business directories make
sure that every single piece of information that they asking for is
completed and filled out as much as you possibly can make sure that the data is
accurate from platform to platform if you’ve got my library website have the
same number on your business directories have the same URL have the same email
address I’m everything the same it’s called an AP duck
name address phone number they’re the most important ones to have correct
so djoko’s pest control if it’s displayed like this make sure it’s
displayed like that on the business directory if your phone number is using
spaces make sure as you did in spaces on the phone don’t directory and the same
goes for the address if you were using a VE for Avenue don’t put the word out of
you use ad e to keep it consistent don’t swap the twenty bedroom and
sunshine coastal different post codes just use the same this looks like
complete jargon to anyone that looks at it this is what’s called spintax it is a
way of rewriting the same paragraph sentence or word in a unique way so the
content is unique so business directories or Google or so focuses on
unique content if your business isn’t using sorry the web page doesn’t have
unique content it’s possibly not providing value to a user if it’s not
providing value to use a Google main of to not rake it within their search
engine so you choose to just ignore it by having unique content will help
encourage Google to say hey there is value on this page it’s different from
all the others please index it so we create the spintax that helps rewrite
articles and we use a speed tax tool then tax tool
appspot.com you can paste it in there and it will rewrite a the same thing
multiple times as many times as you click speed it will completely rewrite
those sentences this is a great way of having it is it’s never perfect content
or center either we did this one ourselves you
can’t pay saltador for you but the likely could have been more accurate is
very unlikely having someone that or yourself writing it is more likely to be
accurate now you can see grammerly has suggested some errors that’s fine we
know that there’s areas within it we can go ahead and donate it before submitting
it to a directory to make sure is grammatically correct
there’s no spelling mistakes if there is an error we normally fix it in the spin
tax as well so it becomes smarter and less likely to need effort put into it
today I could copy this and paste it into the description field of a business
directory very useful if you don’t have to do spin tax it’s a very great it’s a
very good tool to have it helps with creating pages as well so something to
throw it there we save records of all the business directories that we sign up
to I blacked out a user name password that allows was used for these obviously
these are real these are lives we don’t want to let me show those now there are
a lot of different business directories so it will be specific to your area some
will be specific to your demographic or your industry with if you’re a plumber
there’s plumbing related words if you’re an electrician is electrician related
ones if you’re a service industry the service related one same for e-commerce
no matter what industry you’re in don’t be specific business directories for
those though there’s also directories formula to your location so Australian
business directories Sunshine Coast business directories and business
directories around the Sunshine Coast so there’s one here there’s brandy
Island it’s 40 minutes north south of Sunshine Coast
however it’s close enough it’s a good sort of listing we decided to add it now
the reason I create this document is because if my phone number chooses to
change and when I do go ahead and give this away to a pest control business
when we do have first page or first position rankings they will want to
change the phone number to a number that is their business or represents their
business or forwards to their business will lose rankings if we don’t go ahead
and update all the business directory so we need to
keep record of these now if you have created hundreds of directories over the
years and you well establish business and that information isn’t accurate you
do need to go in log in you may have to reset your password and create or fix
those directories to create consistency continuity in your business so we say
the username and password just in case something does need to change whether
it’s your address or your business name whatever it may be it is good to have
that information we can now quickly go in and adjust what we do we also keep
the date which we signed up for that directory we don’t go ahead and sign up
to 300 all at once there is hundreds thousands of directories that you can
sign up for do not go ahead and pay a service to do three hundred at a time it
is not worth it to not create duplicates search these directories make sure the
business doesn’t exist in that directory before signing up cubes of the
directories listings is not good and creates confusion so we list the date
and time well that we signed up for and these will continue on throughout the
series you’ll see more and more coming through these are two that we could get
for one whether another didn’t send the verification email letters don’t accept
that it wanted Igor these are hand-picked from directories that I feel
are in the industry and work really well this will continue to grow as the
business starts to grow and the wrecking start to improve so so trim comes daily
perfect example really grew up great directory it is also our Sunshine Coast
newspaper so our rewritten content a link to the
website a phone number and the times in which were opened that’s that’s a
directory easy there easily leased up to they shouldn’t take you any lot more
than ten minutes especially if you start to get into a rhythm if you get ten that
you really want to sign up to put them in a list create a large list of
directories that you want to sign up for and just tick them off put a date in
which you bag you want to sign up for them set a calendar
third time that you want to sign up for them don’t do any more than you know
1520 in a week don’t do it consistently for three
months we’re doing 20 a week but start off heavy sure do 20 next week to 18
next week to 16 work your way down to where you don’t need to do too many
anymore and or you’re finished and you’ve got
all the ones that you want to get make sure if you’re in Australia or you’re in
a country specific to a TLV like comdataís you make sure that you’re
signing up to those Australian words more than you’re signing up to the
Americans so your traffic wants to be Australia
wanna have comdata use if you want to represent as an Australian business you
need to have links from Australian websites it is very important
same goes whether you’re in America you Zealand anywhere in the world make sure
that you have localized domains pointing to you we do have some non Australian
domains that are well worth still sliding up for spoke Brown book there’s
a couple others in here that are well worth signing up for that aren’t
Australian but still have enough value in them for us to justify so at four we
then did competitor analysis so working out what our competitors are doing not
just in the Sunshine Coast but others as well so Sydney Melbourne noosa Sydney so
we’ve sort of gone over as many as we possibly could that we feel they’re in
strong areas such a coast is really a strong area it’s competitive shore but
it’s not strong in terms of people doing online marketing cities on the other
hand are strong for doing online marketing so finding out what the people
that are doing marketing are doing is of huge value so we entered the area so
pest control new site pest control Sydney pest control Beldon we then
grabbed the first page rankings of each of those terms and put them into a list
SEM rush and a hey tres both have a bulk – which I’ve managed to do here this
data you don’t need as just a standard business running we have this data
because we were able to break it based on what people actually doing it’s not
so much it’s not all that important for you to have this information or it is
important for you to understand that your competitors are and what they’re
doing now so that all the different pages that are on our website what it’s
doing how many words there are like I said we paid someone to do this writing
for us so the content isn’t great but the wording is accurate how many words
one run each page obviously the larger article is where the parent categories
and/or the important pages that we really want to rank higher or tell the
story of the business we also included some sort of examples of the type of
content that we wanted on that page writers are in your industry they’re
typically multi-lingual they understand different industries but they’re not
going to go into major research for you you’re best off providing different
pages on your competitors websites here’s an example of what I want on the
website if you was to say I want a fly control website or webpage they’re going
to create an article about how to remove flies you don’t want that on your
website you’re trying to sell a service to do that forecast you don’t want to
have them explain how to do it for you so you being very specific is very
important we’re getting third parties to write whether you’re paying a really
strong writer or anyone make sure that you’re very clear with what you’re
wanting we’ve structured out the website to what we want they’ve gone ahead and
written it will not flow to them so very important one of the last things to
bring up is CloudFlare clan flares a free tool they do have paid options the
pay options are if you’re a larger business whether you
have an e-commerce business whether you’re just a service business that has
a lot of traffic it offers a wide range of services so CloudFlare became a big
success because of their security they also provide free SSL certificates and
performance improvements so sign up enter your URL you may need a website
developer to help you install it it is a difficult but there is some more
difficult sides to it the DNS pretty much tells you everything about the
website where to point the website to website is held not really important for
this it’s their crypto obviously this is the security side of it we use the SSL
flexible you can use full strict or install your own certificate flexible
works it’s free and it provides a free certificate to secure your website and
get you this lock great tool if you don’t have enter so please get this tool
we also use the HSTs and always use HTTPS so if you don’t have a HTTP
website it will redirect the website to the secured version automatically for
you and if you are using an older website and had had SSL installed and
now you want to install it tick this button so all the old links that are
linking to non SSL versions will automatically be upgraded to Houston –
PS we don’t have this installed because all the sites that we build custom have
HTTPS links throughout so there is no need move you got from that if you
firewall in the settings we haven’t said too low but default its medium we don’t
feel a need to have it set to medium occasionally we’ll set it to essentially
off that low is fine or the IAM as default is fine access doesn’t don’t
need it the speed I always suggest having it set to JavaScript yes CSS yes
chef Jamil yes if you’re using advanced JavaScript things this may through
errors if you I’ll wordpress name it may also through
errors have brought le installed enabler is on by default and just happens door
polish is great if you have the upgraded version like I said if you’ve got enough
traffic upgrade it times and that you image resizing will also add value the
here’s the pricey so pro is twenty dollars a month that’s fine
more than likely not going to go into business you’re not a any converse
business or a big corporate so go pro most of them are foot pro anyway so
there are some other added advantages to the pro version rocket load up I’m in
mixed opinions about rocket load out sometimes yes sometimes no it depends on
your website depends of the cony if you’re on a wordpress site it may throw
errors once again to make sure if you’re turning it on you’re doing proper tests
to make sure that nothing’s broken and obviously the default settings of
throughout there with the katy you want to make sure that you’ve got this pretty
much to default your browser case set up to one month don’t set up to the default
i think the default is an hour set up to one month this is how often this will
help your page improve speed if you’re using an e-commerce site you want this
probably set to one to four hours in the service industry people are coming to
your site every day it’s more than likely going to be once a month click
once alone this will help the performance of it people coming back to
your site and the other challenger suggests in the network is turn off IP
geolocation in my testing i’ve seen a performance decrease by having it on and
it’s more than likely never gonna be used by a service based business all it
tells you is the IP location of the user where the location is that the user is
in more than likely is you know where your business is located and if they’re
not the traffic warden likely doesn’t matter if you’re a service based
business anyway and finally Google my business
make sure you have signed up to Google my
business it is the business directory of Google you need to have it it is very
important if you search for sub-code pest control it will come up these are
all part of the business directory make sure that you are appearing in here or a
period on the left hand side so we service the site center our business
will appear on the right hand side here if you search for it slow
we’ll look here in the map pack so first there we have a business directory
listing obviously you can click on this and it will show you a business
information and business information of the other people’s most of these are the
contact if you don’t have a business listing on here you cannot keep on there
it’s that simple make sure you fill it out to its
complete if you are a service based business more than life I’m not going to
want to show you a physical address that’s completely fine you can hide that
after verification you must enter it so you can get your postcard submitted now
I haven’t submitted for a postcard yet I do need to once I get back this one time
verified make sure the business hours are there and your service locations are
there you can enter locations within the center post area and that’s fine you
could have as many as you need there a couple hundred is fine but as long as
you have this suburb and the area not just a summer if you’re a servicing the
whole country on this link put the full country the phone number the additional
hours were like Christmas and your holiday days don’t worry about those if
you do want to go ahead adding services is important at the service in which you
do so pest control we won’t do this until we’ve submitted for the postcard
and then it’ll give you insights into the information once again just make
sure you’ve submitted as much information as humanly possible
and ugly the photos once again we haven’t done it yet we’ll do it when we
submit to the postcard but upload a cover photo upload a logo upload some
photos of the interior the exterior of the business I understand that if you’re
a service based business this may not exist that is fine go ahead and upload
photos of you on site uploading photos of the team the dam the a couple of the
jobs that you do keep it updated constantly post photos it adds a lot of
value to your listing and it keep tells Google that hey we’re a business we’re
still active we’re still alive we still post actively and it’ll help your
rankings over time and if you have the budget create a
video a very professional video doesn’t cost all that much but it adds value to
your Google listing if at all possible keep your friends get your family to
post photos on their Google business page their Google account all of your
business so you want side you’re on the road in your van so they can actually
upload photos to your business as well so they can actually come here add photo
and submit their own photo of your business they’re making sure that’s
updated and if you are posting on Facebook actively make sure you post it
on Google my business actively post updates tell people about what you’re
doing whether you’re posting a new service whether you’ve done new job just
constantly keep it updated it’s insightful information it comes out very
prominent in mobile for people searching your business in your area over the next
couple weeks we’ll post more and more videos about what we’re doing and
exactly what we’ve done for trying to rake up this business position one we
believe it’s going to take between four and six months based on the competition
level where we are and that’s not all that long in terms of a service charge
on what an SEO companies charge you for this will depend on your
industry at your location so if you’re a plumber and electricians is typically
going to be a little bit higher it’s a very competitive industry and the
average sale value of a job is to be higher than that on the pest control
business it’s typically higher than a painter or any other service based
business so you will expect to pay a little bit more because the budget of
the competition is a little bit more so it is quite difficult if you’re in a
highly competitive areas then the focus not so much on a full siren if you look
at the Sunshine Coast it’s a very large area the Sunshine Coast is from noosa
down to Bobby Holland it’s about three hundred thirty thousand people if you’re
in an area that’s like this is very competitive you may need to go into
little bar just focus on move about then create another one just for cotton tree
another one for coluan create multiple businesses or websites around a suburb
not faithful area with 3,000 people it’s very competitive what it gets to that so
think about that if you are you know very competitive area in the competitive
zone or industry you could be up for a Hyatt Charleston this but we charge for
local business between $7.99 and $12.99 for SEO services that includes
performance increases of the website the SEO everything that we’ve just shown you
there and everything that will continue to show you throughout this series we do
have packages well above $12.99 based on what competitive industries and
industries outside of the service sort of spectrum of things so if you’re an
e-commerce business it could also be Apple downwards of that figure so over
the next several weeks follow along follow the next couple
videos work out whether or not it’s something that you feel complicated
doing we’re gonna display them in easy-to-understand
ways we’re going to run you through each and every step we’re going to do to
create the rankings how we’ve done it how we’ve gone about
it we have skipped a little bit here Moe
creating the website the reason we’ve done that is because with custom coded
if you already have a website that’s great you’re more likely able to use it
with some small tweaks we’re going to show you how to do those tweaks as well
how about this has they custom has an advantage already if you are looking at
getting a new website please make sure you do it properly the website doesn’t
cost $300 you can’t send it off overseas to get down to 300 dollars you can’t get
it done for six seven eight hundred dollars either we can do them for that
they’re not going to perform like this would this is going to cost you between
sixteen and twenty two hundred that’s a fair price the hours invested the
accuracy the attention to detail put into it the analytical reporting side of
things is well worth its weight in gold it’s very valuable so make sure that
you’re investing buddy in something that’s going to represent your business
and represent your rankings down the track a wordpress site that takes
fifteen seconds to load will not rank against a site like this ever so if
you’re wrecking your first position down you do a search for your website’s
performance you do a search for how your SEO is before me if you’re not
performing any website needs a performing it’s very likely that you’re
going to lose that position in the future if I come along in your industry
or someone you know who’s gone to the effort to create a website for a client
or for a business that is of this of this level you will lose that rinky over
time it won’t last so make sure that if you are first position your second
position your third go to the effort to get your website done properly it will
add value in the long run although it may not be instant you can also gain
value if you’ve got traffic already by just having the proper call to actions
the the buttons that drag your I pull attention the buttons on
places buttons of the correct color things that they feel that they don’t
add what value add a lot of value so don’t try and save money where you to go
to build your website once again we’re paying for SEO you can pay as little as
two fifty three four hundred dollars for SEO overseas once again what do you
think you can actually get four three four hundred dollars in terms of hours
in terms of attention in terms of backlink how much do you think that’s
actually going to get you it’s very minimal I’ve seen companies in Australia
a couple of the largest SEO companies in Australia their clients have come to us
and it would we can’t see more than three four hours over twelve month
period being invested it’s so minimal making sure that you’re paying for
people to actually spend time on your website actually making changes sending
you proper reporting of what they’ve actually done and then counting the
hours do you think that that spent on each of those tasks if you want paying
three or four hundred dollars for SEO ask them what have you died and pulled
out three or four hundred dollars what you’ll find is it’s even less than you
know what your $1200 an SEO company is going to say takes an hour
so they’ve said hey we spent four hours or someone said ten hours for $400 you
have to wonder what their wages or how they’ve afforded to do that it’s just
not possible so consider that we feel like we are the best value for money in
terms of time investment the work output quality and the results you will not
find better in terms of web development and marketing that ass period so just
consider what you’re actually paying for how much you’re paying for it if you’re
getting SEO for $400 really take a step back and just think about it are you
getting results are you gonna pay for it for two years and still not be in that
first position and then go well why waste all right there
all these new businesses here in that first position you could have just
wasted $400 because I’ve had clients come on board where they’ve been doing
SEO for two years and we’ve got ahead and completely wiped their website we’ve
gone we we will not work with that website and its current state the Alexa
spam everything spam we will not work with that we don’t believe we can
generate results if you want to work with us we’ll create a new business URL
new website and we’ll start from scratch it won’t cost them anymore but they’ll
get results and a lot of the time that they’re left heartbroken that spent
twenty thirty thousand dollars if their website SEO and we’ve scrapped it if
that if the company has done it incorrectly and you’ve paid an SEO
company to do things for you and they’ve done it incorrectly occasionally it is
irreversible you can’t reverse some of the permanent damages at that time so
make sure they’re doing it properly and they’re not cutting corners because it
is a permanent thing you can’t get rid of some of that that’ll end in here if
you do have any questions feel free to call us our number is one 375 five 306
this is our website we do have a blog we don’t post there very often but we do
post there very insightful information we do have a lot of content throughout
our site on how you can add value to your business different formative pages
on what we do we do go into depth why it’s depth with a lot about content on
page SEO things you can do for coding perspective things that add a lot of
value to the business website if you do have any questions you want us to take a
look over your site you’re looking for a new website looking for marketing please
reach out to us we’re always happy to help we’ve got two offices in Australia
one of our representatives more than happy to come out to you we’re not just
online we do you come out to your business we do for
nerds we do spend the time we take the effort to go through and go over your
content to make sure we could actually add value to your business if we cut we
are very afraid will so you say how it is if we feel that there is a better
company out there or your industry we will tell you if we feel they add value
as well occasionally with workers customers that we’ve just told that we
we cut find value we’ve done it all it with how to look at who else could
possibly do work for you we don’t think there’s a market big enough out there
for what you were trying to do and the return on investment isn’t going to be
there with us and I highly recommend attempting it yourself if that is the
case we send full detailed guides on how to improve you know website and how you
can do it yourself to save money so we’re not all about money we are
genuinely out there to help you grow your business whether we’re doing it for
you or we’re helping you do it yourself if that is the best option for you so if
there’s any other questions just give us a call shoot us an email
they don’t hope TV from you soon

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