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Hey, how’s it going team? Brad Smith here.
I hope you’re all having a great day. So I wanted to share this thing
that’s working incredible. Our clients are seeing some really cool
results, thousands of leads coming in, qualified referrals,
more revenue to the business. It’s the only thing that I’ve
ever seen work like this. And it’s something that we’ve been
testing out for like the last, I would say five months since December,
December 1st so relationship marketing, I’m calling it, it’s something that’s actually transformed
our business and the clients that have tested it, we’ve actually tested
on them without them even knowing. So if you’ve been part of our program, we’ve been experimenting with this whole
relationship marketing theory and it’s working. As you know, if you’re a
client of ours, you know it’s working, you’re getting new clients coming in, they’re filling out the multiple choice
forms and they’re pre-qualified and most likely become customers after going
through your sales page or website or even social media. So here’s some key takeaways and I
want to give you guys this guide. I always print these
off and send them over. If you want them and just a quick PDF. So I would say just collect them
and use them for your business. So number one goal is helping every day.
Now, when I was running my
fitness and health business, I was in a gym in anyone I saw
in the gym that needed help. I would go help them for free. And
guess what happened when I helped them, they actually ended up being a customer
because I was going out of my way to provide value and help
them on a consistent basis. Now you’re the same exact way you
got in your business to help people. So you’re helping them in person. I
already know that you’ve got that covered, but why do we go online in the Internet
and tried to just start selling things instead of helping them?
Why are we changing our mindset? And so that’s what I want
you guys to stop doing. Stop thinking about going to
the Internet and selling things. I want you to go to the Internet and
help people. Why? Because face to face, you can help 15 to 20 people a week or
a month, depending on where you’re at, right?
But online, you could help thousands of
people on a daily basis online. And what does that turn into? That leads to qualified customers
that want to work with you? All right? Giving away value. So now you’re helping
them. You’re out there providing value. Now you can give them things. So you have thousands of
people that you’re helping. Now you can start giving away things
to them and providing even more value. That’s PDFs, that’s videos, that’s
training. It’s coaching anything you want, but now you have a huge audience
of people you’ve been helping. Now you can provide value
instead of face to face. You’re limited to the amount of people.
All right? Number three is being top of mine. So that’s another great advantage of
the Internet, right? Your top of mind, if you’re consistent and
you’re helping people, they’re always going to remember you
and they’re going to turn to you. So when you’re ready for a website or
need any automation set up for your business, you’re going to
turn to us because we’re
helping you on a daily basis. How’s that going to work for your
customers? You’re out there helping, providing value,
giving them things. I’m doing anything you can
like you would face to, thousands of people are seeing this and
now they’re going to be thinking about you when they’re ready to purchase instead
of just trying to sell somebody when you don’t even have a
relationship with them. So that’s what I want you guys to start
thinking about is relationship marketing. Start building relationships online
by hitting these three checkpoints and you’re going to see a huge difference. So hopefully this helped
send me a comment, a message.
If you want this worksheet, I’ll send it right over and just keep
that in mind as you’re doing your marketing and your branding.
Hope you guys have a great day!

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