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HI Welcome back to the Roberts London channel THE ROBERTS LONDON CHANNEL HI welcome back the last video introduction I made was a disaster
so I’am going to try again I hand make and hand finish refined and discreate jewellery
and accessories here in London the whole collection I make currently sells exclusively through
an eBay shop eBay has been a fantastic place to begin trading and launch new products it
is a global market place I have sent orders to countries and islands I have never heard
of like this week was New Caledonia I had no idea where that was my main aim for this
vlog channel is to be an on going year round diary for me and my tiny business and give
customers a look behind the scenes as to how the products are made it is is nearly Christmas
and as 2013 comes to a close it is time to think about plans for 2014 the first task
of 2014 is to increase the product range within the current collections as good as eBay is
as a platform you can’t develop an identity or build a brand within it so another task
is to launch a stand alone website an online home for Roberts & Co and to get started with
some social media although the ambition mat be a global brand the current business and
budget is a million miles from it the whole economic structure means currently everything
goes into the quality of the products and into the cost of their materials which will
mean to start with doing everything myself and constantly having to find inexpensive
and good business ideas first I’am going to attempt to build a website with no experience
based almost entirely on information from YouTube tutorials so I’am hoping the YouTube
community knows what they are doing and won’t let me down I follow YouTube tutorials already
to register a domain organise web hosting and create a coming soon page and I’am excited
to get started developing the site next year so do me a flavor and click the like button
below and if you haven’t already and want to see more videos the subscribe button THE

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