Rutgers Ultra-Niche Crops | Business Plan Videos | Management & Organizational Plan

Use this section to describe who manages your farm as well as
major employee positions. Explain how owners, managers, and employees relate and contribute to the success of the farm. If your plan includes starting or expanding
your operation, describe the new positions to be filled and how you will
find, train and retain the right people for those jobs. In this section be sure
to give details of your management team, personnel plan, and any contractors or
professional service hired. If applicable discuss your board of directors or
advisory boards in this section. Under the management team, include the list of
members, their qualifications, and their management roles. Also, indicate whether
there are gaps in your management team that needs to be filled. Specify how your
management plan and team would change if there is growth and expansion in your
operation. Your personnel plan should specify the list of major tasks,
including operations, marketing, and financial, that must be accomplished in
your business, and describe who is responsible for each task, or how many
employees work in each area. If appropriate to your situation, you may
also want to identify strengths and weaknesses of your management team and list the areas where you would like to hire a consultant or professional
service to help in the future. If you use outside professional services
to help with some aspects of the business, list them here and describe their function. Professional services could include accounting, marketing, financial
planning, crop scouting, among others.

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