RHONY: Stay Out of My Business (Season 8, Episode 20) | Bravo

– What’s going on?
So how’s the week been? – Tough. – Yeah? – Yeah. – I heard you were angry at me. – I’m not angry at you. I just thought that there was a
lot of details involved. Well, how long, the bartenders,
so– – You know why I had a lot of
details? So I could come to you and know
I knew my sh–. What am I gonna say? “Oh, he was
making out with somebody.” You’d say, “No, he isn’t.” – Listen, you know, that’s not
really the point. Stay out of my business
is the point. Stay out of my life with Tom,
period, okay? Tom and I are gonna make it all
the way regardless of what– – Well, then, I feel very sorry
for you. – Why should you feel sorry for
me? I love Tom.
– Well, that–I just– – And Tom loves me, and what happened at the Regency
means nothing– means nothing to him. – Oh, my God, Luann.
– It’s between Tom and I. Just stay out of it. – Then I shouldn’t have told
you, ’cause you’re the woman who has those kind of
relationships that wouldn’t want to know. – No, I don’t, Bethenny.
– I would want to know. – Of course I would want to
know. Instead of being like, “Wow,
good for Lu. She’s, you know, found love
again.” – But I think it’s bullsh–. – It’s not bullsh–.
We love each other. – I could tell by him–his
actions a week and a half into your engagement. – It’s–are you kidding me? You–you can’t judge him. Let me be the judge of that,
okay? – From now on, I will.
– It is my life. – From now on, I will.
– Let me deal with it. And please don’t talk about us
anymore. – You are right. I just didn’t think it would go
that way. – It’s my choice.
– I agree. If I see him f—ing someone in
the street, I am not going to tell you. You have my word.
– Please don’t. But that’s not gonna happen. – No matter what I hear, and no
matter what happens, I will not say a word to you ever. – I know what I’m doing.
I’m a grown woman. And I make my own choices. And my choice is to work things
out with Tom, because we love each other. – That is your choice.
You’re not asking my opinion. – And everybody makes a mistake. If the person that loves you the
most doesn’t understand you make a mistake, then you’re in
big trouble. I’m leaving. I feel Bethenny has finally
pushed me to the point of no return. I don’t want any part of this
piñata party. I don’t feel welcome. I just want to be with Tom and
be in my bubble. – Then something’s wrong with
her. – She’s in–she’s in denial. Because she doesn’t admit to
what happens. – It is tragic. – I don’t want to make her feel
bad. I genuinely am sad that she
left. – One piper down.
That’s more jewelry for us.

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