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Okay, thank you for joining me. my name is
Robert Newman I am the founder of Inbound Real Estate Marketing otherwise
known as InboundREM and I’m going to talk to you today or tonight about Real
Geeks. So Real Geeks is definitely one of the most interesting real estate website
providers that we can talk about. Real Geeks makes what is called a template
website, okay. Template websites looks like this. It just means that if I switch to
other real geek sites and that’s what I’m doing right now switching between
really sites. They for the most part look the same.
I’m absolutely certain that there are some ways to add some additions because
guess what these guys have done it and I’m sure there’s an extra cost to
doing that like, here’s the map, here’s another map. So these guys probably just
ask for a custom map and they got a custom map. So you can have a map here,
you can not have a map here. These sites are beautiful, they’re fast and they’re
simple. I could go through all of them with you and basically they are built with good technology that is designed to work
efficiently on the web. It doesn’t make them better than WordPress websites by the
way which is something that people oftentimes surmise because they perform
well. It just means that there’s a technology company out there that builds
these. In this particular case it’s not Real Geeks, it’s a a company called hg3
web design and they’re on these home pages somewhere I’ll show you. There we
go site design by hg3 websites. So what Real Geeks did was they established
a reputation for building good real estate websites and then they went out
and they outsourced all of the building of the websites and web development
company just basically committed to making these sites and they do it well
and they do it fairly fast and because they allow very few customization, these
are one of the few real estate websites that you can get built in a reasonably
good time. What slows down the real estate website development process is
when you have to make changes or clients change their mind and the communication
back and forth from cutomers to real estate website provider can
oftentimes be weeks or months to try to get a conversation in about fairly
simple design changes. So having said all that, Real Geeks is owned by Jeff Manson.
Ok actually I should, let me reverse myself. Real Geeks was owned by Jeff
Manson, in July 25th 2017 he sold it the Fidelity National Title. What that means
for Real Geeks I do not know. I’ve always, I’m a huge proponent. You can see here
and this is how I found out I was researching for my blog post that was
going along with this. So I looked up the Bloomberg and then there was a note that
said as of July 25th Real Geeks operates as a subsidiary. So I looked up
fidelity and they are a mortgage company that does indeed own a lot of real
estate technology companies. So it does indeed look like that they sold the
company and they must have very deep pockets because their executives alone,
just the people who operate the site make 2 million dollars a year or
operate the company. So they’ve got deep pockets any time you start seeing
salaries like this. You know that the company is a heavy hitter. All right,
so having said that how does it affect your real estate website? So let’s
cover some details. I have already done a really in-depth analysis of Real Geeks. I
have a whole series of videos comparing real geeks with easy agent Pro. I’m not
going to go through it again. I’ve already got the dashboard. I did a
three-month marketing case study where me and a realtor drove traffic into one
of these websites using pay-per-click. We spent about three thousand dollars. He
scored three sales that netted him about twelve to fifteen thousand dollars in
commission. The bottom line is that every case study, everything I’ve ever read,
everything I’ve ever experienced, says that these guys are one of the few
real estate websites that come out of the box. You can direct traffic to the
site, you will get leads, there’s a great CRM in the back that will manage those
leads for you and you’ll make money. You need about a budget of $1,000 to start
using Real Geeks effectively. I’m using a national average
but there is a cost to driving traffic to real geeks. So when you do a search
like let’s just call it. We did the case study in Alpharetta which I don’t remember how to spell anymore because it was all of five six weeks ago.
So you Alpharetta Georgia. We do homes for sale and all these people
on the top are people driving people into, so here we go. So North Atlanta home
team this I think is my customer forgive me Darren I’m gonna cost you about
$50. Okay so it looks like this is one of the big real estate web providers
but not Real Geeks. It is a Boomtown, ok so that’s Boomtown. So all these guys,
and this is something that people bring up to me which is with
there being a handful of real estate lead generation websites that all use
direct advertisements. what you just saw me do is, we see an advertisement at
the top of the search results when you click on it and the answer is, isn’t that
competitive and doesn’t that raise the cost the answer is yes. This is not the
best possible way to get traffic back to your site so let’s take a look at this
keyword real quick. So let’s just go Alpharetta, I should really pick
something that I knew how to spell let’s just do GA. okay so here’s a really interesting
detail for you that you need to know not only about real geeks but about
everybody that uses these kinds of websites. So this is, it’s just an
estimate but it’s a good estimate. So you see here where this says with
clicks and without clicks so somebody the does Alpharetta Georgia home for
sale. 20% of the people to do that search don’t actually click on a search
result. So even though there’s 700 searchers we’re removing 160 out of that
right away. So then, when people are clicking on stuff where do they go? So
here we go, 687 clicks were generated when
somebody does that click. 18 percent of those are going to the top of the page.
18 percent the other 80 percent are going to the natural or organic search
results, that’s these down here that are not ads which is why I’m an
evangelist about SEO because search engine optimization, creating a great
piece of content, talking about homes in Alpharetta for sale that
is creative and is more than just a search result. Like this is just a search
result. All these search engines do you think that they’ve got it locked up, they
do not and why because they’re all serving the same kind of data page after
page there is nothing unique here. It’s all search results so if you created a
page of information that talked about the area but also had homes on it you’d
be creating a much better page than these and then all you have to do is
send some signals. Now some of the time in real competitive areas that’s a
problem in Alpharetta it’s not going to be. So this is the limitation of Real
Geeks and every other website of this type and last but not least with Jeff
selling the site. So Jeff was the founder, I have run across him, competed
against him since 2009. The guy was passionate but he was also,
of his seventy posted videos on his YouTube channel I think I’ve watched
about 30 or 40 of them and he’s in them all. So if you want to learn about
Jeff Mason just go watch the videos on his youtube channel and why would I say that? One you’ll learn a lot about direct advertising, Two
if you ever want to use Real Geeks these videos are the best tutorials ever get,
Three you’ll learn a lot about Jeff Mason and Four, you’ll understand what I already
know. He founded Real Geeks because there wasn’t a good
inexpensive lead generation website available there just wasn’t one out there.
So he made real geeks to answer that problem but he’s always said in his
videos and everywhere else that his passion is selling Hawaiian real estate
and he may not say it as directly as that but he certainly infers it in his
conversations. You can tell when he’s having talks with other brokers all over
the country then he’s relating to them from a broker standpoint not from being
a technology CEO which he is a real one. So it is no surprise that he sold
the company and it would be even less surprising if he stays involved with the
company but transitions his role in a big way into something else probably not
quite as front and center. I would think he’d probably continue to
do these customer-facing videos because they’ve been so successful but I’d be
shocked if he maintains his day to day role. I’d be shocked if Fidelity National
wanted him to. I would suspect that now that they own a real estate SAAS company
software-as-a-service that they’d probably want to expand the membership and cross
sell the mortgage products straight into the real geeks platform. If
I was the CEO of fidelity national that’s what I would be doing, that’s how
I would be looking at it. The good news for you is as Real Geeks customers as these
kinds of technology plans and changes they take years to come to fruition.
So you probably have anywhere from 12 to 24 months before you see significant
changes hitting the Real Geeks platform but I would be
amazed if those changes aren’t coming. Again,
Jeff sold Real Geeks July 25th 2017. All right, that’s it please watch my other
videos that my nine other videos that cover Real Geeks. If you want information
about the platform itself or how the websites operate I have given that to
you in detail thank you. one other thing bloody hell if you are enjoying my
videos if this is like the fifth one that you’ve watched. Do me a favor like the
video and subscribe to my channel. These take me more, if I could, if I
shared out how long these videos and tutorials, reviews took me nobody would belive me.
They are so time-consuming so please show me a little up. Thanks.

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  1. For what it is worth, Jeff told me that he is not going anywhere. Real Geeks sites, when built out and SEO optimized with good content on area pages do very well. Also, unlike wordpress sites, the IDX is indexed by google. is a good example of this.

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