Soo… Why would you like to work here? I think I have a great range of qualifications and skills and training under my belt that I can just fully express here I’m actually an actor! So before you say anything or ask me what I’ve been in… Don’t. Please. I haven’t done a lot yet, so I could
not tell you where I’ve been in but I’ve learned really how to get in tune with people so like
if someone wants a new wardrobe I can help them achieve that in a very gentle and pushing manner. Also I’ve been working out so I have like alotta
endurance and I always see people running around here and I always wonder why they run around But I think, you know, I can do that too. I have stamina and I- I have a flexible
availability. I can… I can… An open availbility? That’s absolutely wonderful You Are hired. See you tuesday. 5 AM. If you can, please brush up on our training manuals. The gothic history of women’s wear? Very important for this job. oh my goodness, thank you for reminding me. Don’t forget… the Bible. Always gotta leave room for Jesus
okay? I’m lutheran. RETAIL REJECTS – Episode 1 – Pilot What the hell?! You’re not homeless. No. I’m sorry. You just looked… Destitute? Thanks Captain America. Let me just help you out
– No, no, no. Shoo! Hi Hi Uhm… Are I suppose to be
here for the morning meeting? Yeah you’re just early. I’m Britney. Ella. Mostly everything is glue gunned together. You’re not the other white girl. Other white girl is hung over. She’s new. Good Morning everybody! ALL: Morning Oh come on, you can do better than that. Good Morning!! Much better everyone and now How are we doing on the feel wheel? Excited! Honey, come on, use the wheel. Optimistic! And I’m sure you’re Optimistic about
getting to our sales goals this month. We’re gonna have head office take a
pretty close peek as they come by. We are the best in the west- mostly because the other locations have shut
down but that really does makes us the best! And being the best we’ve got exclusivity on the newest line up from K.D
by Kate kay for KJ and Ray! Yay! *not* This line up has a fragrance! It has a warm and sweet aroma- with hints of
patchouli and a little bit of passion fruit in it. But don’t let it’s pink colour fool you. This fragrance is for everybody. Men. Women. Children, toddlers, teens they will ALL love this scent. The display bottle will smell a little
bit different than the other bottles and that’s because it has actual diamonds-
made out of cubic zirconia inside. Sssss.. Now is the question How are we going to approach our customers for this? Uhmm ask them what they come to the store for? What about getting to know about their day a little bit? Last week I asked this lady how her day was going and she told me how she dropped off
her screaming toddles at day care then she went to the pharmacy to pick up some
hemmoroid ointment and her yeast infection cream and then she went home to find her
husband in bed with her mother.. but like seriously check this out. I get it. Oh wauw. Damn. Perfect! Sell her that revenge outfit. Sell her that outfit that will
get her just back on the market. And what better to
pair with that outfit than? Deodorant? Bug spray? Mace? Mace. Mace! Uhmm… Okay, do we have any other thoughts? The fragrance Anybody at all got any..? The fragrance Yes! Perfect. The fragrance is a great companion And?! Heels, uhmm a bag, bling Yes! And?! Lingerie nipple tassels sunscreen Yes, and?! Powertools! And that’s it. There’s no wrong answer here. Sell it all, sell it with a smile, because don’t forget You’re selling yourself Does he know what he’s saying? And that UH-MAAZING customer
experience with you. So let’s get out there Let’s get to our zones and let’s get some sales. Now! Oh, Charlie It’s really not like you to not be here
early and set up for the morning meetings Yeah, sorry. I spilt coffee and I had
to go change my entire outfit, so… I totally understand. No worries this time. I’ll let it go, okay? Now don’t let it happen
again or I have to write you up, okay? I understand. Now I would love for you to meet Blake. This is our newest employee and she’s
going to be shadowing you for today. Pay attention to this one, you can learn a lot. Now Have some fun getting get acquainted, okay? Follow me

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  1. so I only happened across this web series Cuz I was looking down my list of recommendations from YT and I recognized Tiffany Tong as that person who made that hilarious carmilla music video and I'll definitely be giving this series a shot. so far, I'm enjoying the humor. looking forward to more from nachowifeys!

  2. I remember morning meetings… this one seems vaguely familiar to the many I have attended at a certain electronic store.

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