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As the name suggests, in this section of the business plan you are describing your farm
business. This would include the business overview, location, facilities, business history and ownership structure. In the business overview section, give
details of types of crops, livestock, or any other products you produce. Also
include the size of your business in terms of numbers of acres owned, acres
rented, number of head of livestock, and the size of the facility.
Keep in mind after reading the business overview, people should have a general
understanding of your farm business, including what it produces and markets.
Following the business overview, provide detailed information on the farm
location, including the farm’s address and specify whether you have multiple farm
or farm sites. You may also want to include a map of the farm. Under
facilities, describe the size, type, and quality of your facilities and equipment.
The business history should give details on when and how the farm started, how
long you have owned or managed the farm, changes in size, sales, and profitability
since you took over and any major challenges or highlight in previous
years where applicable. For information on ownership structure, please watch the
ownership structure video in this series.

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