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Of course, the mission of any business is to make money, but for the mission statement, the focus should be on the product or service you are providing for the customer.
Therefore, all mission statements should be customer focused.
The idea is to quickly express why It can be a tool to attract customers to you initially, and if they find it to be
true, it can build customer loyalty in the long run. Take Google’s mission
statement for example. Pretend for a moment that you
have never heard of Google, and are interested in learning more about the
pyramids of Egypt. If you saw this advertisement, wouldn’t you consider
trying to use Google to learn more about the pyramids? Secondly, the reason why
Google is so frequently used today is because they obviously accomplish their
mission. It really is an accessible and organized method of quickly finding
information on just about anything. This video isn’t a commercial for Google, but
I wanted to use their mission statement as a good example of what one should be. Developing your mission statement can be a fun part of writing your business plan and developing your own brand. My
colleagues at Rutgers have developed a useful worksheet called Developing a
Mission Statement For Your Agricultural Business, which can be found on our
website. Once you’ve taken the time to write it, be sure to use it. Display
visibly in your public space, put it on your website, and prominently on your
business plan, and recite it proudly when someone asks you about your farm.

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