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My name is Loann and the main channel
that we have is called Ryan ToysReview. People who watch our content feel
as if they’re on a play date with him going on fun, pretend play adventures. We started on YouTube because
Ryan wanted to film himself reviewing toys just like other kids’ YouTube channels. I film the whole process of
him picking out the toy that he wants seeing him come home and unbox it. Then we published a video to YouTube and we were getting
maybe just hundreds of views a day. Each month is double
and triple the previous month and that continued growing
at that same pace for an entire year. It was a little bit scary to see this channel
getting bigger and bigger each month and we just don’t know
how to respond to those changes. We were both doing a full-time job so we were only
able to put out a video a week. So I realised that I can’t do it all. Because of that experience that was the time that
I felt like we needed to expand the team and start delegating our work. What’s best for our family was
to transform the YouTube channel into a business. And before we even
started hiring our first editor we realised that
we needed space for our editors to work. So, once the studio
that we wanted was complete we moved over
and now we’re in the building that we own. So, the first two people
that we hired were video editors. We started working with them and training them
to be able to understand our point of view. And as our channel was growing,
so many different opportunities were coming to us. So, I needed
a legal team’s help to review everything and make sure we were ok. And then we also realised we needed help putting the whole vision together. So, we looked for a production assistant
to just make our videos run more smoothly. Currently we manage seven YouTube channels with 25 employees
producing over 25 videos a week. As we increase more and more new channels we hire probably 3–5 people each time. We have 11 video editors,
6 animators, script writers an operations manager,
a lot of production assistants and voice actors. So now that we have a team behind us our videos have increased in quality and we started producing
a different type of channel that doesn’t require Ryan in it. Before, we were
only filming toy unboxing videos but now we are producing animated shows,
puppet shows, music videos, education videos. We were able to diversify our brand in so many different ways. One of the reasons we wanted to do that was just to create content
that doesn’t have Ryan in it because I don’t want Ryan
to feel as if he has to create videos. So, our audience
still feels connected with us while Ryan’s exposure
and being filmed is minimised. And so, merchandising
was the next step for us. For example,
he’s into toy cars, he’s into slime. We felt like if Ryan likes playing with it then I’m sure other kids
would wanna play with it too. So, we partner with
a company called Pocket Watch and they help us find licensing deals. And now, we started selling
our merchandise at Walmart and Target and we are hoping to expand the reach
to the UK, Australia and Asian countries. We love creating the content ourselves and we love just
coming up with ideas for the content. But we can’t do it all. I think a lot of people
want to do everything on their own. You should not be afraid to share your vision and you can rely on somebody
to help you create the content.

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