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When it comes to retail, the customer experience is everything. Wouldn’t you like to have the time and tools you need to create the in-store experience your customers want. Introducing Clover Station from Bank of America Merchant Services. A single point-of-sale solution that gives you the tools to help you better manage your business so you can better serve your customers. Clover Station can help make running your business fast and easy. By simplifying and centralizing operational management, customer engagement and payments including dip, tap and swipe. It offers robust software and a wide variety of on screen apps that make it a powerful tool to help with everyday tasks such as inventory management, accounting and employee scheduling. Clover Station features a large 14-inch high-resolution touch screen swivel display and receipt printer, an integrated card swipe and EMV chip card reader and finger print scanner for secure and easy employee login. Optional Station accessories include a cash drawer, bar code scanners to ring up purchases even faster and an upgraded printer with contactless payment acceptance and a customer facing display that makes it easier for customers to confirm and complete their purchases. Clover Station’s powerful processor helps you complete transactions faster and the latest encryption and tokenization technology helps keep card transaction data secure. It’s a comprehensive system that helps you spend less time managing your business and more time with your customers. Clover Station: an all-in-one solution from Bank of America Merchant Services. For more information contact a business consultant today.

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