RARE Vietnamese Mountain Food in the Most Colorful Market in the World! – Bac Ha Market

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100 thoughts on “RARE Vietnamese Mountain Food in the Most Colorful Market in the World! – Bac Ha Market

  1. Yo Bestys! I missed you. We are now back to our regular schedule! Hope you enjoy Bac Ha as much as I did.

    Learn more about Bac Ha Market → https://blog.christinas.vn/bac-ha-market-must-told-story/

  2. wow. I really respect you as you respect other people culture and you're so nice and open minded about everything! I wonder how you can ignore the fact that everyone is looking at you lol I wouldn't be able to do that.

  3. Food Is Better When You Share It Waoo That Really Touched My Heart Hope We Had More People Like Sonny God Bless You Sonny You Have A Great Heart Keep It Up..GBYA..

  4. I want to be you!!!! What an Amazing Job you have!!!!! i love learning about all the different cultures from you! Keep up the great work!

  5. "Mushin….more mushin for the…"
    :::insert corn cake Mmm!!:::
    We're pickin' up what you're puttin' down Sonny ~ and here's a thumbs up for being so daring with your culinary adventures !!!! 👍🤪👍

  6. Like your videos but after watching few of those, realized that you like everything you put in your mouth, is it always sincere ?!

  7. How were u not able to get it when the other guy lifted his finger.I am an Indian but still i can pretty much guess what it means.😂😂Obviously, its good for your little guy down there.

  8. Dude rippin a bong fulla tobbaco is hard core, I can't even smoke yachts out of a bong without feeling too light headed, my one friend will smoke straight tobbaco out of his bong if he's outta papers like that, to much nicotine for me

  9. Yeah, a bong with some freshly cut tobacco is surprisingly strong and makes you very dizzy in the morning, I know. 😀

  10. Sonny is by far the best foodtuber I've seen who's able to combine food reviews, humor, the local culture, and just an amazingly warm and positive energy, that all come together to make one EPIC video. Thank you my man!

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