Retail Store Layout and Consumer Behaviour — Conference Speaker

Now of course, when your economic times have been really hard. And when times are hard brands get bust. And people move from the brands which they like, to cheaper brands and then to budget brands. And we have seen this happening on a very large scale if different parts of Europe. And the budget brands have grown. At the same time some of the superbrands have grown. Strange. There are some people who’ve become even more wealthy while other have been squeezed and the middle has really suffered. And you can expect at the same time, brands within brands inside these superstores. Even more. So, you have one superstore, which now this chain may be taking maybe 5 percent of all retail sales in the whole of Bulgaria. But inside this store we’re now seeing sub-brands, within the big brands maybe a Lidl or it might be a Carrefour, or it might be one of your own brands here. But this is Tesco, and this is the organic sub-brand. This is Tesco Finest brand. This is the premium brand inside Tesco. As a superstore. You will find inside Tesco, 10 or 12 or 15 sub-brands, each of them has their own colouring their own identity, their own logo but they are all, Tesco. Connected with this is watching the customer, literally with a camera, watching where their eyes move, how they walk around the store where they stop. What pulls their eye this way, or that(?) Where do we put the bargain(?) Where do you put the bread(?) And where does the fish go? The location of the fish in the store is really important. It has to be in exactly the
right place in the customer journey, which is why, all the big chains put their fruit and vegetables at the beginning. They put their big smells, the fresh bread very close to the beginning. They put their wine and alcohol at the end. Because they know, how you think. How you move. And this data, creates profit for retailers. And it’s exactly the same in a huge multi-store like the customer journey can also be met. We’re also going to see growth of self-service, where I know there have been experiments already here, where the customer is invited to check themselves out. And this saves money. It can create security issues, it can mean that you lose some product, it has to be watched. While I said that we’ve had a move from the middle quality brand to less expensive and then to the budget. At the same time the world has never seen so many sales of absolute top level premium products. Really expensive things. These is because of the growth in the gap between the very wealthiest in every country and the very poorest. And shops that provide for this premium experience are doing very well.

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