Retail banking analytics Crédit Agricole – Les secrets d’une transformation digitale [réussie]

Hello, my name is Fanny Sourdou, and I’m a department manager working in multi-channel retail banking in the Transformation sector at Credit Agricole Centre Loire. We had a rather specific challenge to address since we are experiencing a real transformation in the banking sector and we wanted to assist our branch managers and our collaborators in this transformation. Naturally, we looked to Toucan, since they offer an agile and innovative solution that strengthens the assistance we offer to our collaborators to address these changes. Agile also refers to how long a project takes to deploy. At the moment, project development takes around 18 months. Toucan enabled us to launch this solution, tailored to meet our needs, in 5 months. This was a real strength that we truly relied on while implementing this project. We especially appreciated their understanding of the structure and organization of our regional banks, as well as our challenges, in order to address a real need with a workable solution, for branch managers and collaborators. Another aspect we liked about our project with Toucan was their forward-thinking approach and reflection, meaning we weren’t simply given a dashboard. They also provided depth, as well as context, for our data. This work was done ahead of time, and each time, we asked ourselves: Why are we including this indicator in our dashboard? Why is it important to track it, and if we should, how will we do it? It’s true that we needed this initial reflection and preparation to create an optimal solution that truly meets our branch managers’ needs. When I mentioned depth, this also means being able to benchmark ourselves with both collaborators and branch managers and have this data transparency, whether in a group or with another branch. Usually, we benchmark ourselves among regional banks, and here, we truly had a workable initiative among collaborators, that enabled us to share best practices and different use cases. It’s important to know about successful digital transformation initiatives within a branch so these can be shared with their collaborators. We also now have an extremely agile tool, because, as I mentioned before, of all of these initiatives that are launching and are gaining momentum, since we are dematerializing various processes. We needed an agile solution to accompany these launches meaning we’re working under the idea that every time we launch a new initiative, it will be steered, driven and guided with the help of Toucan Toco and it’s true that Toucan Toco’s solution currently plays a key role in these initiatives as well as in the support and assistance provided to branches. How did the implementation of our digital dashboards take place? We gave them to all of our branch managers, notably on their electronic devices, either tablets or smartphones and they use it during their Thursday meetings, which is a team meeting with all their collaborators, to offer assistance with these changes, and highlight the various indicators that are present on the dashboard. It even goes beyond that, because behind that, there is the application, use and context of the data that it can demonstrate at that time meaning if a given subject – dematerialization, for example – which could, for example, have an indicator, like the DA, that is lagging a bit it can offer assistance in the form of a video tutorials and memos that are directly integrated into the app. There is truly a 360° perspective on this data, that puts it in context as well as truly operational applications for usability and digital practices. How can we measure the success of the launch and use of Toucan’s (solution)? It’s quite simple – it was first tested by our R&D branches. Our R&D branches are a dozen branches that test all of our new initiatives. Their recent feedback mentioned streamlined access to data and sleek ergonomics, that allows them to share information about the digital transformation. So it has received the stamp of approval from our R&D branches. This is very important, notably when it comes to scale. Another marker of success is new orders received within the company, including our specialized markets, to be able to further develop the app – because now, everybody wants it. There’s also another point, a key success factor that we can measure, in order to take a more quantitative approach to things, is the rate that users connect to the app. At the moment, we’ve seen around 90% weekly connections to the app, among our collaborators and branch managers. This strengthens our confidence and lets us imagine a V2 or a V3 in any case, the future with Toucan Toco. Calculating ROI is always a bit challenging, because the topics that we chose to address with the digital dashboard, efficiency and digital transformation, impact many different things. Some affect the branch managers, as they have an overview of multi-channel activity within their branch as well as an immediate look at the main areas needing improvement. So there’s an impact on efficiency, and the ability to interpret all of these digital indicators. Another impact that I’m seeing these days is related to image, the image that clients see is of professionals that perfectly master digital tools and practices, whether in terms of client communications that take place remotely as well as in their branch. There’s also an impact on efficiency and time saved, notably for project teams, as the digital dashboard enables us to simplify our presentations, and no longer use a classic Excel format to track our activity So the ROI can be seen at various different levels throughout the company, and we hope to have indicators that can specifically measure this efficiency.

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