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100 thoughts on “Sabrina Carpenter – Sue Me

  1. I´m pretty sure that the only reason this didnt trend worldwide its because Ariana realised Thank u, next couple days later 🙁 Lets make this famous please.

  2. Ariana and Sabrina have to make a song together and who started being a fan of Sabrina since you saw her at girl meets world

  3. Thank you for being cute, sassy, and sexy without being overkill! Perfection! Teach these other chics how its done!!!

  4. i love this song so much, it just makes me want to dance and sing at the top of my lungs. thank you sabrina for making this masterpiece

  5. I'm beyond jealous of how naturally successful, beautiful, lovable, well rounded, and just lucky she is. I'm the complete opposite. God doesn't love all his children.

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