Retail Business Tips : Starting a Retail Store

I’m Mike Campbell, with Doggie Styles, in
Beverly Hills, California, and I’m here to talk about how to start your own retail business.
I think the most important aspect with starting your own business, is to find something that
you truly love. You’re not going to be happy selling something that you’re really not passionate
about, because after a couple of years, you’re going to be bored out of your mind. You’re
not going to be doing as good a job as you could be. You’re not going to be as involved
in the industry, and know the new trends, unless you really love that business, so the
most important aspect of starting your own retail business, is to start something that
you love. With me, I had a corporate job for years, and just got bored out of my mind with
it, real burnt out, so I started thinking about what I really love, what I wanted to
do, and for me, I love dogs. I’ve always been passionate about dogs. I volunteer at rescue
organizations, so starting a doggie boutique, seemed like a no-brainer, and to be honest,
it really was a no brainer. I didn’t know a whole lot about it, when I started the business,
and because I had that passion, and I think that passion comes across to my customers.
People have responded well, and they really do like the things that I pick out. It’s the
same things that they would pick out, for their own merchandise that they buy here,
so since we have merchandise people like. Since we have a passion here for dogs, we
have a lot of customers that come back time and again, and we’ve built a very good reputation,
so the most important thing with starting your own retail business, is to do something
that you love. I’m Mike Campbell with Doggie Styles.

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3 thoughts on “Retail Business Tips : Starting a Retail Store

  1. Thanks Mike! I started mine too the same way about a year ago, and now I have an amazing business concept that I'm very proud of! I'm also in the industry and I hope to further my success!

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