Retail POS (point of sale) Software: Chapman’s success story

Since using Rain Retail Software, we’ve seen an increase of over 35% in our sales! The Acoustic Shoppe, we’ve been open about four years now and have been nominated top 100 dealer at NAMM show for two years now. At the acoustic shop we mainly focus on acoustic musical instruments and the accessories that go with them. Guitars, Mandolins, banjos, basses, and we got a expert repair department here as well. The standard point-of-sale system that a lot of the other retailers in the industry have been using, we found was just way too difficult and outdated. Just wasn’t working. We couldn’t actually never get it up and running. We ran with it for over a year and a half and never could get it to operate for us. So you know we decided we had to move on to something else and right then is when we had found Rain. With rain point-of-sale the ease of use is just, it’s so easy to navigate. You have your menus make sense you can follow those very intuitively. You can be running and finding some in-depth reports. But they’re all right there in front of you. You don’t have to memorize a bunch of codes or shortcuts. Our staff is able to operate it with very little training. Another great result of the Rain point-of-sale system was the increase in foot traffic. People do their research online first and then they walk into the store already knowing what they’re wanting to buy. We’ve had people drive from states away to come all the way to our shop just to come up and look at some of the instruments that they saw online. And that’s increased our customer base significantly. The Rain integration with Reverb is a very important part of our business because Reverb is an audience of people looking for the product we sell, internationally, that we were reluctant to use before because you also have to be very careful to make sure you get that product out to that customer right away. They want it right after they purchase it and now we’re able to push product to reverb without having to manually list it. If it sells in store it’s taking off of a reverb. If we get new inventory in it’s put back on Reverb. That integration has taken all those steps and worries out of it and we can just sell our product to a much broader audience. Rain Retail has really helped our repair department alot. No longer do I have paperwork that’s getting lost in lots of different spots all over the shop. With Rain all our repairs are now integrated into the system and the information is shared between all the different technicians and the customer instantly. We can communicate back and forth with the technician as well as the customer to make sure that they both know what’s going on at all times. Rain Retail has allowed us to bring together all the different parts of our business that it takes to operate. Rain has really helped us grow exponentially. I would definitely recommend Rain Retail Software for anyone looking for that simple solution that brings everything together.

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