RETAIL REJECTS: Web series Trailer

CHARLIE: If a customer comes in to your zone, it’s fair game- More sales, more hours for you- BUT if a customer comes in to MY zone and you make that sale, that means you’re stealing my sale. ELLA: But what if it’s a mistake, like what if it’s just an accident and- CHARLIE: If you accidentally steal my sale, Then I’ll accidentally steal your boyfriend. ELLA: What? CHARLIE: Oh. Girlfriend then? I can work with that. LINDA: (over the speakerphone) The numbers from the last 3 months are very disappointing, Your clothing floor in particular has the worst numbers. I need to know more about your employees and why their numbers are so terrible. You will tell me about their Work Ethic, Habits, State of Dress- ELLA: What the F**K is a “Go Back”?? LINDA: (continued voice over)
Not a zit will go unnoticed. This company relies on the backs of your employees. DAMIEN: We have quite the task ahead of us, my Merchandise Mercenaries- And they ask our aim- And I say… Sales. Sales at all costs, CHARLIE: COME HERE! ELLA: Oh no no- Charlie no, Charlie- DAMIEN: Sales- for as long and as hard as the road may be, MICHELLE: Hurry up, I’m OFF IN FIFTEEN MINUTES! DAMIEN: Sales, CUSTOMER: Whats it take you probably like 3 to 5 hours to afford drinks? DAMIEN: Sales- Despite all Terror, Sell it all, sell it with a smile because don’t forget, you’re selling Your Self, ELLA: Does he know what he’s saying? DAMIEN: AND that amazing customer experience with you! Nah-Maste. MICHELLE: (Whispering) Nah-Maste? MICHELLE: Don’t let this break you…

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4 thoughts on “RETAIL REJECTS: Web series Trailer

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAS i love it, i love it! but the most important question is: are charlie and/or ella queer???????????……………….. bc i'm preeeetty sure charlie was flirting there :p great work, everyone!

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