Report reveals digital connectivity helps small business

Hello I’m Kate Carnell, I’m the Australian
Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman. This week a really important
report was released by Xero and AlphaBeta consultancy. What they were looking
at is the impact of the NBN or broadband connectivity on small businesses. Now
back in 2010 only 10% of small businesses had a broadband connection.
That went up to 30% by 2016 and is increasing quite quickly at the
moment. What the report showed us was that for mature companies, those are
companies that have had a broadband connection for a significant period of
time – a few years – they are a third more likely to have more employees and two
thirds more likely to have a higher revenue. So it’s growing their businesses
and growing their employment. It also showed quite categorically that
businesses that were using apps, as well as business-based software, were even
more likely to be growing. So those are apps that help you with HR
issues like rostering, financial issues like invoicing, point-of-sale apps and so
on. Unfortunately the report also showed us
that 14% of small businesses still don’t have even basic accountancy
software and those small businesses are falling behind. So the message from this
important report was that when you have an opportunity to get on to broadband,
take it up. Ensure that you have good solid accounting software and have a
look at apps that can help you in your business. Now there’s a range of app
marketplaces – Xero has one, Apple has one, Google has one, MYOB, Salesforce – there’s a
number of them that have a range of apps that can help you
in your business. And you know they’re not expensive. So a very definite call to
action this week.

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