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Hi, I’m Holly Tanila and I’m Tray Tanila
and we own TOP SPA which is a natural alternative med spa in Allen Texas.
We do anything from facials, micro needling. dermal fillers, nova threads…
anything skin related. You name it and we do it . What we use as a client offer
is something simple. We don’t want to do Groupon where it’s like 50% off or
anything like that. We don’t want someone who’s super cheap, so we just offer
enough incentive for someone to come in in our door. So what we do is just a $35
off right on our website where people can just click sign up and that’s how we
contact them to bring them in. The reason why we decided to join Referrizer was that we
did a whole bunch of other marketing. We tried so many other things like Yelp or
whatever and nothing really worked or was really personalized to us. What
we loved when we saw the presentation the demo with Referrizer we’re like:
Holy cow, this is the pieces of puzzle that we needed for our spa! Totally! We’ve
seen a huge difference in our business when we joined Referrizer about a year
ago. We use Referrizer because it’s literally one-stop shop for everything I
need with all my marketing tools. It captures clients from our website,
it gets me Google or Yelp reviews without me having to try and then it also text
messages all my clients that I don’t have. It does so many different things
that I’m always telling my fellow business owners please join Referrizer
because it’s literally changed our lives and my business so it has been huge. One
of my favorite aspects is I’m always trying to track and and do things on the
back side of tops fall and what we found is that with Referrizer it takes so much
load off my shoulders especially with that referral program.
The point system is literally like chuck-e-cheese and I tell my clients out
all the time they are like little kids still. They love getting points and
they love their prizes so it’s perfect because I’m not shelling out actual
dollars right away. Where before I used to say like hey if you review me I will
give you five dollars off our session. Well instead of giving five dollars off
I can just say hey you get points! My clients love that which leads me into
one of my other favorite aspects of Referrizer. Referrizer has
changed my business so dramatically because of the reviews. When people are
looking for a new business to go to they’re always looking at the reviews. I
mean I look at reviews, he looks at reviews everyone does, and so now instead
of me always howdy my clients saying like: Hey can you please review me? Or if
I forget to a spin like I’m screwed. But with Referrizer couple of days
later we’ll send out a text message saying hey please review us and if you
review us then you get points. Well now I went from literally like 20 reviews and
now I have over 80 reviews and I have on all different platforms. So thank you Referrizer for just being awesome to our business. Yeah we’ve utilized the service
so much. There’s other companies out there like Fredrick that we have tried
out and it doesn’t compare and it doesn’t really do every little thing
that Referrizer does and that’s why we appreciate Referrizer so much and we’re a
client for life. Totally!

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  1. LOVE Cutting-Edge, Time-Saving, Small-Business-Friendly services like this. Keep up the good work Referrizer!!!

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