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An executive summary is a one page
description of your business idea. It should excite the reader by showing that
your concept is both unique and possible. It comes first in the package but it is
written last. Typically investors will read the executive summary first because
it is short, and investors need to quickly determine key components of your
idea, and your operation. It is written last because as you write each part of
the plan, your ideas and direction will change while you work through the
details. Many people find writing the executive summary very challenging
because it is so short but must include the whole concept on one page. Here are
some tips to make it easier for you to write. Begin with the general summary of
the who, what, when, where, why, how and how much of your idea. Try to describe these
in one or two sentences each, and you will have the basic text that you need
to start with. Don’t worry about it being too long at first, or the sentences being
perfect. First get all the information together, and then revise it and refine
it. It will be easier if you use sentences directly pulled from the rest
of the plan. The executive summary should include your mission statement and goals, as well as parts of your management plan, market potential, and financial plan.
Remember the purpose is to show that your idea is unique, but it will only be
exciting to the reader if they see that it is also possible. If you’ve already
finished the other components of your plan, you’ve taken the steps to
thoroughly investigate how to make your idea a success and your executive
summary will reflect that.

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