Run $1,000,000+ Through a Cell Phone with this Small Business Phone System

hi my name is Jason jellinek and I’m gonna show you how I ran a million dollars in business through this I haven’t told many people in fact I’ve only told two and I hope my old boss doesn’t get mad but I’m gonna show you exactly how to set it up and how to do it the two people had told their reaction was enough to make me want to share this with the world I didn’t think it was that big a deal but hey you know million million or $2 running a customer support tech support and sales through a cell phone actually sounds impressive when you think about the numbers so for the past three years I have been working for an econ company ecommerce a web store and did all their customer service tech support and sales about 60% of the business came through the phone this phone in fact and it worked flawlessly thanks to the system set up by a virtual or cloud phone system on the internet I even have my own secretary it’s called the auto secretary Auto receptionist basically it would route calls I like to call her she could be a guy I’m not sure she would route called take messages voicemail do everything up a very expensive phone system or a real secretary would do also I was able to fax receive and send text and the best part was if I had an answer on this phone it would ring to my partner’s phone so you can set up sequential ringing because we all know how important it is to answer those calls during business hours especially when their sales calls I can also set my business hours so so work calls would never come to my personal self during during business days and I can also tweak and adjust things so it wouldn’t ring through to my personal voicemail would ring through to the to the business-wise mouth you can set hold music R&B reggae country lots of variety there and there are love other little settings that you can fine-tune to your specific means so a small business phone system that does this what large huge corporations have for less than $40 a month is worth sharing so that’s what I’m gonna do I have another video if you click through I’ll explain how to set that up in the system and I’ll show you a little bit more about the software and then I’m going to leave you on your own

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