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The first therapy dog on record was Smokey
a four pound Yorkshire Terrier who was found in a foxhole in New Guinea. She flew in 12
combat missions then worked with wounded soldiers at the 233rd combat hospital. Hi, I’m Mike
Campbell at Doggy Styles in Beverley Hills and I’m here to talk a little bit about increasing
retail sales. I think that it is important first to note that different industries, different
fields are going to use different methods to increase their sales. For instance, this
is a pet store, we don’t have a lot of competition close by so its very easy for me to standout.
I don’t need to do as much advertising and promotion to let people know that I’m here.
Once they’re aware of this store, they remember us and they don’t confuse us with other stores.
On the other hand, I have a little woman’s clothing store that just opened up next store.
Its going to be much more important for them to do a heavy amount of advertising and promotion
and marketing trying to get their name out there, trying to get people to recognize them
and know them from the clutter, from all of the other woman’s clothing stores. And there
are probably 30 woman’s clothing stores in the three block radius of my store. So for
me, its much easier to get that awareness. The awareness is really key to increasing
the sales. Its not just the amount of money people are spending when they come in, its
getting more people to come in and spend that money. So for me, its very easy to let people
know that Doggy Styles is here. We do certain things promotion wise that are different from
other stores. We have what we call our Doggy Styles pooch parties. Now these are breed
specific theme parties and for those parties, its great. People come in, they have a good
time, we have food and drink for the people, the dogs get to play together and people remember
that they tell their friends about it. Their friends come in and want to know how they
can get on these lists and come in and buy things for their own dogs. So that’s one method
that we use that’s been very successful for us. Another thing that we do that’s really
key here in Beverly Hills is we appeal to the tourist trip. So we do a lot of advertising
that’s tourist specific. We run in we advertise in magazines that are located in the hotel
rooms. We do local walking maps, we run ads in those and people do come in holding the
map saying this is how I found you. So for us its been a very successful way of getting
people in the door. Again, remember people can’t buy unless they come into the store.
So its getting people in that’s really a key aspect of increasing your retail sales. This
is Mike Campbell at Doggy Styles in Beverly Hills.

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