Revenge Cheating Through Dating Website (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Grier v. Thompson and Toles.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Grier,
you are the mother
of one-year-old Laniyah. You say, you regret cheating
on the defendant Mr. Thompson as an act of revenge
to hurt him. Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE GROANS) Because of the mistake
you made, you now claim you have no clue
who fathered your child. AUDIENCE: Wow! JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Thompson,
for the first six months
of Laniyah’s life, you took care of her,
you bonded with her. Because you were told
she was your daughter. Yes, Your Honor. Then, you had your heart
ripped apart when you learned through a posting
on social media that she could
be another man’s child. Yes, Your Honor. Now, that man is waiting
outside of the courtroom and will be joining us
momentarily. Ms. Grier? Yes. Why did you wait six months
to tell Mr. Thompson he may not
be your child’s father? I found out that he had
cheated on me and I wanted
to get revenge. And, um, I met this man
on a dating website. I slept with him, and I found out
I was pregnant, and… (AUDIENCE GROANS) (SIGHING)I didn’t have nobody
and I just wanted to do it.
And you didn’t
use protection, even
with a man you barely knew. No ma’am.
No, Your Honor. Mr. Thompson? So how’d you
find out she was pregnant? Um… Well, I was
in Tennessee… Me and my family
had moved to Tennessee. And, all of a sudden,
I get a Facebook message from Ms. Grier saying
that she’s pregnant. And I told her
that she was lying,
that I didn’t believe her. So I told her
to send a message
of the pregnancy test that she took with it.
And she did. And after that,
me and my family had moved back
to Atlanta, Georgia, so they could help me
take care of my child,
because…Because it was
my first child,
and I always
wanted to have a child
ever since I was little.
All this time, you
find out she’s pregnant, you had no idea she had slept
with somebody else even though you cheated? No. JUDGE LAKE: You knew nothing? No, I never
knew she cheated.
She never told me anything. You were there
for the birth,
Mr. Thompson? Yes, and I have
proof right here. JUDGE LAKE: What do you have?
Please pass that up. When she was… When we was
in the hospital
after she had the baby. As you can see
on the picture I was exhausted ’cause I was up with the baby
all night while
she was sleeping. AUDIENCE: Aww.Mmm hmm, yeah,
there you are.
Both of you all look tired.
That’s about how you look.
So, you were there
through it all. Yes. This very moment,
where you’re exhausted, you all been up
all night. And yet, you’re excited
and joyful. You have no clue… THOMPSON: No, Your Honor. …that she had slept
with another man. I didn’t know nothing
about it. This one is…
This is after I cut her umbilical cord,
when she was in the hospital. Would you like to see it? Let me see that,
please Jerome. So you stayed at the hospital,
you cut the umbilical cord. Yes, Your Honor,
I was there until she left. JUDGE LAKE: You stayed
until the baby and,
and her mom they were released. THOMPSON: Yes. You were there? THOMPSON: Yes,
Your Honor. And after they got home,
have you been there?
Oh, she’s beautiful. Have you been there? Your Honor, after she
left the hospital, she moved in with me
and my family. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! So after you left
the hospital, you
and baby Laniyah moved in with him
and his family? Yes, because I didn’t have nobody,
I have no family who care about me.
I was moved from foster home
to foster home. So, it was like
really bad for me. I really couldn’t trust
nobody. I didn’t
have anything. I still don’t.
But I try, I try
for my child. So when did you find out? When one of her family members
posted it on Facebook about that, the baby…
The baby’s not mine, that it can be two other people,
I guess, she was
sleeping with. JUDGE LAKE: Wait, her
family member posted
this on Facebook? On my page. JUDGE LAKE:
On your page! (AUDIENCE GASPING) After you’ve been
at the hospital with the baby
and everybody knew how excited
and happy you were? Yes. Why would somebody do that in your family, Ms. Grier? They was jealous. And so, you didn’t
say anything until Laniyah
was six months old? That’s when you
told Mr. Thompson? Yes, Your Honor. Six months! So that’s six months
of him believing
that’s my daughter. Loving her, bonding
with her, caring for her,
providing for her. His family, loving her.
Six months! What made you tell?
And why’d you wait so long? I didn’t want to ruin
the relationship
that we had. And when I told him,
he started crying. And it made me feel bad,
’cause this is the man I love and it just like…It just tore
everything apart.
If your family member
never posted this
on Facebook, would you have ever
told him the truth? GRIER: Yes, yes, Your Honor.
Until she was a year old. JUDGE LAKE: When
she was a year? GRIER: Yes. And is that because you
felt like, let me get him
get attached to her, so he can’t walk
away from her. Then I’ll tell him
and it won’t matter then because he’ll already
love her and be back
in love with me and everything
will be okay. Yes, Your Honor. The stakes are high today.
You really love this baby. Yes, Your Honor. And you have a bond. You’ve been there.
You’ve changed the course
of your life. You were living in another
state and turned around
and headed back because you wanted
to be there for the child.
Then you follow through on that intention.
Then you were there
through the birth, provided a place to live.
Your family did, at least. Yes, Your Honor. What does it mean
to you to not know whether or not you really
are the biological father? Well, it hurts me a lot
’cause I really want
to be her father. Because I’ve been taking
care of her. It’s gonna
be two years. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) She’s been living with me
for the last three months. JUDGE LAKE: She’s been
living with you? Yes. And where’s Ms. Grier?
She lives with you all, too? No, she lives with my brother
and his baby momma
and his family. And her family. JUDGE LAKE: Oh,
wait a minute! So, you have
had the baby, Laniyah, at your house
with your family, and she’s
living in a different house? GRIER: Yes. THOMPSON: Yes,
Your Honor. So, you really have
been full-time dad. Yes, Your Honor. And so, if baby Laniyah… (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) …Is not your biological
child, what are you
going to do? Because this baby,she believes you
are her daddy.
THOMPSON:Yeah, uh,
she knows daddy so…
I wouldn’t know
what I would do
if she’s not mine. (AUDIENCE GROANS) Jerome, I think it’s time
we speak to the other
possible father. Please escort… AUDIENCE: Ooh! …Mr. Toles, into
the courtroom. (SIGHS) I’m gonna have you go up
right next to the judge. Watch your step. Hello, sir. TOLES: Hello. Thank you,
for joining us today. Mr. Toles?
Am I correct? Yes. All right. You have
had a relationship,
a sexual relationship or what type of relationship
have you had with Ms. Grier? Let me start from
the beginning when
I first met her. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. It all started, when I met her
on the website. We was talking
for a minute, and then after, like a week
of talking, she came
over to the house. Uh, she already knew that she just want
to have fun and it was nothing serious. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. We ended up having sex.
She was kissing all over me. After that, I know she had
her pants off, so… Okay, I need detail
but not that much. Okay. So bottom line is,
you all did have sex? Yes, we had sex… Without using protection? Yes, we had sex
on the floor. The first time,
we used a condom. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. The second and the third time,
we did not use a condom. She stayed over my house,
the whole weekend. Some kind of way,
her and my sister
became close friends and ended up hanging out
and conversating
with each other. Okay, a few weeks after that
I found out she were pregnant. She told me she
were pregnant. I
asked her was it mine, she said no,
it was her boyfriend, Mr. Thompson, which I did
not know she had a boyfriend. JUDGE LAKE: So, you
had no idea… TOLES: No. …Mr. Thompson
was her boyfriend. No, she… She’s a compulsive liar,
for one. She lied about her age.
She told me… What did I… I never
lied about my age. TOLES: Yes, you did. I told you I was 18. TOLES: She
told me she were 21 and I found out
she were 18. GRIER: You’re a liar. Then she told me that she
didn’t have a boyfriend. I
find out she had a boyfriend. When she told me she
were pregnant, I asked her
was the baby mine? And she said no,
it was Mr. Thompson’s. So I left it alone.
A few months later her relative calls me and
invites me on Facebook saying that they think
the baby mine ’cause it look like me,
and I told her to send
me a picture. I have evidence
of the picture. Let me see that. This is my son and Laniyah. They look, kinda look
like twins on there. JUDGE LAKE:And how old
is your son in that picture?
this is Laniyah?
TOLES:Yes.And now, you
have another picture. This is a picture… TOLES: This is a… …of you… TOLES: Laniyah
and me. And Laniyah? Yes. Now, when you look
at that picture… I don’t see no resemblance.You don’t see it and so
you are truly doubtful.
You don’t know what
to believe.
I don’t know what
to believe because she’s
a compulsive liar. She say that
he, uh, Mr. Thompson
was her boyfriend, that I did not know about. Then I comes to find out
around the time that I was messing with Ms. Grier, I found this on Facebook
where she hooked up
with another dude what isn’t… That’s
not me in the picture or Mr. Thompson
in the picture. Okay, hey, that’s my
ex-boyfriend. So? TOLES: That could be the baby’s father. He’s not Laniyah’s daddy. And, so what?
He’s my ex-boyfriend.Okay, so you see
this picture posted,
with “True Love” by it.(AUDIENCE TITTERING) So, now you think there’s
a third possible father. TOLES: Yes. And I done have
her relative… GRIER: Really? Really? …telling me that I need
to get custody
of the baby if it’s mine. Because
she’s a unfit parent. She’s a child herself
that can’t take care
of herself. I try. So, how do she… I try every day. How do she gonna take care
of the baby? How you gonna tell me
I’m an unfit parent.
I ain’t gonna… JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Grier. Well… This man in this picture.
You say, that’s
your ex-boyfriend? Yes, Your Honor. Were you in a relationship with him during the time
you also were having
sexual relations with Mr. Thompson
and Mr. Toles? No, Your Honor. So, there’s no way, when
I read these results… No, ma’am. …this young man is going
to factor in. No! Or any other man,
for that matter. No, Your Honor. You’re positive, one
of these two men… Yes, Your Honor. As I was looking at TV
one day, I seen that
there was an app that can tell when
your baby was conceived. And I put in Laniyah’s date and you can flip through
the next page and see that the date that’s up there,
I was not in Atlanta, Georgia, at that time. AUDIENCE: Oh! Jerome, hand me
that evidence, please. GRIER: Yes, he was. Yes, you was. So the baby was born
on September 27th, 2012.And if we hit “calculate”…Possible date of ovulation
is January 5th, 2012.
Possible dates of conceptionare January 1st through
the 9th of 2012. THOMPSON: I was… And you just said
you were not in town on January 1st
through the 9th. No, Your Honor,
I was in Tennessee. AUDIENCE: Oh! I think it’s time
for the results. AUDIENCE: Yeah. (CLAPPING) Mr. Thompson,
as I look at you,
you seem very nervous. Are you just… Yes, Your Honor, I am. …very hopeful? Yes, I hope she’s mine. AUDIENCE: Aw. In your statement
to the court, you said you really
wanted to be the father. Yes, I want to continue
taking care of her. And you say it was
your mother’s wish. THOMPSON: Yes,
to have a grandchild. And when I look at her,
I think of my mom. AUDIENCE: Aw. JUDGE LAKE:You do?She’s beautiful.THOMPSON:Thank you,
Your Honor.
Ms. Grier, what are you
hoping for today? (SIGHS) Hoping for…
He be the father. He always wanted… He always wanted
to be the father
of my child. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Thompson? Yes. Mr. Toles, what are
your hopes? I do hope, if it’s mine,
then I’m gonna do whatever I got to do
to get custody. (VOICE BREAKING)
‘Cause I got three other kids and I do feel
like I missed out
on her life if she’s mine. AUDIENCE: Aww. JUDGE LAKE: Are we ready? These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. When it comes to
one-year-old Laniyah, and whether Mr. Thompson
or Mr. Toles is her biological father, it has been determined
by this court that her biological
father is… Mr. Thompson. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) You’re happy. I can
see it in your eyes. THOMPSON: Yes.
(SNIFFLING) I’m proud of you for
stepping up to the plate
even when there was doubt. Mr. Toles, I’m sorry that this did not turn out
the way you had hoped. And, Ms. Grier… Yes, ma’am. I’m not sure what the
circumstances are or were that led you to
leave your child and… Yes. …have her be raised by
Mr. Thompson and his family. What I am thankful for
is that that in fact is
her biological father so she belongs there. Yes. Now, I’m not done
talking to you both,
although court is finished. So I wanna see you
in my chambers. Are we clear? Yes, Your Honor. THOMPSON: Yes. Court is adjourned. (GAVEL THUMPS) Now, we realize
you all are young, we’ve got you some
parenting classes, and we want you to
take advantage of that. You seem happy. Yes. Mr. Thompson, help her,
encourage her to go
through these classes. And help her be
a better mother to this beautiful,
little girl, okay? GRIER: Okay. I’ll be checking on you.

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