Retail Business Plan Contest

Recent statistics show that for a 2018
there are nearly 30,000 retail businesses in Hawaii and they employ
approximately 30% of those employed in the state. So small businesses are vital
to the economic growth of our community and I’m happy to see we have such
talented students who are participating in tonight’s participation. This is a great way to show how we all care about our students’ education because this
class and this competition is a wonderful way for students to have some real life
experience. Fashion is a very personal thing, very crowded market. It’s hard to rise above and create a brand for yourself, so for those of you who have
participated, you guys did a fantastic job. We’re very proud of everyone, 14 students
in our class, for participating in this contest. We’re very happy to see how they
grow in our program and we hope to have this event annually so there’s more
students, more UH students to get these great opportunities in the future. you

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