Risky Business (4/4) Movie CLIP – Washing the Car (1983) HD

Was it something l said? Uh…. Oh. God. You locked the door!
The keys are inside! Please. stop. stop. Stop. [GRUNTING] No. Please stop. Please stop. [DOCK CREAKS] Thank you. Oh. thank you. Thank you. Aah! BARRY:
Joel! Joel! Joel! -Joel!
VICKl: Joel!

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26 thoughts on “Risky Business (4/4) Movie CLIP – Washing the Car (1983) HD

  1. Thank for the post…love this film so much as it transports me to a time when I didn't have a care in the world …..how things change!,

  2. If he had a mid-engine Boxster or Cayman with a more balanced weight distribution he might've been able to stop the car from rolling

  3. HOLYYYYYYYYYYYY COOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! It would be interesting,though,to learn just how,in reality,the car was removed from Lake Michigan,and if there was even a "twin car" used in its place afterwards,for the remainder of the film. I mean, in reality of course, a car would be a "goner"'for sure("killed,"no doubt),if it fell into water and got submerged. Also, the dock surely must have only been a "fake"one,or a "prop"for use in the movie, only,as it got destroyed,of course.

  4. Who cares about this scene look at that butt that he used to have its so big and bubble oh tom cruise I would love t…….uck…ou….In…th…ss.

  5. …and the dealership totally repaired this car after it had been submerged in Lake Michigan for no telling how long. Bullshit. His father never noticed the difference in his car when he and the wife got home. Bullshit. Wait until Joel's father brings his Porsche into that same dealership for scheduled maintenance and the service manager asks him how his car has been since the repairs. And then he replies "what repairs?"

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