Retail Wars: Amazon vs Walmart

Amazon is preparing for a showdown with
an unlikely foe Walmart this is a war that has been quietly building for some
time and now making a lot of noise amazon is the king of e-commerce with
40% of online market shares supported by their prime service which provides value
delivery merchandise and cloud services all for a low annual membership fee
recently Amazon has been making a series of moves to also dominate logistics a
territory dominated by super chain Walmart, Amazon is aggressively moving in
this direction with the 13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods and by
building more of their already 215 nationwide US fulfillment centers
Walmart is not sitting idly by long known as a king of logistics and
distribution it has been fighting to staff off competition and stay in the
game by making heavy investments in online e-commerce companies such as jet,
Comm Bonobos, Moose Jaw, Parcel, and Shuba comm the activity by both these groups
to move into uncharted territory is setting up a tremendous head-to-head
rivalry for customers dollars based on who can provide the lowest price and the
most convenient in a nutshell Amazon is adding offline capabilities as it enters
a market near you while Walmart is acquiring digital talent to be a true
online business rival welcome to the war

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