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[MUSIC PLAYING] You get an urgent
email at work, maybe from HR or your company CEO. You open it, click on
the link, and you’re locked out of the system, along
with the rest of your company. That’s a ransomware attack. That link downloaded software
that’s holding your business data hostage. Now you’re being asked for
money to get your system back. Ransomware can take a serious
toll on your business, and your customers
won’t be happy that their information
is in criminal hands. So how do you protect your
business against ransomware? Start with a plan. Make sure your business data is
backed up outside your network. Teach everyone at your place
of work how to spot ransomware, and always install
the latest software patches and security updates. But what if you’re attacked? Now it’s time to
implement that plan. First, disconnect the infected
devices from your network right away. This might limit the damage. Then, contact the authorities,
like your local FBI office. Paying the ransom is up to
you, but law enforcement doesn’t recommend it, and you
might not get your data back. The best defense
against cyber threats is an informed workforce. Share this video with
others in your workplace. Learn more at

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