Registering a business name

When I first started thinking about opening
a café, I went onto the website to check out their guide to starting a new
business. It turns out that unless you’re using your own name to run your business,
you actually have to register your business name with ASIC. I originally wanted to call the business ‘Café
Coffee’, but when I checked with ASIC, it turned out that the business name was already
registered. So I came up with the name ‘The Coffee Party’, which thankfully was available. I also checked with IP Australia, to make
sure that the name wasn’t registered as a trade mark because registering a name with
ASIC doesn’t mean you own it. Before I registered the name, I got an Australian
Business Number, or ABN. I signed up for an AUSkey at the same time.
My AUSKey means I don’t have to remember a different user name and password for each
government agency. I use my AUSKey for my updates to ASIC and the ATO. It’s also a good idea to check with the Australian
Business Licence and Information Service that you have all the licences you need to trade. Then I checked that the domain name I wanted
was free, so the café could have its own website. It’s lucky that I had my ABN already
sorted because you need one if you want to buy a ‘’ or ‘’ domain
name. And then I was ready to register the business
name. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes, as long as you have your ABN to hand. You’ll
also need the addresses of your proposed business name, for example an address for service of
documents, a principal place of business address and an email address. You can register your business name for one
or three years. There’s a different fee depending on what you choose. To pay the fee,
you can either use your credit card, or request an invoice that you can pay using BPAY or
at Australia Post. Just make sure that you pay it within 10 business days. Once your business name appears as registered
on the Business Names Register, you’re ready to start trading! ASIC will also email you
a record of registration. So, you can see that it’s a pretty simple
process. But, if you get stuck, just check out the user guides on ASIC’s website. They’re
very helpful. You should also check out ASIC’s other videos on YouTube.

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