Retail Pro Testimonial – Windows 10 Basics

>>Hey there, is there
something I can help you find?>>Well, I’m looking
for new laptop. Never use Windows 10, a little worried that might
be hard for me to learn.>>But, what normally
do on your computer?>>Well, normally
I’m on the Internet, manage my budget, and keep
in touch with my family.>>Let me show you a few things. So, you can get more
familiar with Windows 10, you just hit the Start button, and you’ll see all your Apps.>>That’s great. This
is just like Windows 7.>>Exactly, and when you
want to find your files, you can search in
the Search Bar here, or you can use this feature
called Timeline, in “Timeline” you can
scroll down to see what you were working on yesterday
or even last week.>>That’s great.>>Something else, if you’re
working on a project, and you want to see
multiple things at once, you can use Snap.>>That’s nice. How am I going to figure out all the stuff
once I get back to my house?>>Let me show you the Tips app. In the search bar, you type tips, and it will show you tons of step-by-step tips to get
you around Windows 10.>>I’m a lot less
nervous now than when I first walked in
the door. Thanks a lot.

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8 thoughts on “Retail Pro Testimonial – Windows 10 Basics

  1. As someone with almost 10 years in retail, this is honestly not far from the truth. I used to demonstrate the start menu (especially to seniors) by pressing the start button and telling them to ignore the live tiles, because they can be removed. Their response was almost always "oh, it works just like Windows 7!". THEN I would show them how Live tiles worked and the benefits of them ("this one shows you the temperature, this one shows you how many unread mails you have" and so in). It made them feel a lot calmer and a lot less intimidated by Windows 10.

  2. man windows ur updates need my agrement its totally annoying when my computer completle shuts down because of updates

  3. If you open the start menu and type "tips" it will show you the file "basket weaving tips.pdf" that you downloaded 3 years ago, which is coincidentally the same amount of time it will take for Microsoft's engineers to admit the unpredictable search is a trainwreck. Don't worry though, when the fix does come it will be installed automatically while you're in the kitchen making a sandwich, forcibly rebooting your computer and resetting all quick access links in explorer in the process.

  4. At the end of the video, when the man say "Thanks a lot" it's like, he doesn't buy Windows 10 and leave. Bizarre video montage…

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