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100 thoughts on “Rober Ray: No end to how far Dems will go to impeach

  1. there s more to the story she was replaced for ood reason the american people are not buying this sham nearly 3 years of nothing getting done a no input get these people out of washington put people n who will work for our country and put in term lmits and work from home state they will be more responsive as people will finally see what the are doing or not doing

  2. Your better than them you've been born with white skin Fox explains. Fox viewers are only a pawn in their game. Republicans are looking for a few hateful, ignorant, racist ne'er do wells.

  3. They were all freakwd out over a tweet that the president made while court was in session, but what i want to know is why Adam had his phone on in the first place. (Your not suppose to have your phones on in the courtroom) was Soros on the line couching Adam?

  4. Given the scams, the hush money, the affairs, the fraud, the tax return/bank loan episodes, and now the QPQ in Ukraine revelations, and his treatment of the U.S. Ambassador etc. etc. there comes a time when, even a man of Trump's questionable character and limited abilities should recognise that, for the sake of the nation's integrity and credibility, he should do the honourable thing and resign. That won't happen…he has no integrity. He's a documented con-man. He lacks an enquiring mind, and compulsively lies. He also has no class, no style, and he lacks the two most important facets of character for ANY World statesman: Compassion and Modesty….A sense of humour would help, too. Worryingly, I have NEVER seen the man laugh out loud.
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  5. How does one man get so much power in guverment
    That what the Founders were worried about so their must be a law to stop Adam schiff hope bar lets his findings out soon

  6. Dimms tried saying President Trump intimidated the President of Ukraine to investigate Biden's crimes. When that didn't work they now decided to charge that President Trump bribed the President of Ukraine and he accepted a bribe. Pathetic Democrat Party.

  7. Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosii, Schumer and The Squad are derailing the Democratic Party.
    Walk away is the best advice Dems constituents must follow.

    Dems High Officials in the House of Co guess has become evil. Facts.

    Walk away.

  8. Why did the Republicans thank the ambassador for great service to America and simultaneously Trump is tweeting crap about her? …LOL You ppl stink.

  9. My question is, after they tried to impeach him and Trump wins election in 2020 will they just try to reimpeach him? It seems like the only thing they know how to do lately.

  10. Democrats are the party of the devil
    Adam Schiff should be arrested for treason against the United states and face a firing squad immediately
    No due process
    Guilty in the court of public opinion

    Vote all socialist communist liberal radical Democrats out of office in every election cycle,they are a cancer in our society and government
    A vote for a Democrat is a vote for communism.

  11. President Trump is the best president the United states has ever had period
    President Trump in a landslide in 2020,period
    President Trump promises made promises kept keep America great and keep America first and build the wall
    Killed ISIS leaders

    Economy is flying
    Stock market is at all time high
    Employment is at all time high

    Unemployment is at all time low

    God bless president Trump and his family and God bless the United states of America

  12. I'll tell you why are those that are not standing up or not standing up. They are afraid of their wrongdoings be made public. There can be no otherexplanations and being outed for something they've done wrong.. I believe that this is true for both Republicans and Democrats.

  13. Will she be prosecuted for perjury and lying to Congress? The indications aren't promising. Trump put another never trumper in the AG's office. Bob Barr is refusing to do his duty.

  14. Sondland is going to familiarize you with either more first hand evidence or the 5th Amendment? Next week, be patient Dementia 45 supporter. Be patient.

  15. They will oppose Conservatives until they get in power again, which will NEVER happen cause the majority of Americans can't trust them anymore!!

  16. It will come down to a Senate vote… Dragging their feet… Wasting time but spending a fortune on law firms and attorneys… Taking timed pauses to allow the Media to steer the continuous fabrications against anything DJT… TDS or Trump Derangement Syndrome has run amok within all levels of CNN… A once recognized news worthy establishment… Today CNN is the leader of fake news… Sadly there are no means of shutting them down or penalizing the Divas and Queers playing reporters and journalists… Lying for money… Big piles of money…

  17. It is time to send the Marines into Congress and arrest ALL democrats and shut down the party for GOOD.. These criminals have waged war on our republic since 1818 and it is time to act .. if we dont they will ruin this nation for all times and we will never recover..

  18. More empty words!! Your deflecting, talking in circles. I use to respect Lou Dobbs and now he;s such a loser. The President lies constantly, how can anyone not see that??????

  19. Lou there is no integrity in the democrats , they don’t even care about that, it’s only what they can get away with

  20. Adam Schiff needs to explain to the American people why he stated repeatedly that the whistleblower would testify, and now explain why he does not want the whistleblower to testify? Why did Adam Schiff change his mind about the whistleblower testifying?

  21. Rober Ray: No end to how far Dems will go to impeach. WELL LISTEN!!!!! ROBER!!!! There is no end to how far we will go because there is no end of the corruption that tRUMP has introduced to our Country.

  22. Since when does getting your feelings hurt constitute a crime?? If that were possible everyone in the world would be in prison.

  23. The Government is supposed to be working for the President and for the good for the people, when did it became a Fascist cult against America and all it stands for. Treason all around us

  24. The Democrats have stated publicly “ If We Don’t Impeach Him, He Will Be Re-elected Again”!! This is the Entire Foundation of the Democrat attacks on this President! The attacks will continue until something “STICKS”! The democrats know that their Democratic candidates running for President will not defeat this President in 2020. Their only alternative is to try and remove him. The only way this will stop is someone has to be charged with SEDITION! Legal Definition of sedition.: the crime of creating a revolt, disturbance, or violence against lawful civil authority with the intent to cause its overthrow or destruction”! This narrative fits what Adam Schiff is doing.

  25. How is the truth so hard to understand.
    The swamp needs to be drained. Truly living in biblical times. Build your relationship with Jesus before its to late.

  26. If the demms lose this impeachment i for one demand that our president be able to do his first term over with full cooperation of all parties to work on America's problems and solve them the demms have done nothing but obstruct our progress we could have gotten so much done without them also the cost of all of these investigations should come out of thier pockets as in any divorce they can still visit us deplorables but get them out of our house i for one think thier vists should be monitored

  27. Schiff, Pelosi, and the squad have turned congress into a 3 ring circus. Without integrity in congress they have nothing.

  28. Democrats are known for one thing, HATE – I think they should be classified as a hate group for all the damage and misery they create

  29. This impeachment is being run by Boehner’s rules, and Republicons still aren’t satisfied. The lawless Republicons would prefer to rewrite the constitution and just form an autocracy.

  30. Rober Ray: No end to how far Dems will go to impeach.

    President Trump and those who have Sworn Duty to protect our President ..

    Be on Heightened Alert to Devious / Scandalous / Treasonous and Horrific Actions that our "Corned" Marxist "Resistance" DEM's will take when they find Themselves with No Where to GO !

  31. Judicial Watch is a Citizens arm so it can't be given government power, and we don't want to add another beurocracy. Our representatives aren't representing us.

  32. for the last 30 years, our foreign policy has led to trillions spent and thousands of Americans maimed and killed

  33. George Soros has a big hand in all this. Schiff's sister is OR was married to Soros son. So close family ties there. Check it out if in doubt. Schiff looks to much like a coward to not have some strong backing. In which case you can be sure Pelosi is a big fan of Soros as well. That says it all for me. GO Trump 2020.

  34. She was lucky to have President Trump to remove her because clearly she would have been hillaried by now due to knowing too much. She was careful when answering.

  35. She is splitting hairs.She didn't GIVE (as in handed to)him the do not prosecute list. She VERBALLY gave him the list.Dan Bongino covered that beautifully!!And incidentally,she should practice her "victim" act a bit more.She was about as believable as Blasey-Ford.Nauseating!!

  36. Be sure to look this up because the so called NEWS won't tell you about it
    5 Ways Trump Plans to Improve Medicare for Older Americans

  37. Schiff was involved in the original Russia collusion coup attempt. This is why he is willing to preside over this circus, instead of Nadler and the judiciary committee, as it should be. Pelosi and her son are involved in the Ukraine energy corruption scandal along with the Bidens. That is why she is willing to go full kamikaze. The alternative is life in prison.

  38. Dobbs you poor brainwashed fool. Of course there is no end – Trump and his cronies are corrupt and criminals and need to be removed from office.

  39. Someone told her that someone heard someone tell someone that someone told them that someone was told that someone was told by someone !!

  40. It looks as if the. entire United States is being held hostage by these Democrats in Congress. Pray for the truth to prevail.

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