Retail Theft Operation 2018

hello my name is lieutenant dan Tutko
and i’m in charge of the tactical unit and the intelligence unit of the
Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office we are conducting a retail theft
operation and we are partnering with the loss prevention professionals at these
stores and we are trying to catch those individuals who are committing Rico
theft crimes and obviously when the deputies are in these parking lots they
see a lot of other crimes part of what we do is just generally making these
areas especially during the holidays a safer place for people to come and shop we do these operations that are sight
unseen and it just reassures the public that we are doing what we’re here here
to do to keep them safe as they’re out here shopping any time of the year
regardless if it’s a holiday or not this operation itself is a maintenance
operation just to keep tabs on those individuals who are committing these
crimes and hopefully to put them in jail well first off they should be aware of
their surroundings not only around their vehicle but as they’re walking into the
store to make sure there’s nobody following them that that might be there
to actually perpetrate a crime on them and when they do leave their vehicle
they should make sure that it’s locked up unfortunately a majority of these
offenders are fueled by a drug addiction so that’s why they’re out there trying
to steal to support their habit

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